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How often should I get Infills Ombré done?

We generally recommend getting your infills done every 2-3 weeks to maintain the optimal look and health of your acrylic extensions. However, this could vary based on your nail growth and personal preference.

Can Infills Ombré be done on natural nails?

While the infilling process is designed for acrylic extensions, the Ombré effect can certainly be applied to natural nails. Speak with our technicians to explore the best services for your nails.

What kind of acrylic mixture is used in Infills Ombré?

We use a high-quality acrylic mixture designed to be strong yet lightweight, ensuring your nails remain healthy while looking stunning.

Do I need to prepare my nails before the Infills Ombré treatment?

No specific preparation is needed on your part. Our skilled technicians will assess your nails and perform any necessary prep work to ensure your nails are ready for the treatment.

Can I choose more than two colours for the Ombré effect?

Yes, it's possible to incorporate more than two colours to create your personalised Ombré design. You can discuss your colour options with our technicians during your appointment.

What results can I expect after the Infills Ombré treatment?

After the treatment, you can expect refreshed, strengthened, and fashionable nails that are following the latest trends. The Ombré effect provides a unique look tailor-made to your style that will surely turn heads.

What is the purpose of the 'Infills on Toes Acrylic' treatment?

Our 'Infills on Toes Acrylic' is a rejuvenating process meant to maintain and restore the pristine look of your acrylic toenail extensions. It fills in the gap between your acrylic extensions and natural nails that have grown out.

What can I expect at the beginning of the treatment?

The treatment begins with an initial inspection of your current acrylic extensions. We will then tailor the treatment to your needs, matching your original design, or recommending a new one if required.

How is the older acrylic layer removed?

Our professionals utilise expert techniques to painlessly remove the older acrylic layer before applying a fresh layer. This ensures a sleek, neat appearance.

Will the treatment strengthen my extensions?

Yes, the fresh layer of acrylic applied during the treatment not only enhances the look of your extensions but also strengthens them.

Is the complete procedure painless?

Definitely, we take great care to ensure a painless experience throughout the procedure. Your comfort and satisfaction are paramount to us at Dream Nails.

What are the benefits of getting 'Infills on Toes Acrylic' treatment?

This treatment maintains the uniformity of your acrylic extensions, giving them a realistic appearance and protecting your natural nails. It also promotes healthy growth underneath, enhancing the overall nail health.

Can I choose a new colour or design during the treatment?

Certainly, our experts can reapply the specific colour or design you had before, or introduce a new one if you prefer. We aim to recreate that stunning effect you loved so much.

How often should I get the 'Infills on Toes Acrylic' treatment?

Regular infills contribute significantly to nail health and elegance. The frequency depends on individual growth cycle and personal preference. Our professionals can provide a more exact schedule after assessing your nails.

Does the 'Infills on Toes Acrylic' treatment damage natural nails?

If done professionally and with care, this treatment will not damage your natural nails. In fact, it protects and promotes their healthy growth.

Are the technicians at Dream Nails skilled in this treatment?

Absolutely! Our technicians are highly skilled in this as well as other treatments. They prioritise maintaining the highest standards of hygiene, quality and customer satisfaction.

What exactly are infills with gel polish?

Infills with Gel Polish is a treatment we offer at Dream Nails to maintain the continuity and aesthetic appeal of your acrylic extensions. This involves filling in the gaps caused by the natural growth of your nails, reshaping them, and applying a coat of long-lasting, glossy gel polish.

How can I maintain the look of my acrylic extensions?

Maintaining your acrylic extensions requires regular infills treatments. By filling in the gaps, reshaping your nails, and applying a fresh coat of gel polish, your extensions will continue to look as stunning as when you first had them.

Why choose infills with gel polish?

Opting for infills with gel polish not only keeps your acrylic extensions looking good, but gel polish is also known for its longevity. With the appropriate care, your manicure can remain chip-free and maintain its shine for weeks.

What type of polish do you use for the infills?

We use a rich, glossy gel polish for our infills. Gel polish is known for its durability and ability to hold shine for an extended period.

How often should I get infills with gel polish treatment?

That depends on how fast your natural nails grow and your personal case. However, many of our clients come in for an infill treatment every 2-3 weeks.

Is the infills with gel polish treatment safe?

Absolutely. All of our treatments at Dream Nails, including infills with gel polish, are safe. Our highly trained technicians prioritise nail health throughout the treatment procedure.

Do infills damage my natural nails?

No, infills are designed to maintain your acrylic extensions without causing damage to your natural nails. Our trained technicians ensure a careful application process to safeguard your nail health.

Will the gel polish peel off from my acrylic extensions?

Gel polish is known for its durability and, with proper care, it will not peel off your acrylic extensions. It's designed to last for weeks while maintaining its shine.

What does the infill treatment process look like?

Our nail technicians begin by removing the old gel polish from your nails. They then prepare your nails and apply the infills, blending them seamlessly with your existing extensions. This is followed by a coat of glossy gel polish.

Can I choose the colour of the gel polish in the infills treatment?

Absolutely, you can choose from a range of rich, glossy gel polish colours. Our nail technicians at Dream Nails are here to help you achieve a look that suits your style and preference.

What is the process of the One Nail Acrylic treatment?

The treatment starts with cleaning your nail, then applying a nail form in the shape you prefer. We add an acrylic monomer liquid and dip it into a polymer powder to create the extension. The nail is then sculpted into a suitable shape and dried naturally.

Can I choose any shape for my acrylic nail?

Absolutely. At Dream Nails, our professionals can shape the acrylic nail to your preferred style, be it cone, square, almond or any other shape.

Does the One Nail Acrylic treatment damage my natural nail?

Our experts take utmost care during application to ensure your original nail remains undamaged. The One Nail Acrylic process is designed to be gentle on your natural nail.

What are the benefits of One Nail Acrylic treatment?

The treatment enhances the look of your nails, adding length, volume and a touch of glamour. It also helps camouflage any broken, brittle or short nails underneath, providing an impressive makeover.

Can I customise my One Nail Acrylic?

At Dream Nails, we offer a wide range of customisation options. You can choose from various colours and finishes, from nudes to neons, or diamonds to glitter.

How durable are acrylic nails from the One Nail Acrylic treatment?

Acrylic nails are known for their extraordinary durability. They can withstand daily activities with ease, making them a preferred choice for many customers.

What happens after the acrylic nail extension is applied?

Once the acrylic extension is applied and shaped, it's allowed to dry naturally. This results in a sturdy, long-lasting nail enhancement that matches your specifications and style.

Is the One Nail Acrylic treatment suitable for any occasion?

Yes, our One Nail Acrylic treatment is versatile and fitting for any occasion, whether you want a subtle elegance for everyday wear, a bold look for a party, or soft pastels for a festive occasion.

Can One Nail Acrylic treatment cover broken or brittle nails?

Indeed, the One Nail Acrylic treatment is an excellent option for covering broken, brittle or short nails. It gives your nails a whole new, attractive look, concealing any imperfections underneath.

What materials are used in the One Nail Acrylic treatment?

We use a professional-grade acrylic monomer liquid and a polymer powder to create the nail extension. The process ensures the strength and durability of the extension, delivering splendid results.

What is the One Nail French Acrylic Extension treatment?

Our One Nail French Acrylic Extension treatment is a process that transforms your natural nails to a more elegant and longer form by adding a seamless acrylic extension. This extension is finished off with a classic, white French tip for a sophisticated finish.

Is the One Nail French Acrylic Extension treatment painful?

No, the treatment is not painful. Our experienced nail artists work on one nail at a time, ensuring that the process is as comfortable and pain-free as possible.

What are the advantages of the One Nail French Acrylic Extensions?

These extensions not only add a touch of sophistication to your nails but are also highly durable and long-lasting. They are less likely to break or chip compared to natural nails, making them ideal for those leading busy lifestyles.

I have very short nails. Is this treatment suitable for me?

Absolutely. Our Acrylic Extension Treatment can add length to any type of nails, long or short. The added extension adheres to your natural nail and provides the desired length and shape.

What happens after the treatment? Do I need to care for my nails at home?

After your treatment, we provide instructions on at-home care to ensure the longevity of your extensions and maintain their elegant appearance. We also recommend regular fills every 2-3 weeks for best upkeep.

Will the acrylic extensions damage my natural nails?

When applied and removed correctly by our experienced technicians, the process does not damage your natural nails. We also ensure that your nails are well-prepared prior to the acrylic application for a healthier process.

Are acrylic extensions safe?

Yes, acrylic extensions are safe when applied by our professional nail artists. At Dream Nails, we use top-quality products and modern techniques to ensure safe and effective treatments.

Can I choose a different tip colour other than white for my One Nail French Acrylic Extension treatment?

The One Nail French Acrylic Extension treatment traditionally includes a classic white French tip. However, we always aim to work to client satisfaction, so please discuss any specific requests with our nail artists during consultation.

What is the One Nail Toes Acrylic treatment?

Our One Nail Toes Acrylic treatment involves adding an acrylic extension to a single toenail, enhancing its length and shape with a strong, lightweight acrylic product. It offers a fashionable flair to your appearance alongside providing additional strength to your toenail.

Why would I choose a One Nail Toes Acrylic treatment?

If you're looking to add a little personality to your look without committing to a full set of acrylics, or if you've a toenail prone to damage, the One Nail Toes Acrylic is ideal. It strengthens your nail and also complements your foot accessories.

Will my natural nail be damaged during this treatment?

Absolutely not. The procedure begins with a thorough prep, including trimming, buffing, and dehydrating to remove any oils ensuring the best application of the acrylic. This preparation doesn't harm your natural nail.

How is the acrylic extension applied?

Our technicians mould a small bead of acrylic powder and liquid onto your nail, creating the desired length and shape. The nail is allowed to set and harden naturally, forming a sturdy and durable structure.

How will my nail look after the treatment?

Post treatment, your toenail will be transformed with a sleek, elongated acrylic extension that blends seamlessly with your natural nail. It will be resilient and aesthetically pleasing with a smooth, glossy finish.

Will the acrylic feel heavy on my toe?

No, the acrylic used in our One Nail Toes Acrylic treatment is lightweight yet robust, ensuring it doesn't feel cumbersome on your toe while enhancing resilience.

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