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Are Full Set Aprés Nails breathable?

Yes, the material we use for the Aprés nail extensions allows for breathability, which in turn contributes to a healthier natural nail underneath.

How durable are the Full Set Aprés Nails extensions?

The gel extensions used in our Full Set Aprés Nails treatment are very durable. They are cured under an LED light, ensuring a high-gloss and long-lasting finish.

Can the Full Set Aprés Nails treatment help with short or broken nails?

Yes, the Full Set Aprés Nails treatment is an ideal solution for those with short, broken, or weak nails. The extensions provide additional strength and length, giving you a set of healthier-looking and beautified nails.

What happens during the Full Set Aprés Nails treatment?

The treatment begins with a session of cleaning, filing, and proper preparation of your natural nails. The Aprés nail gel extensions are then expertly applied and adhered to your nails, followed by curing under an LED light.

Are Full Set Aprés Nails extensions chip resistant?

Yes, a key feature of our Full Set Aprés Nails treatment is the chip-resistant nature of our gel extensions. You can go about your days without worrying about chipping your nails.

What's the One Nail Aprés Nails treatment?

Our One Nail Aprés Nails treatment is a process of enhancing a single nail. It's perfect for those with a broken nail or those desiring to create a statement nail, using a pressure-sensitive adhesive, no harsh chemicals or glue, for a healthy and nourished natural nail. The final result is lightweight, natural-looking, and durable.

What's so special about the Aprés Nail method?

The Aprés Nail method we use provides a unique advantage of not requiring any glue or harsh chemicals. Instead, we utilize a pressure-sensitive adhesive. It allows the natural nail to remain nourished and healthy. Furthermore, it facilitates easy and safe removal without causing any damage to the natural nail.

Hey, is the enhanced nail really indistinguishable from my natural nails?

Absolutely! The One Nail Aprés Nails treatment leads to a nail that blends harmoniously with your existing nails. It is lightweight, looks natural, and is virtually indistinguishable from your natural nails.

I always worry about my nail's health. Is the process safe for my nail?

Absolutely! The process involves preparation of the natural nail, ensuring it is clean and free from polish. The Aprés Nail extension is then applied using a pressure-sensitive adhesive, eliminating the need for glue or harsh chemicals. This keeps your nail health intact.

How durable is the One Nail Aprés Nails treatment?

The result of our One Nail Aprés Nails treatment is incredibly durable. Designed for long-lasting wear, the enhanced nail blends beautifully with the rest of your nails for a flawless, professional look that lasts.

Can the One Nail Aprés Nails be easily removed?

Yes, the Aprés Nail method used in our One Nail Aprés Nails treatment allows for easy and safe removal, without causing any damage to your natural nail. This makes it an ideal treatment for those who desire continuous nail beauty.

Can I get my nail styled according to my preferences?

Definitely! Our technicians will work with you to achieve the desired shape, length and alignment you want for your nail. This collaborative process ensures you receive your one-of-a-kind dream nail.

Is the One Nail Aprés Nails treatment suitable for a broken nail?

Yes, the treatment is ideal for those with a broken or damaged nail. Our skilled technicians meticulously apply the Aprés Nail extension to give the broken nail a flawless, professionally-done look.

Can I get only one nail enhanced?

Indeed! As the name suggests, the One Nail Aprés Nails treatment is specifically designed to augment and embellish a single nail, making it a perfect solution if you want a statement nail.

Does the adhesive used damage the nail?

No, the adhesive we use in our One Nail Aprés Nails treatment is a pressure-sensitive adhesive, and it doesn't cause any harm to your natural nail. This adhesive eliminates the need for any glue or harsh chemicals, keeping your nail healthy and nourished.

What exactly is the Soak Off & Full Set Aprés Nails treatment?

This two-part treatment includes first soaking off any current polish or acrylics, preparing your nails for a set of new Aprés gel nail extensions which are sculpted to fit your unique nail shape and length.

Is the soaking process harmful to my nails?

No, the soaking process doesn't harm your nails. It is designed to be a gentle, stress-free method of removing old polish or acrylic.

What makes Aprés Nails different from other nail extension methods?

Aprés Nails is loved for their lightweight feel, flexibility, and natural look. They are also renowned for their durability.

What kind of nails does the Soak Off & Full Set Aprés Nails treatment suit best?

This treatment is perfect for anyone wanting to renew and enhance their nails, regardless of their current condition.

Are the Aprés Nails gel extensions heavy or uncomfortable to wear?

No, they are highly regarded for their lightweight nature and flexibility, providing the feel of natural nails.

Can I choose the length of my Aprés Nails extensions?

Yes. Our nail specialists sculpt the extensions to fit your unique nail shape and your preferred length.

What is the durability of full set Aprés Nails?

Aprés Nails gel extensions are well-known for their long-lasting durability, providing enjoyment for weeks on end.

What does the Aprés Nails treatment look like when finished?

The Aprés Nails treatment imparts a sophisticated, professional look, which guarantees you'll make a statement wherever you go.

Are the Aprés Nails extensions easy to remove?

Yes, when you're ready for a change, they can be soaked off much like any other gel or acrylic nail.

Is the Soak Off & Full Set Aprés Nails treatment safe for pregnant women?

Yes, this treatment doesn't involve any harmful chemicals and is completely safe for all clients, including pregnant women.

What is the 'Back, Neck & Shoulders' treatment?

Our 'Back, Neck & Shoulders' treatment is a specialised aromatherapy massage that targets specific stress points and muscle tensions in those areas. It involves the use of aromatic oils, Swedish massage strokes, and concentrated pressure for maximum relief.

What is the purpose of the pre-treatment consultation?

The pre-treatment consultation helps us understand your specific stress points and muscle tensions. This ensures the massage is tailored to your needs, making it more effective in relieving pain and tension.

What oils are used in the massage?

We use a range of aromatic oils in our massage, the choice of which depends on your personal preference and the results of the consultation. Our therapists will guide you in picking the most beneficial one.

How does the 'Back, Neck & Shoulders' treatment help decrease stress levels?

The technique we use combines Swedish massage strokes and concentrated pressure, which helps release muscle tension and promote relaxation. This, in turn, lowers stress levels and induces calmness.

Can I expect pain relief after one session?

Yes, you should experience a significant reduction in muscle tension and pain immediately after treatment. The level of relief can vary from person to person.

How does the 'Back, Neck & Shoulders' treatment improve sleep quality?

Our massage treatment works to alleviate muscle tension and lower stress levels, which can significantly improve sleep quality. Regular treatments can lead to long-term improvements.

Can this treatment help with frequent headaches?

Absolutely, by targeting specific tension areas in the neck and shoulders, our massage can alleviate tension headaches and reduce their frequency when taken regularly.

Does this treatment boost the immune system?

Circulation is improved during the massage treatment, which can in turn boost your immune system by aiding lymph flow. This helps your body's natural defence system to prevent illnesses, like the common cold.

Why do I feel more focused after a treatment?

Reducing stress and promoting relaxation not only helps your body but also your mind. A calmer mind can focus better, improve productivity and maintain mental well-being.

Is this treatment suitable for everyone?

While most individuals can greatly benefit from our aromatherapy massage, some health conditions may need special consideration. Please discuss any health concerns you might have during your consultation so we can accommodate your needs.

What is BIAB Gel Treatment?

BIAB stands for 'Builder In A Bottle'. It is a type of nail treatment that we offer to strengthen and enhance the natural nails. The gel is overlayed on your nails to provide them with strength and reduce chipping.

Does BIAB Gel damage my natural nails?

No, the BIAB Gel treatment does not damage your natural nails. In fact, it is designed to protect them, allowing your natural nails to stay healthy and continue to grow.

Can BIAB Gel Treatment be applied to any nail shape?

Absolutely, the BIAB gel can be applied to all nail shapes. Before the treatment, your nail technician will shape your nails according to your preference.

Is the BIAB Gel Treatment suitable for active women?

Yes, the BIAB Gel treatment is designed to withstand daily tasks and remain glossy and chip-free. This makes it perfect for dynamic and active women.

Can the BIAB Gel Treatment be used as a base for nail polish?

Yes, the BIAB Gel serves as a strong, flexible base for nail polish. It enhances the durability of the polish, reducing chipping and wear.

Do I need a break from BIAB Gel Treatment?

As the BIAB Gel protects and strengthens natural nails, there is no need to take a 'break'. However, it's still important to regularly maintain your nails for their overall health.

How does BIAB Gel Treatment help brittle and thin nails?

BIAB Gel treatment adds a layer of gel overlay that strengthens your nails, making them more flexible. This also reduces breakage and splitting, making it ideal for brittle and thin nails.

What are the health benefits of this treatment?

The treatment not only enhances the beauty of your feet, it also prevents painful conditions like ingrown nails. Properly shaped nails help you maintain good foot health.

What preparation is required for BIAB Gel Treatment?

We start the BIAB Gel treatment by thoroughly cleaning your nails to create a clean slate. There's no filing down or causing damage to your natural nails before applying the BIAB Gel.

What is the finish of the BIAB Gel Treatment?

The finish of the BIAB Gel treatment is glossy and resistant to chipping. It gives a stunning, long-lasting shine to your nails, leaving them looking smart and polished.

Can I easily remove the BIAB Gel at home?

While it is possible to remove the BIAB Gel at home, we strongly recommend having it professionally removed to prevent any damage to your natural nails.

What exactly is a BIAB Gel Infills treatment?

BIAB Gel Infills treatment is a method of maintaining your nails' health and strength while giving them an enhanced, glossy appearance. The process uses a specially formulated BIAB (Builder In A Bottle) gel base that not only adds durability but also promotes natural nail growth.

Does the treatment harm my natural nails?

Not at all. On the contrary, the BIAB Gel Infills treatment supports and promotes natural nail growth. The previous gel layer is carefully removed to ensure your natural nails remain unharmed.

What can I expect immediately after the treatment?

Post the BIAB Gel Infills treatment, you can expect glossy, chip-resistant nails that can last up to three weeks. Not only is it durable, but it gives your nails a polished, sophisticated look.

What makes a BIAB Gel Infills treatment different from regular gel polish?

While regular gel polish adds colour and shine to your nails, BIAB Gel Infills actually nurture the nail underneath. Its specially formulated gel contributes to nail durability and encourages natural nail growth.

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