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What sort of look can I achieve with BIAB Gel Infills?

With our diverse range of gel colours, you can achieve any look you prefer, from natural glossiness to bold, intense shades. The BIAB Gel Infill treatment leaves your nails looking polished, sophisticated, and absolutely stylish.

How long does the BIAB Gel Infills effect last?

The result of a BIAB Gel Infills treatment can last up to three weeks. During this time, your nails will retain their glossy, polished appearance, and are chip-resistant.

Does the BIAB Gel Infills treatment aid with nail breakages?

Yes, the gel base used in our BIAB Gel Infills treatment is designed to fortify your nails, reducing the risk of breakage or damage and promoting healthier, stronger nail growth.

Can I change the gel colour after getting a BIAB Gel Infills treatment?

Absolutely, after the BIAB Gel Infills treatment, you can return for a colour change. We'll carefully remove the existing gel and smoothly apply your chosen new colour.

Is BIAB Gel Infills treatment suitable for all nail types?

Indeed, the BIAB Gel Infills treatment is a versatile option that works well with all nail types and lengths, assuming proper nail health.

Will the BIAB Gel Infills treatment interfere with day-to-day activities?

Not at all. In fact, this treatment is perfect for those with a busy, hands-on lifestyle, offering durable, chip-resistant nails.

What is the Soak Off and BIAB Gel treatment?

Our Soak Off and BIAB Gel treatment involves a two-step process. First, we gently buff and soak off your old gel polish. Next, we apply BIAB (Builder in a Bottle) gel, which plays the dual role of a polish and strengthener, protecting your nails from damage, while giving them a vibrant shine.

What does BIAB stand for in the treatment?

BIAB stands for Builder In A Bottle. This is a specially formulated gel that acts as a protective barrier, strengthens the nails, and also serves as a long-lasting polish.

Are there any risks involved with the Soak Off procedure?

Our Soak Off procedure is designed to be safe and non-destructive. We use a special solution to soften and lift the old gel polish without damaging the natural nail underneath. That being said, sensitivity can vary, and we always recommend discussing any concerns with your nail technician before your treatment.

What are the benefits of the BIAB Gel in your treatment?

BIAB Gel is a game-changer in the nail industry. It provides a protective layer, minimising the risk of breakage or nail damage. It also works as a vibrant, long-lasting polish. The result is stronger, healthier, and more beautiful nails.

How does the BIAB Gel differ from typical nail polish?

Unlike regular nail polish, BIAB Gel doesn't just add color to your nails. It works as a strengthener and a protective barrier, ensuring your nails retain their health and integrity. Furthermore, it comes in a convenient bottle, making the application process easier and more effective.

Can I choose any colour with the Soak Off and BIAB Gel treatment?

Absolutely! Your imagination is your only limit when it comes to colour selection. We have a diverse palette of stunning shades to match your mood, personal style, or outfit.

Can the Soak Off and BIAB Gel treatment be used on bitten or damaged nails?

Yes, our treatment can be safely used on bitten or damaged nails. The BIAB gel acts as a protective barrier, strengthening nails, and promoting growth. We always recommend discussing your nail condition with our nail technicians for the best advice.

Does the Soak Off and BIAB Gel treatment help with nail growth?

Yes, it does. The BIAB Gel acts as a protective barrier, which shields your own nails from damage and promotes healthier growth. This makes it an excellent choice for anyone looking to grow their natural nails.

Is the Soak Off and BIAB Gel treatment suitable for all types of nails?

Yes, our Soak Off and BIAB Gel treatment is suitable for all nail types and conditions. It's particularly beneficial for weak or brittle nails that need added strength and protection.

Will the BIAB Gel damage my natural nails?

Not at all, the BIAB Gel is designed to protect and strengthen your natural nails. Our soak-off procedure ensures the old polish is removed gently, leaving your natural nails intact and undamaged. As a result, your nails can keep their health and integrity.

What is Brow Lamination?

Brow Lamination is a modern treatment designed to enhance the fullness and shape of your eyebrows. It involves a series of steps including a consultation, brow brushing, and application of a lamination solution and nourishing oil. As a result, you get well-structured, fuller and glossier eyebrows that stay well-groomed for up to eight weeks.

Who can benefit from Brow Lamination?

Brow Lamination is ideal for anyone desiring fuller and well-defined eyebrows. Particularly, it is beneficial for those having unruly, flat, downward growing, sparse, thin, or misshapen brows. By promoting an orderly alignment, it enhances your natural beauty.

Is the Brow Lamination procedure painful?

No, Brow Lamination at Dream Nails Salon is a completely painless procedure. A gentle cream is used to make your eyebrows more flexible and manageable, thus ensuring a comfortable experience without any discomfort.

What is the purpose of the consultation prior to the Brow Lamination process?

The consultation before the Brow Lamination process is meant to thoroughly evaluate your preferences, eyebrow shape, and the look you desire. This step ensures the treatment is customised to meet your specific needs and aesthetic goals effectively.

What are the steps involved in the Brow Lamination procedure?

The Brow Lamination procedure at Dream Nails Salon involves a consultation, application of a gentle cream to adjust your brows, brushing the brows into the desired placement, applying a lamination solution to set them in place, and finally applying a nourishing oil to strengthen the hair.

Does Brow Lamination provide an artificial look?

No, Brow Lamination promotes a natural-looking enhancement to your eyebrows. The treatment simply enhances and organises your natural brows, offering them a consistent, uniform shape that flatters your face and frames your eyes.

When can I expect to see Brow Lamination results?

The results of Brow Lamination are immediate. Following the treatment, you will notice well-structured, fuller, and glossier brows that provide a defined frame for your face.

How long do the results of Brow Lamination last?

The enhanced look from Brow Lamination treatment lasts up to eight weeks. This means you'll enjoy well-groomed, high definition eyebrows for an extended period without any fuss.

Is the Brow Lamination procedure safe?

Yes, Brow Lamination at Dream Nails Salon is entirely safe. We follow rigorous standards for health, safety, and hygiene and use gentle and high-quality products to ensure a positive and risk-free experience for our clients.

Is Brow Lamination suitable for all eyebrow types?

Yes, Brow Lamination can be performed on all types of eyebrows and it is particularly beneficial for unruly, flat, downward growing, sparse, thin or misshapen brows. This treatment provides wonderful benefits no matter the current state of your natural brows.

What is involved in the process of eyebrow tinting at Dream Nails?

Our process includes a thorough cleanse of your brow area followed by the precise application of the tint. The tint is left on your eyebrows for a few minutes to achieve the desired shade. We also conduct a safety patch test 24 hours prior to your first appointment.

What result can I expect from an eyebrow tint?

Eyebrow tinting creates a depth and fullness to your brows, enhancing your facial contours and making your eyes stand out more. It gives you a well-groomed and polished look. The results are long-lasting, typically maintaining their color for four to six weeks.

What safety precautions does Dream Nails take during eyebrow tinting?

We make safety our priority. The tints we use are of the highest quality and gentle on your skin. We also conduct a patch test 24 hours prior to your first eyebrow tint to ensure there are no adverse reactions.

How does eyebrow tinting enhance my facial contours?

Eyebrow tinting creates a depth and fullness to your brows which can accentuate your facial features. It provides a natural frame for your eyes, enhancing your overall appearance.

How long does the color from eyebrow tinting last?

Eyebrow tinting results are typically long-lasting. The color can maintain its vibrancy for around four to six weeks.

How do I maintain the results of my eyebrow tint?

Your eyebrow tint is relatively low-maintenance, with the color lasting for up to six weeks. We recommend refraining from using harsh facial products on your brows to prolong the color.

I have very light brows. Will eyebrow tinting work for me?

Absolutely. Our range of tints can cater to all ranging from natural enhancement to bolder solutions, even if you have very light brows. Additionally, we provide a range of shades to match your desired look.

Is there any preparation I need to do before an eyebrow tint treatment?

We advise you to come in for a patch test 24 hours prior to your first eyebrow tinting session. This is to ensure your skin doesn’t react adversely to the tint.

Is eyebrow tinting painful?

No, it's not. The tint is applied and left on your brows for a few minutes to set. There should be minimal to no discomfort during this process.

Can I choose the shade for my eyebrow tint?

Absolutely, you can choose from our extensive range of tints to match your desired shade. Our expert therapists are also on hand to offer advice on what shades could complement your unique features.

What is the purpose of the skin patch test prior to the Eyelash Tint treatment?

The skin patch test is conducted to ensure you do not have any allergic reactions to the tint used in the treatment. This is mainly for your safety and comfort during the procedure.

What preparation is necessary prior to the Eyelash Tint treatment?

At Dream Nails, our beautician will discuss your desired results and colour preferences. Besides this, no special preparation is required except for the patch test conducted 24 hours prior.

How is the safety of my eyes ensured during the treatment?

At Dream Nails, we prioritise client safety. Our beautician carefully applies a protective cream around your eyes during the procedure to prevent staining and any potential harm to your eyes.

How long does the effect of an Eyelash Tint treatment usually last?

The effect of an Eyelash Tint treatment typically lasts for four to six weeks. However, this can vary depending on individual factors such as eyelash growth.

Will the Eyelash Tint make my lashes look fuller?

The Eyelash Tint darkens your lashes to give them a more pronounced and defined appearance, although it may not necessarily make them appear fuller.

Who would benefit most from the Eyelash Tint treatment?

Whilst anyone can opt for the treatment, it specifically benefits those with light-coloured lashes, individuals with active lifestyles, people who are about to go on vacation, or those with makeup sensitivity.

Are there multiple colour options available for the Eyelash Tint?

Yes, at Dream Nails, we offer a range of colour options for our Eyelash Tint treatment. These options would be discussed with you during the pre-treatment procedure by our beautician.

Can I still use mascara after having an Eyelash Tint treatment?

Yes, you can still use mascara post-treatment. But the beauty of an Eyelash Tint is that it eliminates the daily need for mascara, by giving your lashes a naturally darker and more defined look.

Is the Eyelash Tint treatment suitable for all skin types?

Yes, the treatment is suitable for all skin types. However, we always perform a patch test before the procedure to ensure there are no allergic reactions to the tint.

Will the Eyelash Tint procedure damage my natural eyelashes?

No, the Eyelash Tint process at Dream Nails is completely safe and won't damage your natural lashes. Our trained professionals ensure careful application of all products during the procedure.

What is the main purpose of a lash lift and tint?

A lash lift and tint at Dream Nails aims to enhance your natural beauty by lifting and darkening your natural lashes, creating a youthful, wide-eyed look.

Do I need to remove my makeup before the treatment?

Yes, your lashes should be clean before the process. We will ensure any remaining makeup residue is fully removed before the treatment starts.

Will the lash lift and tint look natural?

Yes, our treatment captures your natural beauty by lifting your natural lashes and tinting them a lovely shade of black that complements your complexion.

Can I wear mascara after the lash lift and tint?

Certainly, but one of the benefits of our treatment is that it gives your lashes a mascara-like effect, negating the need for daily application of makeup.

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