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Does applying SNS damage my natural nails?

Absolutely not! Here at Dream Nails, we ensure that the application process of SNS is gentle to your nails. In fact, SNS contains vitamins and calcium which help to nourish your nails, promoting a healthier and stronger growth.

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How durable is SNS compared to other products?

SNS is known for its durability. Its unique composition allows it to withstand daily wear and tear better than traditional nail polish. Typically, an SNS treatment can last up to 3 weeks without chipping or peeling.

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Do you offer an array of colour options with SNS?

Yes, we do! SNS comes in a wide spectrum of stunning colours – from subtle pastels to vibrant hues, there's a perfect choice for everyone at Dream Nails.

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Does SNS take a long time to dry after treatment?

Not at all. One of the many benefits of SNS is its shorter drying period compared to traditional nail polishes. With SNS, there's no need to worry about smudging or ruining your manicure whilst you wait.

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Is SNS suitable for all nail types?

Yes, SNS is suitable for all nail types. Whether you have fragile or strong nails, SNS can be an excellent choice. However, we encourage customers to consult with one of our nail technicians to determine the best treatment for their nails.

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Is the SNS removal process harmful to my nails?

No, not when done correctly. At Dream Nails, we use a safe and gentle process to remove SNS, ensuring that your natural nails remain unhurt.

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Can I get SNS if I have a nail infection?

Sadly, we can't apply SNS if you have an active nail infection. It's essential to let your nails heal first before any treatment. We prioritise your nail health above everything.

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How often should I get an SNS treatment?

SNS typically lasts for 2-3 weeks. So, we recommend our customers to come back for a 'maintenance’ visit every 2-3 weeks for a fresh look and to ensure optimal nail health.

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Can I have a nail extension with SNS?

Absolutely! SNS is versatile and can be used with extensions as well. Our skilled technicians at Dream Nails can create a natural-looking length using SNS.

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How long does a Shellac manicure last?

At Dream Nails, a Shellac manicure typically lasts for two weeks. That said, proper nail care can extend this duration.

Does the Shellac treatment damage the nails?

No, Shellac treatment does not damage your nails. However, improper removal can lead to damage, so we recommend getting it professionally removed at Dream Nails.

What is the process of a Shellac treatment?

A Shellac treatment at Dream Nails involves nail preparation, application of a base, colour, and top coat of Shellac, and curing under a UV lamp.

Are there any side effects to Shellac nail treatments?

Shellac treatments are generally safe. However, prolonged exposure to UV light could potentially cause skin damage. At Dream Nails, we ensure that your hands are exposed to UV light for minimal time.

How long does it take to apply Shellac?

At Dream Nails, the application of a Shellac treatment takes approximately 45 minutes to one hour. This includes preparation, application, and curing time.

Can I get Shellac if I have weak or brittle nails?

Yes, Shellac can be applied on weak or brittle nails. It acts as a protective layer and potentially helps your nails to grow stronger.

Is Shellac suitable for people with nail infections?

If you have any nail or skin infections, we recommend you to wait until it completely heals before getting a Shellac treatment at Dream Nails.

Can I choose any colour with Shellac treatment?

Definitely! At Dream Nails, we offer a wide range of Shellac colours. You can choose from classic tones to the trending shades.

Is there anything specific I should do post Shellac treatment at Dream Nails?

Post Shellac treatment, avoid any heavy-duty hand activities for the first 24 hours to allow the Shellac to fully set. Then, regular maintenance of your manicure can keep it in top condition.

How do I remove Shellac?

At Dream Nails, we strongly advise against peeling or scraping off the Shellac as it can damage your nails. Please book a professional removal with us for the best care of your nails.

What is Cirepil used for at Dream Nails?

Cirepil is used for providing high-quality, painless waxing treatments. It's exceptional for removing stubborn hair while being gentle on your skin.

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Does using Cirepil hurt?

One of the main advantages of Cirepil is that it offers a significantly comfortable waxing experience compared to traditional waxing methods. However, individual reactions may vary.

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How long do the Cirepil wax services at Dream Nails take?

The duration of the service can vary depending on the area to be waxed. Generally, it can take between 15 to 45 minutes.

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If I have sensitive skin, can I still have a Cirepil wax treatment?

Yes, you can. Cirepil is made with hypoallergenic ingredients, making it suitable even for those with sensitive skin.

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How frequently can I get Cirepil wax treatments at Dream Nails?

This will largely depend on your individual hair growth. We typically recommend a standard 4-6 weeks between treatments.

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Does Cirepil have any specific aftercare requirements?

Using an after-wax lotion can help soothe the skin, and we recommend avoiding excessive heat exposure immediately after waxing. We'll provide aftercare advice post-treatment.

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Is Cirepil vegan and cruelty-free?

Yes, all Cirepil products used at Dream Nails are vegan-friendly and have not been tested on animals.

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Why does Dream Nails choose to use Cirepil over other wax products?

We value your comfort and skin health above all at Dream Nails. Cirepil provides a high-quality, less painful waxing experience, making it our choice for the best client comfort.

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How long does the Bio Sculpture treatment take?

Typically, a full set of Bio Sculpture nails takes around 1.5 hours, but duration may vary depending on the complexity of the design.

What is the longevity of the Bio Sculpture product?

Bio Sculpture usually lasts about three weeks without chipping or peeling, but maintenance habits affect longevity.

Does Bio Sculpture treatment strengthen my nails?

Yes, Bio Sculpture has been developed to protect, strengthen, and enhance natural nails.

Can Bio Sculpture be removed at home?

We recommend removal by a trained professional to prevent damage. However, home removal kits are also available.

Are there any side effects of using Bio Sculpture?

Bio Sculpture is dermatologically tested and is not associated with any significant side effects. However, personal allergies should be considered.

How does Bio Sculpture cater to different nail shapes and lengths?

Bio Sculpture can be applied as an overlay on natural nails or sculpted to add length, catering to different preferences.

Can Bio Sculpture be used on bitten nails?

Yes, Bio Sculpture can still be applied and will often help improve the condition of bitten nails.

Are there a variety of designs available with Bio Sculpture?

Absolutely, Bio Sculpture offers over 180 colour and clear gel varieties, so we can create custom designs.

Is Bio Sculpture a vegan-friendly product?

Yes, Bio Sculpture is 100% vegan as well as cruelty-free, making it an ethical choice for nail care.

What are Acrylic Extensions?

Acrylic Extensions are a nail enhancement technique that involves applying a mixture of liquid (monomer) and powder (polymer) to your natural nails. This mixture hardens, creating a protective layer over your own nails, and is then shaped and polished as desired.

How long does the Acrylic Extensions process take at Dream Nails?

The entire process of applying Acrylic Extensions at Dream Nails usually takes about 1.5 to 2 hours. It depends on the complexity of the design and the individual needs of your nails. Our professionals take their time to ensure a top-quality result.

Are Acrylic Extensions harmful to my natural nails?

When applied and removed correctly by our trained technicians at Dream Nails, Acrylic Extensions should not damage your natural nails. We also provide advice on aftercare to help maintain the health of your nails.

How often should I have Acrylic Extensions maintenance?

We recommend having maintenance or infills for your Acrylic Extensions every 2-3 weeks. This helps to keep them looking fresh and prevents lifting or damage.

Can I choose different shapes and designs for my Acrylic Extensions?

Absolutely, at Dream Nails, we offer a variety of shapes and designs for your Acrylic Extensions – from classic square or oval shapes to trendy coffin or stiletto designs. You can also choose from our various nail art options.

Is there any aftercare advice for Acrylic Extensions?

Yes, protecting your nails from harsh chemicals, using a nail strengthener, and moisturising your hands regularly can extend the life of your Acrylic Extensions. We'll provide a full aftercare guide during your appointment.

Can I remove Acrylic Extensions at home?

While it's possible to remove Acrylic Extensions at home, we highly recommend having them professionally removed at Dream Nails to avoid damaging your natural nails.

Do Acrylic Extensions feel different to my natural nails?

Acrylic Extensions might feel slightly heavier than your natural nails initially. However, most clients get used to this quickly and find them to be comfortable and natural-feeling.

Do I need a break between Acrylic Extensions applications?

It's generally good practice to give your nails a break between applications but it's not compulsory. If maintained correctly, you can wear Acrylic Extensions continuously with occasional professional maintenance.

Can pregnant women have Acrylic Extensions?

Generally, it's safe for pregnant women to have Acrylic Extensions. However, due to hormonal changes during pregnancy, some women may experience changes in their nail growth or sensitivity. We suggest discussing it with your doctor before proceeding.

What is an Aprés Nails treatment?

An Aprés Nails treatment is a unique nail extension method that uses soft gel tips to provide a durable, lightweight and natural looking finish.

How long does an Aprés Nails treatment last?

On average, an Aprés Nails treatment lasts between 3-4 weeks depending on individual nail growth and care.

Is the Aprés Nails treatment damaging to the natural nails?

No, the Aprés Nails treatment is considered to be less damaging to the natural nails compared to other extension methods due to the gentle gel formula.

Can I choose a design with my Aprés Nails treatment?

Absolutely, we offer a range of designs and colours for you to choose from as part of your Aprés Nails treatment.

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