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Are Aprés Nails suitable for all nail shapes and sizes?

Yes, our skilled technicians shape the Aprés Nails extensions to suit your personal nail shape and size for a custom finish.

What will my nails look like after the Aprés Nails treatment?

After the treatment, your nails will look longer, stronger, and polished with a sleek, glossy finish.

Can Aprés Nails treatment be removed at home?

We suggest visiting the salon for professional removal to minimise damage. However, you can carefully soak them off at home if necessary.

Are there any aftercare tips post Aprés Nails treatment?

Keep your nails hydrated with nourishing cuticle oil, avoid exposure to chemicals, and wear gloves when doing housework to prolong the life of your extensions.

Does the Aprés Nails treatment hurt?

No, the Aprés Nails treatment is a painless procedure. You may feel slight pressure during application, but it shouldn't cause discomfort.

What is an Aromatherapy Massage?

An Aromatherapy Massage at Dream Nails is a relaxing treatment that combines the power of essential oils with the healing benefits of massage. This soothing massage encourages relaxation, improves circulation and can help reduce stress.

What essential oils are used during an Aromatherapy Massage?

We use a variety of high-quality essential oils for our Aromatherapy Massages, including lavender for relaxation, peppermint for rejuvenation, and eucalyptus for stress relief. We can customise the blend based on your preference or wellbeing needs.

How long does an Aromatherapy Massage at Dream Nails last?

Our standard Aromatherapy Massage lasts for 60 minutes. However, we offer flexibility depending on your preference, with a 30-minute session or even a 90-minute session on request.

Are there any contraindications for Aromatherapy Massage?

Yes, some conditions such as pregnancy, allergies, asthma, and certain skin conditions may not be suitable for Aromatherapy Massage. We recommend discussing any health concerns with your therapist before the treatment.

Is Aromatherapy Massage suitable for everyone?

While most people can enjoy the benefits of an Aromatherapy Massage, it's not suitable for everyone. Please let us know prior if you're pregnant, have any allergies or other health conditions so we can tailor the treatment to suit your needs.

Does an Aromatherapy Massage at Dream Nails hurt?

Not at all. Our Aromatherapy Massage is designed to be soothing and relaxing. Any discomfort during the treatment should be communicated to your therapist who will adjust the pressure accordingly.

Will I need to remove my nail polish before an Aromatherapy Massage?

No, nail polish doesn't interfere with an Aromatherapy Massage. However, if the massage includes your hands, removal of any hand jewellery would be beneficial.

What should I wear for an Aromatherapy Massage at Dream Nails?

We recommend wearing loose, comfortable clothing. You may need to undress to your comfort level, with your modesty respected at all times.

Can I request a male or female therapist for my Aromatherapy Massage?

Yes, you can. At Dream Nails, we respect your comfort and preferences. Please let us know at the time of booking if you have a gender preference for your therapist.

Is there downtime after receiving an Aromatherapy Massage at Dream Nails?

No, there's no specific downtime after an Aromatherapy Massage. However, to maximise the relaxing effects of the treatment, we recommend avoiding strenuous activities immediately afterwards.

What is a BIAB nail treatment?

BIAB or Builder In A Bottle is a soak off, brush on, hard gel system. It strengthens and promotes the growth of natural nails whilst allowing them to look stunning and sophisticated.

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How long does a BIAB treatment at Dream Nails usually take?

A typical BIAB treatment at Dream Nails usually takes between 45 minutes to 1 hour, depending on the condition of your nails or any added design preferences.

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Is the BIAB treatment suitable for all nail types?

Yes, the BIAB treatment is ideal for all nail types. Whether your nails are weak, brittle, or even if you have strong nails and want to add extra strength, BIAB is suitable.

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Can I have a BIAB treatment if I have damaged nails?

Absolutely. The BIAB treatment not only enhances the look of your nails, but also helps in promoting their health and growth, making it ideal for damaged nails.

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Is the BIAB treatment safe?

Absolutely. The BIAB treatment is fully safe. It's free from harsh chemicals and won't damage your natural nail bed.

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How long does the BIAB effect last?

Typically, the BIAB treatment lasts up to three weeks. However, individual results may vary depending on nail growth and care.

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Can BIAB be applied over a nail extension?

Yes, BIAB can be applied over a nail extension. It can help add strength and durability to the extension.

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Does the BIAB treatment involve any discomfort or pain?

Not at all. The BIAB treatment is a painless procedure. Our talented technicians ensure a comfortable and enjoyable experience at Dream Nails.

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Can I choose a colour with my BIAB treatment?

Yes, at Dream Nails, you can choose from a wide range of colours to be applied over the BIAB gel to ensure your nails not only feel great but look great too.

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How is the BIAB treatment removed?

The BIAB treatment can be safely and gently soaked off at our salon. We recommend professional removal to prevent damaging your natural nails.

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What is Bio Sculpture Gel?

Bio Sculpture Gel is a nail treatment system that aids in strengthening and promoting the growth of natural nails. It is durable, flexible, and has a natural glossy finish. At Dream Nails, we use it to create beautiful and long-lasting manicures and pedicures.

Is Bio Sculpture Gel safe for my nails?

Absolutely, Bio Sculpture Gel is designed to be gentle and nourishing for your nails. It’s free of harsh chemicals, is vegan-friendly, and holds a 5-star safety rating. It won't damage your natural nail and can actually aid in their growth.

How long does Bio Sculpture Gel treatment last?

A Bio Sculpture Gel treatment typically lasts between 2 to 3 weeks, depending on your lifestyle and nail growth. You may need a maintenance visit in-between if your nails grow fast.

Can I have Bio Sculpture Gel with nail extensions?

Yes, Bio Sculpture Gel can be applied over artificial nail tips or sculpted onto forms for a natural-looking, nail extension.

Can Bio Sculpture Gel be easily removed?

Yes, Bio Sculpture Gel can be easily removed without damaging your natural nail. It can be effortlessly soaked off in our salon without scraping or drilling.

Do I have choices in colour or finish with Bio Sculpture Gel?

Absolutely, Bio Sculpture Gel comes in various colours, and you have the option of matte or high-gloss finish. We have a full range of hues at Dream Nails, from classics to latest trends.

Does Bio Sculpture Gel treatment involve UV light for curing?

Yes, Bio Sculpture Gel requires a UV or LED lamp to cure the product on your nails. Don't worry, safety measures are taken to protect your skin and eyes during the process.

Is Bio Sculpture Gel suitable for all nail types?

Yes, it is perfect for all nail types, whether your nails are naturally strong or weak and brittle. Bio Sculpture Gel promotes natural nail growth and repair.

Can I use normal nail varnish with Bio Sculpture Gel?

Yes, regular nail varnish can be applied over Bio Sculpture Gel. Just make sure that it’s removed with a polish remover that doesn't contain acetone.

Can Bio Sculpture Gel help if my nails are damaged or weak?

Absolutely! Bio Sculpture Gel builds strength and thickness to your nails, encourages growth, and can help repair damaged nails. It’s a great choice if you are trying to improve the overall health of your nails.

What is included in a Facial / Skin Treatment at Dream Nails?

Our Facial / Skin Treatment includes a full skin analysis, deep cleanse, exfoliation, specialised treatment mask, toner, and moisturiser. Each treatment is customised to your skin type.

Can people with sensitive skin receive a Facial / Skin Treatment at Dream Nails?

Absolutely, we customise our Facial / Skin Treatment according to your individual skin type, including those with sensitive skin. A patch test is recommended beforehand to ensure no adverse reactions.

How often should I get a Facial / Skin Treatment at Dream Nails?

Generally, we recommend receiving a Facial / Skin Treatment once a month, as this aligns with the skin’s natural regeneration cycle. However, this can vary based on individual skin needs.

Do men also need a Facial / Skin Treatment?

Of course, men's skin also benefits from regular facial treatments. Our treatments are suitable for all genders and specifically tailored to each individual's skin concerns.

Is there any post-treatment care needed after a Facial / Skin Treatment?

Post treatment, we recommend avoiding direct sunlight, gym, sauna or swimming for 24 hours. Also, keep your skin nourished with the recommended products provided by our skin experts.

How long does a Facial / Skin Treatment session at Dream Nails take?

Our Facial / Skin Treatments usually last for approximately 60 minutes, considering all steps from cleaning to final moisturisation. However, the exact timing can vary depending on the individual's skin type and requirements.

Can I wear makeup immediately after a Facial / Skin Treatment?

We suggest allowing the skin to breathe and recover for 24 hours post treatment before applying makeup, to fully derive the benefits of the Facial / Skin Treatment.

Does a Facial / Skin Treatment at Dream Nails cause any discomfort or pain?

Our treatments are designed to be both relaxing and beneficial. Some treatment procedures may cause minor discomfort, but not pain. Should you experience discomfort at any point, do let our therapists know immediately.

Who are the qualified professionals performing the Facial / Skin Treatment at Dream Nails?

Our treatments are professionally executed by our highly trained and qualified therapists, who are well equipped in knowledge and skills pertaining to skin health and beauty treatments.

Can a pregnant woman get Facial / Skin Treatment at Dream Nails?

Yes, our Facial / Skin Treatments are safe for pregnant women. Our therapists are skilled in discerning which treatments are appropriate, and customise the session accordingly. We still recommend consulting with your doctor prior to scheduling an appointment.

Do you maintain hygiene during Feet treatment?

Absolutely, we prioritise hygiene above everything else. All our tools are sterilised after each use and fresh towels are provided to every client.

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What is a Gel Colour treatment?

A Gel Colour treatment is a nail service we offer where a semi-permanent gel nail polish is applied. It's cured under an UV or LED lamp, resulting in a gloss finish that lasts 2-3 weeks.

How long does a Gel Colour treatment take?

Typically, a Gel Colour treatment at Dream Nails takes about 45 minutes to an hour. This includes nail preparation, application and curing time under the lamp.

Can I choose any colour for my Gel Colour treatment?

Yes, at Dream Nails, we offer a wide range of colours. You are free to select any colour that suits your style and personality.

Is the Gel Colour treatment safe for all nails?

Absolutely, the Gel Colour treatment is safe for all nails. However, if you have any specific nail or skin conditions, please inform our staff beforehand.

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