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Why should I choose Dream Nails for my Infills Gel Powder with Gel treatment?

Dream Nails prides itself on providing expert nail care. Our technicians are highly skilled and meticulous when it comes to nail treatments. The Infills Gel Powder with Gel treatment at Dream Nails ensures that your nails remain elegant and pristine for a long time.

Can I have this treatment if my nails are weak or brittle?

Yes, the Infills Gel Powder with Gel treatment is suited for all nail types. It can even help to protect and strengthen weak or brittle nails by providing an extra layer of gel.

What is unique about the One Nail Gel Powder treatment offered at Dream Nails?

The One Nail Gel Powder treatment at Dream Nails uniquely blends innovative beauty technology with our expertise for transforming your nails. This treatment, known for its rich pigmentation and durability, ensures that your nails look flawless for weeks, while also providing them with a protective layer.

How is the gel powder applied in the One Nail Gel Powder treatment?

In the One Nail Gel Powder treatment, the gel powder is meticulously applied to ensure an even coat. This allows the powder to fuse perfectly with your nail. The process is repeated until the desired colour intensity is achieved.

What happens after the gel powder is applied in the One Nail Gel Powder treatment?

After the gel powder is applied during the One Nail Gel Powder treatment, it is then cured under a UV or LED lamp. This step is crucial to set the powder and ensure durability.

What kind of finish can I expect from the One Nail Gel Powder treatment?

The One Nail Gel Powder treatment in Dream Nails leaves you with a stunning, glossy finish. Your nails act as a striking feature, adding a dash of glamour to your look.

Does the Nail Art Hands treatment include a topcoat?

Yes, the treatment is completed with a high-gloss, chip-resistant topcoat to seal the nail art design and ensure long-lasting wear.

What are the side benefits of the One Nail Gel Powder treatment?

The One Nail Gel Powder treatment doesn’t just make your nails look fabulous, it also strengthens them. It provides a protective layer that shields them from everyday wear and tear.

What kind of lamp is used to cure the gel powder in the One Nail Gel Powder treatment?

To cure the gel powder during the One Nail Gel Powder treatment, we use either a LED or UV lamp. This is vital to set the powder onto your nails for lasting results.

What is the gel powder in the One Nail Gel Powder treatment known for?

The gel powder used in the One Nail Gel Powder treatment is known for its rich pigmentation and resilience. This means it ensures vibrant, durable colour on your nails.

Does the One Nail Gel Powder treatment damage natural nails?

No, quite the opposite. The One Nail Gel Powder treatment at Dream Nails actually adds a protective layer to your natural nails, safeguarding them from everyday wear and tear and promoting their health.

What is the Soak Off & Full Set Gel Powder treatment?

The Soak Off & Full Set Gel Powder is a prestigious nail treatment. Your existing polish or gel is soaked off gently and then your nails are coated progressively with a fine gel powder to your chosen shape and length. The treatment finishes with a colour application, leaving your nails with a glossy and durable finish.

What preparation is needed for this treatment?

No specific at-home preparation is needed. We will begin by gently soaking off any existing polish or gel from your nails to provide a clean base for the application of the gel powder.

How does the Full Set Gel Powder feel?

The gel powder offers a lightweight and natural feel, similar to your own nails. It doesn't yellow over time and has a high-gloss, resilient shine, making it a perfect choice for those seeking easy nail maintenance.

What post-treatment maintenance is required for this manicure?

This specific treatment requires minimal at-home maintenance due to its durability. However, regular nail care such as using cuticle oil and hand cream and avoiding harsh chemicals will help maintain the health and shine of your nails.

What benefits does this treatment offer compared to conventional gel polishes?

Unlike traditional gels or polishes, the Soak Off & Full Set Gel Powder holds up well against daily life's hardships. It maintains its shine, doesn't yellow over time, and lasts remarkably longer, proving a healthier and more aesthetically appealing option.

Is the Soak Off & Full Set Gel Powder treatment suitable for everyone?

Yes, our Full Set Gel Powder treatment is suitable for all clients, regardless of their nail type or condition. Our expert technicians adapt the treatment to meet each individual's needs.

How durable is the Full Set Gel Powder?

The Full Set Gel Powder is known for its durability. It is chip-resistant and designed to withstand daily wear and tear better than traditional nail coatings.

How shiny will my nails be after the treatment?

Post-treatment, your nails will reveal a high-gloss shine. The Full Set Gel Powder is known to maintain its gloss and not yellow over time, ensuring your nails always look top-notch.

Can I choose the shape and length of my nails with this treatment?

Yes, our expert technicians will progressively build your nails using the gel powder to your preferred shape and length.

Are there any side effects to this treatment?

The Soak Off & Full Set Gel Powder is generally safe. However, as with any nail treatment, there may be potential risks for some, such as allergic reaction or nail damage. We encourage a consultation prior to booking to discuss any concerns.

What is the 'Soak Off & Full Set Gel Powder with Gel' treatment?

This is a two-step nail treatment which involves the gentle removal of any old gel polish or acrylics, followed by the application of coloured gel powder and a top layer of gel. It is known for its smooth finish, durability, and high-shine lustre.

Do I need to have current gels or acrylics on my nails for this treatment?

Not at all! If you don't have any previously applied gels or acrylics, we simply skip the initial 'soak-off' step and proceed straight to applying the gel powder and gel top layer.

What is the benefit of using gel powder instead of liquid polish?

The application of gel powder enables a smooth, even covering, without the need for multiple layers as with liquid polish. The finish is cured under UV light for durability and a consistent high-gloss shine.

How long does the 'Soak Off & Full Set Gel Powder with Gel' last?

This treatment is designed for longevity, with most clients finding their nails stay immaculate for up to four weeks without chipping or lift-off.

Can I expect any damage to my natural nails from the Soak-off process?

We understand the importance of maintaining the health of your natural nails, hence our soak-off process is carried out gently and professionally using a high-quality solution to minimise any potential damage.

Why do you apply a top layer of gel in the 'Gel Powder with Gel' treatment?

The top layer of gel enhances the brightness of the gel powder and extends its wear. It also provides an extra layer of protection for your nails and delivers an incredible shine that maintains its lustre throughout its life.

Why should I choose the 'Soak Off & Full Set Gel Powder with Gel' treatment?

This treatment offers a polished, professional look that is long-lasting and low-maintenance. It is perfect for anyone preparing for a special event or for those simply wanting beautiful, durable and high-shine nails.

Is the powder used in the 'Gel Powder with Gel' treatment available in different colours?

Yes, at Dream Nails, we offer a range of colours for the gel powder so you can have your nails in any colour you wish.

Can I get a refill with the 'Full Set Gel Powder with Gel' treatment?

Yes, refills are possible with this treatment. The gel powder and the gel top layer are both durable and designed to last for several weeks, however, when it comes to refills, your nail technician will advise you based on your nail condition.

How is the 'Gel Powder with Gel' treatment removed?

Our professional nail technicians remove this treatment with a careful soak-off process, using a high-quality solution to gently dissolve the gel without causing damage to your natural nails.

What can I expect my nails to look like after the 'Nail Art Hands' treatment?

After the treatment, you'll have more than beautifully painted nails; they will be a personalised piece of art that reflects elegance, style, and individuality.

What is involved in the manicure treatment at Dream Nails?

Our manicure involves a hand soak, shaping and filing of nails, cuticle oil application, cuticle removal, hand exfoliation, a relaxing massage and concludes with a professional polish application. The process is designed to rejuvenate and add elegance to your hands.

What is the purpose of the hand soak in the manicure process?

The hand soak in our manicure treatment helps to soften your skin and cuticles. It prepares your nails for efficient shaping and filing to achieve your desired form and symmetry.

Why do you apply organic cuticle oil during the manicure treatment?

We apply organic cuticle oil to further soften your cuticles, aiding their gentle removal. This enhances the overall neatness and appearance of your nails.

What are the advantages of exfoliation during the manicure session?

Exfoliating your hands eliminates dryness and reveals a brighter skin tone. It also improves the skin's texture and contributes to a healthier appearance of your hands.

Why is a massage incorporated in the manicure treatment?

The massage in our manicure process helps to improve your blood circulation and release stress. It rejuvenates your hands and contributes to the overall pampering experience.

What should I expect after the completion of the manicure treatment?

After the manicure, your nails will be perfectly groomed, revealing a brighter skin tone and a lustrous shine. Your hands will feel smoother, softer and renewed, with a lasting, chip-free polish.

Can I choose the polish colour for my manicure?

Absolutely, you can choose your prefered polish colour from our wide variety of high-quality lacquers. We believe this allows you to express your personality through your nails.

Is the manicure treatment suitable for all nail types?

Yes, our skilled nail technicians assess and consider your individual nail needs during the manicure to ensure we provide the best care for your unique nail type.

Does manicure treatment at Dream Nails involve any harsh chemicals?

Our manicure treatment uses only high-quality, gentle products. We also incorporate organic cuticle oil, ensuring a natural and nourishing experience for your hands.

Aside from aesthetic appeal, are there any other long-term benefits to getting a manicure?

Absolutely. Regular manicure treatments using our holistic approach can lead to healthier nails and improved skin texture. The massage also aids in maintaining blood circulation, leading to overall healthier hands.

What is a French Manicure?

A French Manicure is a classic nail design where a pink or nude base is applied to each nail, and then a crisp white line is meticulously painted across the tips. It's renowned for being effortlessly chic and versatile, suitable for everyday wear and special occasions.

How is the base of the nail prepared for a French Manicure at Dream Nails?

At Dream Nails, we prepare your nails for a French Manicure by soaking your nails, trimming and filing them into your desired shape. We also provide thorough cuticle care for a clean base, a crucial step in achieving the flawless finish of a French manicure.

Is the brightness level of the white tip in a French Manicure customizable?

Yes, the brightness level of the white tip in a French Manicure at Dream Nails is customizable. Our technicians can tailor the level of brightness from a conspicuous, strong white stroke to a more subtle, natural-looking one.

Does a Manicure French promote healthy nails?

Indeed, a French Manicure promotes healthy nails. Aside from its visual appeal, the treatment involves proper nail care such as soaking, trimming, filing and cuticle care, which contribute to maintaining healthy nails.

Is the French Manicure at Dream Nails suitable for all occasions?

Certainly. A French Manicure is known for its versatility because its simplicity and understated elegance make it suitable for a vast array of occasions, from daily wear to special events.

How does the Manicure French compliment natural beauty?

The Manicure French at Dream Nails enhances one's natural beauty by providing a clean, polished, and chic look to the nails. Its understated elegance does not overshadow, but rather complements and enhances your natural beauty.

What kind of aesthetic does the Manicure French exhibit?

The French Manicure exudes a timeless aesthetic. It embodies sophistication and class and is appreciated globally for its consistent popularity and ability to never go out of style.

Can the French Manicure match every outfit?

Absolutely. Another remarkable benefit of the French Manicure is its capability to match all outfits. Its understated elegance and simplicity make it a perfect addition to any attire, regardless of colour or style.

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