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How resilient is the Full Set Ombré design?

Acrylic extensions are known for their durability and longevity. Also, our high-gloss topcoat ensures your Full Set Ombré withstands daily rigours while maintaining its shine.

Can I wear different outfits without clashing colours?

Just so, the dynamic design of Full Set Ombré lets you enjoy the freedom of wearing different colours without worrying about clashing with your outfit.

What should I expect after the Full Set Ombré treatment?

Expect beautifully crafted nails reflecting your style. The alluring ombré effect showcases the uniqueness of each customer. You'll leave with an elevated sense of style and confidence.

How is the Full Set Ombré design created?

Once the acrylics have hardened, our nail artists initiate the Ombré nail design, carefully blending to create a seamless transition from one colour to another.

What's the purpose of the base coat in the Full Set Ombré service?

The base coat is applied to ensure a smooth canvas for the subsequent application of acrylic extensions. It helps in achieving a flawless look.

Why should I choose the Full Set Ombré design?

The Full Set Ombré design is unique, stylish and versatile. It delivers an alluring effect, complements any attire and withstands daily activities while keeping you trendy and confident.

What is the Full Set on Toes Acrylic treatment?

The Full Set on Toes Acrylic treatment at Dream Nails is a meticulous service that involves the application of acrylic extensions on your toenails. The process involves initial cleaning, filing, shaping, and then the application of the acrylic mixture. Each toe is served individually for a perfect fit and finish.

How durable are the acrylic extensions in the Full Set treatment?

Acrylic extensions are known for their exceptional durability. They are much more resistant to knocks or chips compared to other false nails. They provide a sturdy, long-lasting solution for anyone looking for glamorous yet resilient nails.

Can acrylic extensions on toes be painted any colour?

Absolutely! Once the acrylic extensions are set and dried, they can be painted with any colour or design of your choice. This allows you to customise and flaunt your stylish toe nails!

Apart from aesthetics, what are other benefits of the Full Set on Toes Acrylic treatment?

In addition to augmenting the aesthetic appeal of your feet, acrylics also act as a protective layer for your natural nails underneath. This bonus-sided benefit allows for a healthier nail growth beneath the sturdy acrylics.

What is the acrylic mixture made of?

The acrylic mixture used at Dream Nails is a fusion of liquid monomer and a powder polymer. This forms a hard layer when exposed to air that serves as the extension for your toe nails.

Can I have a Full Set on Toes Acrylic treatment if my nails are brittle?

Yes, absolutely! In fact, having acrylic extensions can help protect your natural brittle nails, as they act as a shield, preventing further breakage and allowing your natural nails to grow out stronger.

Is the Full Set on Toes Acrylic treatment painful?

No, the Full Set on Toes Acrylic treatment is not painful. At Dream Nails, our professionals ensure that each step, from preparation to final application, is conducted with utmost care with your comfort as a priority.

Does the Full Set on Toes Acrylic treatment follow any specific hygiene standards?

At Dream Nails, hygiene is paramount. Each procedure, including the Full Set on Toes Acrylic treatment, involves a thorough initial foot cleansing to ensure a clean and safe service.

Can the acrylic extensions be removed?

Yes, the acrylic extensions can be professionally removed. However, it is highly recommended to always have this done at the nail salon to ensure the health of your natural nails underneath.

What care should I take post the Full Set on Toes Acrylic treatment?

Post treatment, avoid exposing your toes to excessive moisture. Ensure to wear comfortable footwear that does not cause pressure on your nails. Additionally, regular touch-ups at Dream Nails will help maintain the aesthetic and structural integrity of your acrylic extensions.

What is the Full Set with Gel Polish treatment at Dream Nails?

Our Full Set with Gel Polish treatment is a comprehensive manicure service. It involves shaping your nails, applying acrylic extensions, and coating them in long-lasting, chip-resistant gel polish for a truly transformative and durable finish.

How does the gel polish in this treatment differ from regular nail polish?

Gel polish boasts superior durability and a glossy sheen that regular nail polishes can't match. It's renowned for its long-lasting, chip-resistant characteristics, ensuring your manicure stays immaculate for weeks.

Does the Full Set with Gel Polish treatment allow my natural nails to grow?

Yes, while your nails are adorned with our stunning acrylic extensions and gel polish, your natural nails continue to grow underneath. This means your original nails remain undamaged and healthy.

How are the acrylic extensions applied in this treatment?

The acrylic extensions are carefully and skillfully applied by our nail experts. They are sculpted to give your nails a longer, more glamorous appearance, carefully shaped, buffed, and smoothed for maximum polish adhesion.

Can I choose the colour for my Full Set with Gel Polish?

Absolutely! Our gel polish comes in numerous colours. You'll have the freedom to select the perfect shade that matches your outfit, mood, or personal style for your manicure.

Will the Full Set with Gel Polish treatment make my nails strong?

Yes, the combined power of our high-quality acrylic extensions and gel polish not only deliver glamourous aesthetics but also infuse your nails with extended strength, reducing the risk of breakage or damage.

Does the Full Set with Gel Polish treatment include nail shaping?

Indeed, the treatment begins with our experts meticulously shaping your nails to ensure they are prepped and ready for the acrylic extensions.

Is the Full Set with Gel Polish suitable for short nails?

Yes, this treatment is ideal for those with short nails who desire a longer, more defined look. Our acrylic extensions provide the desired length and the gel polish adds that extra gloss and durability.

Is the gel polish used in your salon safe?

Absolutely. At Dream Nails, we use only the safest and highest quality products. Our gel polish is safe, durable and provides a stunning, glass-like finish.

How do I maintain the results of the Full Set with Gel Polish?

Your nails should stay in great condition for several weeks following the treatment. However, to maintain the look and health of your nails, we recommend regular visits to Dream Nails for professional upkeep and treatments.

What is Infills Acrylic treatment?

Infills Acrylic is a treatment aimed at maintaining and prolonging the life of your acrylic extensions. It includes removal of the grown-out part of the acrylic nails, reapplying fresh acrylic to the grow-out areas, and re-polishing to ensure a seamless finish.

Why should I get Infills Acrylic treatment?

Infills Acrylic treatment is beneficial if you wish to seamlessly maintain your acrylic extensions. It helps to keep your nails looking pristine, strengthens your extensions using additional acrylic and removes the noticeable grow-out line that can appear after a couple of weeks.

Can I choose a different colour during the Infills Acrylic treatment?

Absolutely! At Dream Nails, we tailor our treatments to client preferences. You can choose to keep the same colour, or experiment with new shades during your Infills Acrylic treatment.

Is the Infills Acrylic treatment safe?

At Dream Nails, safety is our priority. Our highly skilled nail technicians execute the filing and acrylic application processes with utmost precision, ensuring your comfort and safety throughout the treatment.

Does the Infills Acrylic treatment strengthen my existing extensions?

Indeed! The addition of fresh acrylic to the grow-out areas reinforces your nails, making them more resistant to chips and breaks. Our Infills Acrylic treatment not only maintains, but also improves the integrity of your existing extensions.

How is the outer layer of my acrylic nail removed during the Infills Acrylic treatment?

Our technicians use a handheld electric file to carefully buff away the grown-out area of your acrylic nail and any residual polish. This process ensures complete cleanliness and preparation of your nail bed for the fresh acrylic application.

Will the Infills Acrylic treatment affect the look of my extensions?

Infills Acrylic treatment aims to restore your extensions to their original, flawless look. It specifically targets the grown-out area to reinforce the strength and reintroduce the vibrant shine and smooth finish to your acrylic nails.

What should I expect after the Infills Acrylic treatment?

After the treatment, your nails will look as good as new, without any noticeable growth lines. Moreover, your nails will also be strengthened and more resistant to chips and breaks, allowing you to flaunt your acrylic extensions with confidence.

Can I use Infills Acrylic treatment to change the style of my extensions?

The primary purpose of Infills Acrylic treatment is to maintain and reinforce your existing extensions. However, during the treatment, we can certainly accommodate colour changes and minor alterations to your current nail style.

Can I book an Infills Acrylic treatment if my acrylic extensions were not initially done at Dream Nails?

Certainly! We welcome any clients with acrylic extensions, irrespective of where they were originally applied. Our Infills Acrylic treatment is suitable for all acrylic extensions and we're more than happy to assist in their maintenance.

What is Infills Acrylic French treatment?

Infills Acrylic French treatment is a maintenance service we offer at Dream Nails to keep your acrylic extensions looking fresh and seamless. The treatment involves filling the gap that appears between the cuticle and the extension as your nails grow out, blending it with the existing extension.

Why do I need an Infills Acrylic French treatment?

As your natural nails grow, a gap forms between the enhancement and your cuticle. This gap needs to be filled to maintain the look and durability of your acrylic extensions. Our Infills Acrylic French treatment will ensure your extensions remain glossy and chic.

How do you apply the Infills Acrylic French treatment at Dream Nails?

Our expert technicians start by gently filing down the top layer of your acrylic extension. They then prepare the nail bed and apply an acrylic mixture to the regrowth area, blending it in seamlessly with the existing extension.

Can the Infills Acrylic French treatment damage my natural nails?

At Dream Nails, we put your nail health first. The techniques we use and the products we apply are designed to prevent any damage to your natural nails. Your enhancements will look great, and your natural nails will stay healthy.

What result can I expect after the Infills Acrylic French treatment?

After the Infills Acrylic French treatment, your acrylic extensions will look as if they've just been done. The treatment also strengthens your extensions and extends their longevity, ensuring that they keep their gloss and style for longer.

Can Infills Acrylic French treatment stop my extensions from lifting or breaking?

Yes. Our Infills Acrylic French treatment blends perfectly with your existing extensions to prevent any lifting or breaking, so your extensions maintain their elegance and resilience without interruption.

How often do I need the Infills Acrylic French treatment?

The frequency of the Infills Acrylic French treatment depends on the growth of your natural nails. However, most of our clients require infills every 2-3 weeks for optimal maintenance of their acrylic extensions.

Will the Infills Acrylic French treatment change the look of my acrylic extensions?

Our Infills Acrylic French treatment is intended to refresh your existing extensions, not alter their appearance. Once the infills are complete, your extensions will look just as they were when you first had them applied.

I've noticed a gap between my cuticle and the extension, is this normal?

Absolutely, this is a common part of natural nail growth. This gap is what we aim to fill with our Infills Acrylic French treatment, to maintain the seamless look of your acrylic extensions.

Do I need to do anything to prepare for the Infills Acrylic French treatment?

There is no specific preparation needed on your part. Simply book your appointment and our highly experienced technicians will handle the rest, ensuring your acrylic extensions remain vibrant and stylish.

What does the Infills Ombré treatment involve?

Our Infills Ombré treatment starts with a detailed assessment of your current acrylic extensions. Our skilled technicians then fill the growth area with a premium quality acrylic mixture. After infilling, we artfully blend two or more compatible colours to achieve a fashionable Ombré effect.

How does Infills Ombré protect my nails?

The high-quality acrylic infusion used during the infilling process provides an additional layer of strength to your nails. This not only prevents breakages but promotes healthy growth and ensures lasting wear of your extensions.

Can the Ombré effect be customised to my liking?

Absolutely, our technicians can tailor the Ombré effect to suit your preference. Whether you desire a dramatic contrast in shades or prefer a subtle transition between hues, we cater to all your requests.

What benefits does Infills Ombré offer?

Besides maintaining the allure of your extensions, Infills Ombré enhances their strength, promotes nail growth, ensures long-wear, and provides a trendy look with its fashionable Ombré effect.

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