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Will there be any care taken for ingrown nails during this treatment?

Yes, this therapy includes meticulous toenail shaping, addressing any problems you might have, including ingrown nails.

Is this treatment suitable for people with sensitive skin?

Yes, the products we use are suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin. However, if you have particular concerns, please let us know so that we can take extra care.

What is the purpose of the foot massage during the pedicure?

The foot massage using nourishing creams during the pedicure is planned to relax you, improve blood circulation, and soften the skin of your feet, making them feel supple.

Does this treatment deal with cuticle care as well?

Absolutely! An integral part of our 'Pedicure with Gel Colour' service is a thorough cuticle care routine to ensure the health of your toenails.

What is the 'Pedicure with Gel Colour French' treatment?

This is a holistic pedicure treatment that pampers your feet which includes a foot soak, exfoliation, massage, moisturising, nail shaping, cuticle care and the application of long-lasting French gel polish. The result is soft, well-groomed feet with beautiful French nails that last up to three weeks.

What is the process of the pedicure treatment?

The treatment starts with a relaxing foot soak followed by exfoliation. After this, your feet will be massaged and moisturised using high-quality lotions. Once your feet are relaxed, we shape your nails and clean your cuticles. Finally, our nail technician applies a French style gel polish and cures it under UV/LED light.

What is a French gel polish?

A French gel polish is a classic and timeless style of nail art that utilises a pale pink or nude base topped with a white tip. It's perfect for both everyday wear and special occasions. Our skilled technician uses a UV/LED lamp to cure the polish securily in place, ensuring its durability.

Will the gel polish damage my nails?

Our gel polish is specifically designed with the health of your nails in mind. Proper application and removal methods are followed to ensure this. In fact, gel polishes provide a layer of protection to your natural nails, reducing the risk of breakage and promoting growth.

How long does the French gel polish last?

Our French Gel polish provides exceptional durability. With proper care, your pedicure will maintain its high gloss and chip-free perfection for up to three weeks.

Why choose 'Pedicure with Gel Colour French' at Dream Nails?

At Dream Nails, we believe in offering a holistic beauty treatment that combines self-care with high fashion. Our Pedicure with Gel Colour French not only enhances the appearance of your feet but also offers a complete pampering experience, leaving your feet feeling rejuvenated and relaxed.

In what ways does this treatment boost confidence?

Achieving beautifully groomed feet with a high-shine finish gives you the confidence to flaunt your feet in any footwear, be it athletic shoes, slippers or heels. It is more than a beauty routine – it’s a confidence booster

Can I choose a different colour other than French for the gel polish?

The Pedicure with Gel Colour French treatment traditionally uses a nude or pale pink base with a stark white tip. However, we offer a wide range of colours within our salon for you to choose from, to ensure your pedicure matches your personal style.

Is this treatment suitable for people with sensitive skin?

Absolutely, our products and procedures are designed to be gentle on skin. If you have sensitive skin or specific allergies though, it's best to discuss it with our skilled professionals to ensure a customised and comfortable experience.

Can I avail other treatments along with 'Pedicure with Gel Colour French'?

Certainly, we offer various treatments that you can avail along with our Pedicure with Gel Colour French. For a complete pampering session, you can combine this treatment with a manicure, facial, or one of our relaxation massages.

Are the technicians at Dream Nails trained for this specific treatment?

Yes, all our nail technicians at Dream Nails are highly trained and experienced to deliver our Pedicure with Gel Colour French treatment. You can trust us to conduct the treatment expertly, ensuring your comfort throughout the process.

What is the 'Pedicure with OPI Gel Colour' treatment?

The 'Pedicure with OPI Gel Colour' treatment is an extensive process that includes foot soaking, toenail shaping, rough areas smoothing, and cuticle treating. It also involves exfoliating the feet, carrying out a relaxing foot massage, and finishing off with an application of OPI's long-lasting gel colour of your choice.

What is the special feature of OPI gels?

OPI gels are renowned globally for their chip-resistant and durable characteristics. They offer a shinier finish and maintain their freshness for a prolonged period. OPI provides a myriad of stunning manicure-worthy gel colours to choose from.

What's included in the pedicure process?

Our pedicure process involves foot soaking, toenail shaping, smoothing rough areas, treating cuticles, feet exfoliating, and concluding with a serene foot massage. It doesn't only enhance the beauty of your nails but also improves the health of your feet.

What is the result of the 'Pedicure with OPI Gel Colour'?

The 'Pedicure with OPI Gel Colour' treatment results in sophisticated, salon-worthy pedicure that lasts for weeks, with dazzling toes and a shinier finish without any chipping or dulling.

What makes this pedicure treatment different from others?

Our 'Pedicure with OPI Gel Colour' treatment not only focusses on toenail grooming but also ensures softer and healthier feet. We use high-quality OPI gel colours for a chip-resistant and long-lasting finish, unlike traditional pedicures.

What's involved in the exfoliation stage?

The exfoliation stage involves using a scrub to detach dead skin cells from your feet, offering a smoother and fresher appearance. Regular exfoliation helps maintain healthy and glowing feet.

Do you offer a foot massage in the treatment?

Yes, our 'Pedicure with OPI Gel Colour' treatment includes a relaxing foot massage. It gives an extra dimension of relaxation and rejuvenation, making the overall experience enjoyable.

In what order are the layers of polish applied?

After prepping your feet, we apply a base layer, followed by your chosen colour from OPI's range of beautiful, lasting gel colours. We then seal it with a top coat to lengthen the life of your pedicure.

Can I choose the colour for my pedicure?

Yes, absolutely! You can select your preferred shade from OPI's range of stunning gel colours. We wish to ensure you leave our salon with a pedicure in a colour that matches your personal style.

How long does the pedicure finish last?

The finish of our 'Pedicure with OPI Gel Colour' treatment can last for several weeks without chipping or dulling, thanks to the superior quality of OPI gels. However, the longevity may vary depending on your personal lifestyle and activities.

What is the 'Pedicure with OPI Gel Colour French' treatment?

Our 'Pedicure with OPI Gel Colour French' treatment involves an indulgent foot bath, nail clean-up, exfoliation, foot massage, and completion with the application of an OPI Gel French pedicure.

What is included in the initial foot bath?

The foot bath is enriched with essential oils, which support relaxation and hydration, making it a truly calming and soothing experience.

How does the treatment exfoliate and rejuvenate the feet?

We utilise a gentle exfoliating cream rich in natural nourishing ingredients that effectively removes hard skin and callouses, leaving your feet feeling refreshed and smoother.

What does the foot massage part of the treatment involve?

Our professional nail technicians perform the foot massage, using techniques that alleviate tension and stimulate blood circulation, adding to the relaxation and wellness aspect of the treatment.

Can you tell me more about the OPI Gel Colour used in this treatment?

OPI Gel Colour is a name highly respected in the nail industry for its quality and longevity. Its application gives your nails a glamorous shine that lasts for weeks.

What makes a French pedicure unique?

A French pedicure uses a clear or nude polish on the body of the nail and a white polish along the tip. This creates a stylish and sophisticated look.

What are the benefits of the 'Pedicure with OPI Gel Colour French' treatment?

Apart from stunning, long-lasting results on your nails, this treatment promotes foot health, skin softness, and relaxation due to the foot bath, exfoliation process, and foot massage.

Who is this treatment most suitable for?

Anyone who values nail beauty, foot health, and a sense of relaxation would find this treatment beneficial. It's especially ideal for those seeking a chic, long-lasting pedicure.

Will the treatment help with my tired feet?

Absolutely. The combination of the soothing essential oil foot bath, exfoliation, and relaxing foot massage all contribute to rejuvenation of tired feet.

Is the treatment suitable for sensitive skin?

Yes, our treatments are designed to be gentle and friendly for all skin types. If you have particularly sensitive skin, we advise letting our technicians know, so we can provide additional care.

What does the 'Shape & Varnish Feet' treatment involve?

The process begins with a thorough foot cleanse, followed by nail shaping to your preference. After shaping and buffing, your nails are ready to receive the varnish. We offer a wide range of high-quality nail varnishes for you to choose from.

How much time does the varnish take to dry?

The drying time can vary based on the type of varnish used, but generally, you should allow some minutes post-application for the varnish to dry completely.

Can I select the shape for my nails?

Absolutely! Our nail technicians will shape your nails to your liking. This could be round, square, oval, or any other shape that complements your feet and personal style.

How long does the 'Shape & Varnish Feet' treatment last?

The longevity of the treatment can vary based on individual factors such as your nail growth and daily activities. However, our high-quality varnish assures a lasting finish that resists chips and scratches.

Does the treatment include foot scrubbing or massage?

No, the 'Shape & Varnish Feet' treatment focuses on cleansing, shaping, and varnishing your nails. However, we do offer additional treatments that include foot scrubbing and massage.

Will the treatment hurt my feet?

Not at all. Our staff uses very gentle techniques to ensure you have a comfortable experience during the treatment. If you feel any discomfort, please inform the technician immediately.

Can I get this treatment if I have a fungal infection?

For the health and safety of our staff and clients, we cannot perform the 'Shape & Varnish Feet' treatment if you have a current fungal infection. We recommend you seek medical attention before booking an appointment.

What does the Shape & Varnish French Feet service entail?

The process begins with a thorough cleansing of your feet, followed by precision shaping of your toenails. We then apply a base coat for smooth polish adherence. The French polish application starts with a sheer neutral or pink shade all over the nail, and concludes with a white paint along the tips.

What is the end result of the Shape & Varnish French Feet treatment?

The outcome of our treatment is admirable feet exuding elegance, perfect for donning open-toed shoes and flaunting at beach outings or yoga sessions. The varnish is durable and resists chipping, allowing you to maintain a professional appearance for many days.

How long does the Shape & Varnish French Feet effect last?

Our French polish is carefully applied to provide long-lasting results. While longevity varies depending upon personal habits and lifestyle, with careful maintenance, you can expect a chip-resistant finish for days.

For whom is the Shape & Varnish French Feet treatment suitable?

Our service is suitable for anyone desiring a classy and timeless look for their feet, whether preparing for a special event, or simply looking to enhance their everyday appearance.

What is the base coat used for in the Shape & Varnish French Feet treatment?

The base coat serves as a smooth and flawless foundation for optimal polish adherence. It aids in the easy application of subsequent polish layers while also protecting your natural nail.

Why choose a French polish for my feet?

A French polish is known universally for its sophisticated and timeless nature. With a clear or pink base and a stark white tip, this style complements any look and is perfect for any occasion.

What type of look does the Shape & Varnish French Feet treatment offer?

Our Shape & Varnish French Feet treatment promotes a classic elegance, blending style with sophistication. It's the perfect style choice for those seeking an evergreen, on-trend look.

Is the Shape & Varnish French Feet treatment good for my nails' health?

Whilst our treatment enhances the appearance of your feet, it's primarily cosmetic. We take care to ensure that we don't harm your nails during the process, but nail health depends on regular cleansing and maintaining a balanced diet.

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