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Can I choose any colour with UV Gel treatment?

Absolutely, we offer a wide range of colours and finishes for our UV Gel treatments. You can choose from classic, glitter, neon or any other colour from our selection.

Is there anything I should avoid after getting a UV Gel treatment?

We recommend avoiding excessive exposure to water and harsh chemicals for the first 24 hours to allow the gel to fully cure and provide maximum durability.

How do I remove UV Gel polish at home?

We would advise getting your UV Gel polish professionally removed in our salon to prevent any potential damage to your nails. However, if required, we can provide advice for safe removal at home.

Am I allowed to cut my nails after UV Gel has been applied?

Yes, you may cut or file your nails. However, doing so may compromise the longevity and appearance of your UV Gel treatment.

Can I have a UV Gel treatment if my nails are short or bitten?

Yes, UV Gel can still be applied to short or bitten nails. In fact, UV Gel might help protect your nails and encourage them to grow.

If I have a nail infection or damaged nails, can I still get a UV Gel treatment?

We would recommend waiting until your nails are fully healed before having a UV Gel treatment. If you are unsure, please consult with one of our nail technicians for advice.

Is the waxing process painful?

Waxing can cause some discomfort, but our trained therapists at Dream Nails aim to minimise the discomfort by using proper techniques and soothing skin products.

How long does the hair need to be for waxing?

The hair should be at least 1/4 inch long, which typically means no shaving for around two weeks prior to your waxing appointment.

Can I go for waxing if I have sensitive skin?

Yes, you can. At Dream Nails, we have specific waxing products for sensitive skin. However, we recommend a patch test 24 hours prior to your appointment.

How often should I get waxing done?

Typically, we recommend our clients to come back every 3-6 weeks. The exact frequency would depend on your individual hair growth speed.

Can I exercise after getting waxed?

To allow your skin to recover, we recommend waiting at least 24 hours before engaging in any strenuous exercise after your waxing treatment.

Can I get a waxing treatment during my period?

Yes, you can still have waxing done during your menstrual cycle. However, you might be more sensitive to pain during this time. It's all about what makes you comfortable.

Do I need to exfoliate before waxing?

Yes, exfoliating 24-48 hours before your waxing appointment can help to remove dead skin cells and lift shorter hairs, allowing for a more effective waxing service.

What aftercare is recommended post-waxing?

Avoid hot baths, saunas, sun beds and direct sunlight for 24 hours after waxing. Use an antiseptic cream to soothe the skin and avoid wearing tight clothing on waxed areas.

Are there any reasons I would not be allowed to get waxed?

Certain conditions like varicose veins, diabetes, and skin conditions like eczema or psoriasis can cause complications with waxing. If any of these conditions apply, please consult with us beforehand.

Is male waxing treatment painful?

While some discomfort is normal during waxing, we strive to make the process as comfortable as possible. Using high-quality waxes and professional techniques can help minimise any discomfort.

Is it normal to have redness after waxing?

Yes, redness and slight irritation are normal after waxing. But they should subside within a few hours. If they persist or worsen, please seek medical advice.

How long does the male waxing treatment take?

The duration of the waxing session varies depending on the area being waxed. Typically, a small area takes 20-30 minutes, whilst larger areas can take up to an hour.

How often should I get waxed?

We generally recommend a waxing interval of 4-6 weeks. However, everyone's hair growth is different, so we can tailor your next appointment to your individual needs.

What is the aftercare for male waxing treatment?

After a waxing treatment, avoid hot showers, saunas and exercise for 24 hours. Keep the area clean and dry, and gently exfoliate after a few days to prevent in-grown hairs.

When can I start to exfoliate after male waxing?

Wait at least 48 hours after your waxing session before beginning gentle exfoliation. This process can help prevent ingrown hairs as the new hairs start to grow.

Do I need to trim the hair before waxing?

No, it's not necessary to trim before your appointment. We prefer to do it ourselves if needed to ensure the hair is at the most suitable length for effective waxing.

What should I wear for a male waxing treatment?

We advise wearing loose, comfortable clothing to your appointment to allow your skin to breathe post-procedure. Avoid wearing tight clothing to minimise irritation on the waxed area.

Can I get a wax if I have sensitive skin?

Waxing can be performed on all skin types, but if you have extremely sensitive skin or any skin condition, we recommend you to consult a dermatologist before any waxing procedure.

What makes Full Set Acrylic nails more durable and practical for daily wear?

Full Set Acrylic nails are made using a high-quality acrylic that is meticulously shaped and hardened under a UV light. This unique process ensures the extensions are strong, long-lasting, and beautifully natural-looking. The acrylic material is also more durable compared to other nail extension options, which makes it perfectly suitable for daily activities such as typing, gardening, or opening canned goods. This balance of durability, versatility and style makes a Full Set Acrylic treatment an excellent choice for an everyday look.

How long does the Full Set French treatment last and how should I care for my nails afterwards?

Our Full Set French treatment produces highly durable acrylic extensions and if properly cared for, could last several weeks. You should avoid exposing your nails to harsh chemicals and use a non-acetone nail polish remover if needed. We also recommend using our special Dream Nails cuticle oil regularly to keep your nails and cuticles moisturised.

What is involved in the Full Set Ombré treatment at Dream Nails and how durable is it?

Our Full Set Ombré treatment begins with a thorough nail preparation followed by the application of acrylic extensions, sculpted to match your natural hand and finger shape. A gradient Ombré design is painted onto the hardened acrylics, blending your chosen colours seamlessly. The treatment is completed with a high-gloss topcoat for long-lasting shine. This design is perfect for everyday life due to its durability and ability to complement any style or colour scheme.

Can I apply a custom design or colour to my Full Set Acrylics at Dream Nails?

Absolutely, at Dream Nails we don’t just offer you the Full Set Acrylic treatment, but also the option to further glam up your new set with custom designs and colours to reflect your personal style.

Are Full Set Acrylic nails suitable for everyday tasks?

Yes, Full Set Acrylics offer a superior balance between elegance and durability. These false nails can withstand daily tasks such as gardening, typing or opening canned goods without any damage.

How does the Full Set Acrylic process look after my nail health?

We start the process with a thorough prep session to ensure your nails are clean and ready while also buffing to create an ideal surface for the acrylic which minimises damage to your real nails.

Do Full Set Acrylic treatments reflect the feel of natural nails?

Yes, the Full Set Acrylic nails mimic the natural feel of your real nails, so you won’t feel any significant difference, but you'll notice a superior appearance and longevity.

What materials are used in the Full Set Acrylic nail process at Dream Nails?

We use a well-selected acrylic which is painted on, shaped, and hardened using a special UV light process – ensuring that every extension is absolute perfection.

How is the shine on Full Set Acrylic nails achieved?

After the acrylic nail extensions are perfectly fitted, we take an extra step to buff and polish the nails. This process creates that attention-grabbing shine that lasts for weeks.

Do Full Set Acrylic nails have better longevity compared to other options?

Indeed, the Full Set Acrylic nails are designed to last longer than most other nail extension options. With good care, they can stay perfect for several weeks.

Is there any risk of damage during the Full Set Acrylic application process?

Our nail technicians at Dream Nails are highly trained and experienced. They gently buff your nail to create an ideal surface for acrylics, minimising any potential damage to your nails.

What is the special UV light process mentioned in the Full Set Acrylic treatment?

We use a special UV light which hardens the acrylic, this process makes the acrylic set perfectly on your nails, ensuring every acrylic extension is shaped to perfection.

What level of maintenance do Full Set Acrylic nails require?

Due to their durability, Full Set Acrylics require minimal maintenance. However, we always recommend you to keep your nails clean, and avoid harsh chemicals to maintain their longevity and shine.

What is the Full Set French treatment?

Our Full Set French treatment is a nail enhancement that involves the application of Acrylic Extensions to your natural nails. This includes a preparation of your nails, application of acrylic tips, and the painting of a thin layer of French tips, followed by placement under a UV lamp. The result is a set of long, elegant, and durable nails with perfectly white tips.

Are the materials used in the Full Set French Treatment safe?

Absolutely! We make use of high-quality, non-toxic acrylic material in the Full Set French treatment to ensure a safe and durable bonding.

How is the acrylic material applied onto my nails?

The acrylic material is precisely blended into your natural nails, creating a seamless transition. It's then followed by the meticulous painting of the iconic white French tips and then dried under a UV lamp.

How natural will the Full Set French Treatment look?

Our Full Set French treatment will leave your nails looking naturally beautiful and elegant. The acrylic extensions and French tips are flawlessly blended to provide a seamless transition from natural nail to extension.

Will the Full Set French Treatment affect my daily activities?

The Full Set French treatment results in durable nails that are able to withstand daily wear and tear. You can proceed with your usual activities with no problems.

Are the Full Set French extensions durable?

Yes indeed. The Full Set French acrylic extensions are highly durable and with proper care, will last for weeks.

Is the Full Set French Treatment suitable for special occasions?

Absolutely. The Full Set French acrylic extensions exude a clean, sophisticated look that's perfect for special occasions, as well as for those wanting a professional, polished appearance.

What outfits does the Full Set French complement?

The French tip design of our Full Set French treatment harmoniously complements any outfit and any colour palette, providing a versatile style complement.

What preparation goes into the Full Set French Treatment?

The treatment begins with a careful preparation of your nails by cleaning, buffing, and shaping them accordingly, before the skilled application of suitable acrylic tips.

What is the Full Set Ombré treatment exactly?

Our Full Set Ombré treatment includes thorough nail preparation, application of acrylic extensions, and an Ombré nail design. Ombré is a gradient effect that seamlessly transits from one colour to another. The treatment concludes with a high-gloss topcoat for a lasting shine.

Do the acrylics used look natural on my nails?

Absolutely. Our qualified nail artists meticulously sculpt the acrylics onto your nails, taking into account your hand and finger shape to ensure a natural yet chic appearance.

Can I choose the colours for my Ombré design?

Of course, you can personalize your design by selecting your desired colour transition. You may prefer a subtle transition or a bold contrast, the choice is completely yours.

Will the Ombré design match my everyday style?

Yes, the Full Set Ombré design is versatile and complements every style. Whether your preference is edgy or classic, this design is sure to boost your sense of fashion.

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