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Is it possible to have more than one nail done with this treatment?

Although the treatment is designed for just one toe, you could certainly discuss having more than one toenail done during your consultation with our technician.

What can I do if I want to remove the acrylic extension?

In case of any requirements to remove the acrylic extension, we recommend coming back to our salon. Our professionals can safely remove it with minimal damage to your natural nail.

Can I choose the shape and length of my acrylic extension?

Yes, you can specify your preferred shape and length to our technician during the consultation. We strive to provide a tailor-made service that matches your expectations.

How can I maintain my One Nail Toes Acrylic at home?

To maintain the strength and lustre of your acrylic extension, avoid rough usage and harsh chemicals. Regularly moisturise your cuticles and keep your foot clean. For any issues, contact our nail professionals at Dream Nails.

What is the Soak Off & Full Set treatment at Dream Nails?

Our Soak Off & Full Set treatment begins with the removal of any existing nail extensions, followed by preparing your natural nails for new, tailored acrylic extensions. The result is a fresh, polished, and glamorous manicure.

How do you remove old nail extensions in the Soak Off & Full Set treatment?

We employ a soaking off process that is careful and safe. It is expertly performed by our professionals to maintain the health of your natural nails.

Are new extensions shaped according to my natural nails?

Absolutely. Our professionals tailor each new acrylic extension to match the shape of your original nails, thereby ensuring a natural and subtle effect.

What do the new acrylic extensions feel like?

Our acrylic extensions are both flexible and sturdy. This reduces the risk of breakage or chipping, and with the proper care, they can last for several weeks.

Will the Soak Off & Full Set treatment damage my natural nails?

No, we prioritise the health of your natural nails. The soak off process is carefully done to avoid any damage, and your nails are conditioned before the application of new extensions.

How long do the results of the Soak Off & Full Set treatment last?

With the proper care, your new acrylic extensions can maintain their pristine condition for several weeks, providing a long-term, flawless manicure.

What aesthetic results come from the Soak Off & Full Set treatment?

The treatment leaves you with a refined, neat and stylish look for your hands. The new acrylic extensions add a touch of sophistication to your personal style and complement any outfit.

Are the acrylic extensions used in the Soak Off & Full Set treatment safe?

Absolutely. Acrylic extensions are both safe and popular choices for nail enhancements. All products used during our Soak Off & Full Set treatment are of high quality and meet all UK safety standards.

Does this treatment help in reducing acne scarring?

Yes, Crystal Clear Microdermabrasion can significantly reduce or even eliminate acne scarring by promoting skin renewal and collagen synthesis.

Can I choose the shape of my new acrylic extensions?

Certainly. At Dream Nails, we strive to fulfil your preferences. Our professionals will consult with you to determine the ideal shape for your new extensions.

Can I get the Soak Off & Full Set treatment even if I don’t currently have nail extensions?

Yes, you can. The soak off process primarily caters to old extensions, but for natural nails, we simply enhance them with new, tailored acrylic extensions.

What is included in the Soak Off & Full Set French treatment?

The Soak Off & Full Set French treatment includes a safe and gentle removal of your previous acrylic nails, preparation of your natural nails, and the application of a fresh set of French manicure acrylic extensions.

How do you ensure the soak off process is safe for my nails?

We use a special solution that dissolves acrylic extensions without damaging your natural nails. The process avoids harsh filing and ensures your nails remain healthy.

Will the treatment leave my nails weakened or damaged?

Not at all. We prioritise nail health by applying a nutrient-rich base coat after removal and before the new set application. This helps strengthen and protect your nails.

What is the look of the Full Set French?

With a Full Set French, your nails will sport a crisp white tip with a clear or nude base, creating a timeless, elegant look that complements any outfit or occasion.

Does the French Full Set involve using premium quality materials?

Absolutely, we use premium quality acrylic for sculpting your nails, ensuring a flawless and natural finish that adheres seamlessly to your nail bed.

Do you shape and buff my nails during the treatment?

Yes, nail shaping and buffing are part of the treatment. This helps prepare your natural nails for the new set and contributes to the overall neat and finished look.

How resilient is the Soak Off & Full Set French against daily activities?

The combination of our expert application process and high-quality materials ensures a vibrant, resilient set of nails that stands up to daily life without chipping or fading.

Is the French Full Set suitable for any occasion?

The timeless elegance and sophistication of the French manicure make it versatile for any outfit or occasion, whether formal or casual.

What kind of impression will the Full Set French leave?

The Soak Off & Full Set French service leaves your hands stunningly elegant. It's a transformative beauty treatment designed to leave a lasting, positive impression.

What is the specific purpose of the nutrient-rich base coat?

The nutrient-rich base coat applied between the removal and the new set application helps to strengthen and protect your natural nails, prioritising their health and appearance.

What is the Soak Off & Full Set Ombré treatment?

Our Soak Off & Full Set Ombré treatment is a comprehensive nail service that includes the removal of old acrylic nails and the application of new ones, finished with the beautiful Ombré effect, which blends two or more colours seamlessly.

What is involved in the soaking off process?

The soaking off process involves removing existing acrylic nails using a gentle yet effective solution. This paves the way for beautiful new acrylic extensions.

How do you ensure the new acrylic nails match my natural nails?

Our skilled technicians meticulously sculpt each nail with high-quality acrylic to match the shape and contours of your natural nails perfectly.

What is the Ombré effect?

The Ombré effect is a nail art technique that blends two or more colours together to create a gradient effect from the base to the tip of each nail.

What colour combinations can I choose for my Ombré nails?

The beauty of the Ombré effect is its versatility. You can choose any colour combination you like. From dark shades transitioning into light, to the charm of pastel tones fading into each other.

Are the nails durable after the Soak Off & Full Set Ombré treatment?

Absolutely. The high-quality acrylic we use ensures your nails are strong and durable, despite their elegant and delicate appearance.

Will the Soak Off & Full Set Ombré treatment damage my nails?

Our Soak Off & Full Set Ombré treatment is designed to be gentle on your natural nails. We use a gentle solution to remove the old acrylics and the application of new ones is meticulously done to prevent any damage.

Can I choose the length and shape of my new acrylic nails?

Yes, you can specify your preferred shape and length. Our technicians are skilled at sculpting the acrylic to achieve your desired look.

What makes the Soak Off & Full Set Ombré treatment special?

This treatment not only revitalises your nails but also gives you the opportunity to express your style and individuality through unique and stylish colour gradients.

Is Soak Off & Full Set Ombré suitable for all nail types and lengths?

Yes, this treatment is suitable for all nail types and lengths. Whether you have short nails or long, thin or thick, our talented technicians can work their magic to create beautiful Ombré nails.

What is the 'Soak Off & Full Set with Gel Polish' treatment?

Our 'Soak Off & Full Set with Gel Polish' treatment involves removing your existing acrylic nails, applying new nail extensions and sealing them with durable gel polish. This treatment is designed to have your nails looking fresh, luminescent and sophisticated.

How is the 'Soak Off' process done to preserve my natural nails?

Our skilled nail technician carries out the soak-off process by delicately immersing your nails in a special solution. This technique ensures your natural nails are preserved, protected and minimises the risk of damage to your natural nail bed.

Can I choose the style for my new nail extensions?

Absolutely. In the 'Full Set with Gel Polish' phase of the treatment, we tailor your new acrylic extensions to suit your style preferences, complemented by your choice of colour, texture, and design pattern from our wide array.

What is the function of the gel polish?

The gel polish applied not only adds a radiant shine but also cements the durability of your new set. This high-quality finish serves as a protective layer against daily wear and tear, preserving the perfection and shine of your nails.

Can the 'Soak Off & Full Set with Gel Polish' treatment be applied to all types of nails?

Yes, the treatment is ideal for all nail types. Our technicians possess the expertise to adapt the treatment accordingly, whether your nails are brittle, strong, thick, or thin.

What can I expect after the 'Soak Off & Full Set with Gel Polish' treatment?

After the treatment, we guarantee a new set of luminescent nails, crafted to not only reflect your personality but also enhance your elegance. The high shine and lasting durability of the gel polish help maintain the look for weeks.

Is the 'Soak Off & Full Set with Gel Polish' treatment safe?

Yes, this treatment is entirely safe. We take great care and adopt the best practices to ensure your natural nail bed is protected and unharmed throughout the process.

Can the gel polish withstand daily tasks like typing and washing up?

Yes, the durable gel polish we apply is designed to hold up well against normal daily activities, including typing, washing up, and other tasks without chipping or dulling.

How is the 'Full Set with Gel Polish' tailored to my style preferences?

We take your personal preferences into account while crafting your new nail extensions. We offer a myriad of colours, textures, and design patterns for you to choose from, ensuring your new set of nails perfectly reflects your style.

How long does the radiant shine from the gel polish last on my nails?

With careful maintenance, the radiant shine offered by our gel polish can last for several weeks. We recommend using gloves for washing dishes or cleaning to extend the high-gloss finish.

What is the Full Set Aprés Nails treatment?

Our Full Set Aprés Nails treatment is a process where we apply high-quality gel nail extensions to your natural nails. The extensions are carefully adhered to your nails using pressure-proof technology, then cured under an LED light for long-lasting durability and high-gloss finish.

Does the Full Set Aprés Nails treatment harm my natural nails?

No, the Full Set Aprés Nails treatment is designed to not cause any damage to your natural nails. Our skilled technicians take care to prepare your nails and apply the extensions in a way that preserves your nails' health and integrity.

Can I choose the shape of my Aprés nail extensions?

Absolutely, we have a range of shapes available for our Aprés nail extensions. Our technicians will assist you in selecting the best shape that suits your style and nail health.

Are the Full Set Aprés Nails extensions comfortable to wear?

Absolutely. Our Full Set Aprés Nails extensions are designed to feel as comfortable and natural as your existing nails. They are lightweight, flexible and perfectly blend with your nails.

Can I apply any polish or nail art on my Full Set Aprés Nails?

Yes, once your Full Set Aprés Nails application is finished, you can choose to have any polish or nail art applied. It's a perfect canvas for any design you can dream of.

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