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Does Dream Nails use OPI products for gel manicures?

Absolutely. We use OPI's Gel Color for our gel manicures, known for its high-gloss finish and long wear.

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What is BIAB treatment offered by Dream Nails?

BIAB, short for Builder in a Bottle, is a breakthrough nail treatment offered by Dream Nails. It's a type of gel that strengthens and promotes the growth of natural nails, while providing a strong and flexible coating. It offers all the benefits of a hard gel extension without the need for tips or forms, making it an excellent choice for those who want gorgeous, durable nails without any hassle.

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What is OPI and why is it used in Dream Nails salon treatments?

OPI is a renowned professional nail polish brand. At Dream Nails, we use OPI due to its high-quality formulation that ensures long-lasting, chip-resistant nails. It's safe, non-toxic and available in a vast range of colours and finishes.

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What is SNS and how does it benefit my nails?

Signature Nail Systems (SNS) is a high-quality powder dipping system used in our salon. SNS enhances the health of your nails by being chip-resistent, odourless, and enriched with vitamins. It also offers a lightweight, natural feel.

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What is Shellac and why is it used in Dream Nails salon treatments?

Shellac is a hybrid nail polish with a gloss finish that is cured under UV light to make it durable and long-lasting. At Dream Nails, we use Shellac to provide our clients with a manicure or pedicure that can last for up to two weeks without chipping or peeling, giving a perfect and professional look.

What are the benefits of using Cirepil in my salon treatment at Dream Nails?

Cirepil is renowned for its excellent hair removal properties, causing less discomfort during the waxing procedure compared to traditional methods. Its hypoallergenic formulation is gentle on the skin, reducing redness and irritation. At Dream Nails, the use of Cirepil ensures an efficient, comforting and high-quality experience for our customers.

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What makes Bio Sculpture different from other nail treatments?

Bio Sculpture is a premium product that is vegan, cruelty-free and designed to work with the natural nail. It promotes nail growth, strength, and shine, unlike traditional gel or acrylic treatments. It's also highly flexible, meaning it doesn’t chip or wear at the edges. Furthermore, it is free of harmful chemicals and can be removed easily without damaging the nails. A treatment at Dream Nails with Bio Sculpture guarantees you not just beautiful, but healthier nails too.

How should I prepare my nails for Acrylic Extensions?

There's minimal preparation needed on your end. Simply make sure your nails are clean, free from polish and nail enhancements, and avoid using hand creams or oils before your appointment for the best results.

What do I need to do in preparation for an Aprés Nails treatment at Dream Nails?

Before your Aprés Nails treatment, we recommend that you avoid applying any kind of lotion or oil to your nails, as it may interfere with the adhesion of the nail extension. For the best results, nails should be clean and dry.

What should I do to prepare for an Aromatherapy Massage at Dream Nails?

To receive the most benefits from your Aromatherapy Massage at Dream Nails, ensure that you are well hydrated before your appointment. Avoid eating a heavy meal prior to your visit. Let us know of any allergies, sensitivities or health issues so we can tailor your treatment accordingly. Relax and enjoy the fragrant, healing experience!

What should I do to prepare for a BIAB treatment at Dream Nails?

Nothing special is required to prepare for a BIAB treatment at Dream Nails. Simply ensure your nails are clean. Avoid applying any nail products prior to your appointment, as this helps us provide the best possible application of BIAB.

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What preparations should I do before getting a Bio Sculpture Gel treatment?

Before arriving for a Bio Sculpture Gel treatment, ensure your nails are clean and free from any form of nail polish or extensions. It's also advisable to moisturise your hands to help rejuvenate your skin. Avoid cutting your cuticles as our professionals will take care of that during the treatment.

What should I do to prepare for my Eyes treatment at Dream Nails?

Getting ready for the Eyes treatment at Dream Nails involves little preparation. Ensure your eyes are completely free of any makeup or product residue prior to your appointment. Avoid any harsh eye treatments for a few days beforehand to keep your skin as calm and relaxed as possible.

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How should I prepare for a facial/skin treatment at Dream Nails?

To get the most out of your facial or skin treatment, we advise you not to exfoliate or use any strong skincare products 48-72 hours prior to your appointment. Stay hydrated, ensure you get a good night’s sleep, and avoid wearing makeup on the day of your treatment. This allows our therapists to fully assess your skin needs and provide you with the most effective treatment.

What should I do to prepare for a Feet treatment at Dream Nails?

To prepare for a Feet treatment, ensure your feet are clean. Avoid applying any nail varnish or treatment. If you’ve a medical condition related to your feet, let us know in advance. Lastly, it's more comfortable to wear open shoes afterwards to let your nails dry properly.

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What should I do to prepare my nails for a Gel Colour treatment?

Ensure your nails are clean, dry, and free from any product before your appointment. If your nails are long, we recommend trimming them beforehand, as Gel Colour is most effective on shorter nails. Finally, avoid using any hand creams or oils on the day of your treatment, as these can prevent the gel from properly adhering to your nails.

What is the process of a Gel Powder treatment at Dream Nails?

At Dream Nails, our Gel Powder treatment involves a delicate preparation of your nails, followed by the application of a specialised powder that is set with a UV light. The process creates a glossy but durable finish that can last up to three weeks, offering a longer lasting and healthier alternative to traditional nail polish.

How should I prepare my hands prior to a treatment at Dream Nails?

We recommend you arrive with clean, dry hands free of any nail polish or oils. A good hand wash and moisturise the night before will enhance the effectiveness of your hands treatment.

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What should I do in preparation for my lashes treatment at Dream Nails?

In anticipation of your lashes treatment at Dream Nails, we advise avoiding any oil-based make-up or skin products 24 hours prior to your appointment. Also, come to your appointment with clean, make-up free eyes to ensure optimal results.

What should I do to prepare my nails before an SNS dipping powder treatment?

Before your appointment, it's best to keep your nails clean and free from other nail products. Avoid using any type of oil on your nails as this may affect the adherence of the SNS dipping powder. A small amount of nail growth is also ideal for the application process.

How should I prepare for my threading appointment at Dream Nails?

To ensure the best results from your threading treatment, avoid using lotions or oils on your face prior to your appointment. Keep your skin clean and dry, as this will help the threading process be more effective. If you have any skin sensitivity issues please let us know in advance so we can tailor the experience to your needs.

What should I do to prepare my nails for a UV Gel treatment at Dream Nails?

Before a UV Gel nail treatment at Dream Nails, ensure your nails are clean and free from any old polish. Avoid applying any oils or creams on your hands and nails few hours before your appointment. This will help in better adhesion of the UV Gel polish.

How should I prepare for my female waxing treatment at Dream Nails?

To prepare for your waxing appointment, exfoliate the area 24 hours before your treatment but don't apply lotions or oils on the day. Wear loose, comfortable clothing to prevent irritation post-treatment. Please ensure your hair is at least 0.5cm long for the wax to grip effectively.

Is the salon well-ventilated for customer comfort?

Absolutely, we take our customer's comfort and health very seriously. Dream Nails ensures that the salon is constantly well-ventilated and all health and safety standards are met.

Can I change my nail design after it has been done?

Yes, it is possible to change a completed design, but additional charges may apply. It's advisable to be certain about a design before the procedure starts.

Is it ok to breastfeed at the salon?

Yes, Dream Nails promotes a breastfeeding-friendly environment. We believe in fostering a supportive and caring atmosphere for all our customers.

Can I host a nail party at your salon?

Absolutely! Dream Nails is happy to host nail parties. Please get in touch with us to book a slot and discuss details to tailor the perfect nail party for you!

Do your nail polishes contain harmful chemicals?

Dream Nails is committed to using nail products that are free from harmful chemicals. We continually research our product choices to maintain optimal client health.

Can you assist in nail design selection?

Certainly, our experts will be more than happy to help you to select a nail design that complements your style and personal preference.

Are you able to provide services for elderly clients?

Yes, Dream Nails caters for all age groups including elderly clients. Our team is skilled and experienced in providing comfortable and safe nail services to the elderly.

Is it safe to have nail treatments during pregnancy?

Our treatments are generally safe during pregnancy; however, certain services may not be recommended. We advise you to consult with your medical practitioner before any service.

Do you offer services for persons with physical disabilities?

Absolutely, Dream Nails prides itself on being inclusive and accessible for all. Our salon is built to accommodate various needs, including those of individuals with physical disabilities.

What is the main benefit of BIAB product?

BIAB is designed to strengthen and protect natural nails, promoting healthy and sustainable growth. It is often used as an overlay before gel polish to prevent any damage.

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Is the BIAB treatment suitable for people with nail-biting habits?

Absolutely. The BIAB treatment can help nail biters by creating a durable, protective layer, discouraging biting and allowing natural nails to grow.

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What are the ingredients of the BIAB product used in Dream Nails?

BIAB is a responsibly made product, with its main ingredients being Acrylates Copolymer and Hydroxycyclohexyl Phenyl Keytone, which are designed to promote nail health.

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How long does the BIAB treatment last?

Depending on your lifestyle and nail growth rate, a BIAB treatment from Dream Nails can last typically between 2-4 weeks without chipping or peeling.

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Can the BIAB treatment be applied on long nails?

Yes, the BIAB treatment can be applied on long nails too. It helps in strengthening them, thereby reducing the risk of breakage.

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Can BIAB be used with any polish?

Yes. While BIAB is a standalone product, it can be used as a base for gel polish, traditional nail polish or can be left on its own for a clean, manicured look.

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Are there different colours available in the BIAB treatment?

Yes, BIAB is available in clear as well as a range of colours. Dream Nails can usually match the BIAB colour to your chosen polish or provide a natural shade.

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Is BIAB safe for pregnant women?

Yes, the BIAB treatment is safe to use during pregnancy. However, like any other beauty treatment, we always recommend seeking advice from your healthcare provider.

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Is there any age restriction for using the BIAB treatment?

BIAB is generally suitable for all ages. However, for clients under 16, we ask that a guardian is present during the treatment.

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Do you need to take a break from BIAB treatments?

There's no need to take a break between BIAB treatments as they are designed to be gentle on your nails, promoting growth and reducing breakage.

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Why does Dream Nails prefer using OPI for nail treatments?

At Dream Nails, we prioritise quality and client satisfaction. OPI is globally renowned for its superior, long-lasting formulas and stunning colour range, thereby ensuring our clients receive the best possible nail treatment.

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Does OPI offer a range of colours for nail polish?

Absolutely! OPI has an extensive array of colours to select from. Whether you want a classic red or daring glitter, we at Dream Nails can provide it with our OPI collection.

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Are OPI products used by Dream Nails vegan-friendly?

Yes, OPI products are widely recognised for being cruelty-free and vegan-friendly. We at Dream Nails believe in supporting ethical beauty practices.

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How long does OPI nail polish last on the nails?

With proper care, OPI's high-quality nail polish can last for up to seven days without chipping, allowing our Dream Nails clients to enjoy their manicure longer.

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What's special about OPI's Infinite Shine range stocked at Dream Nails?

OPI's Infinite Shine is a 3-step system offering the high shine and long-wear of a gel manicure, with the convenience of a nail polish. It’s a favourite amongst our Dream Nails clientele.

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Does OPI's Nail Lacquer used at Dream Nails take long to dry?

OPI's nail lacquer has a decent drying time, typically taking around 15-20 minutes to completely dry. We suggest our clients utilise this time to relax and enjoy our salon ambiance.

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How can I maintain the look of my OPI manicure from Dream Nails at home?

You can maintain your OPI manicure by keeping your hands moisturised, wearing gloves when washing up, and refraining from using your nails as tools. Regular touch-ups can also extend the life of your manicure.

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What if I have an allergic reaction to OPI products used at Dream Nails?

Although very rare due to OPI's stringent safety standards, if you believe you're experiencing an allergic reaction, please contact us immediately. We'll help you seek appropriate medical advice.

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