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How will my eyes feel after the Eyelash Removal treatment?

After the treatment, you will feel an immediate lightness around your eyes. With the weight of the extensions removed, your natural lashes will be free and your eyes will look refreshed.

Will the Eyelash Removal treatment damage my natural eyelashes?

Absolutely not. Our treatment is specifically designed to ensure your natural lashes remain intact and healthy. The special adhesive remover we use gently breaks down the glue without harming your lashes.

Do I have to give my lashes a break after the Eyelash Removal treatment?

While it's not strictly necessary, we generally recommend giving your lashes a short break after extension removal. This allows them to breathe and rejuvenate.

Can I get new eyelash extensions immediately after the Eyelash Removal?

You can, but we usually advise waiting a bit to let your natural lashes rest. However, when you're ready for a new set of extensions, we're here to help.

After removing my extensions, can I switch to lash lifts or tints at Dream Nails?

Certainly! At Dream Nails, we offer a variety of lash treatments. You can definitely switch to lash lifts or tints once your extensions are removed, whenever you're ready.

What is the aftercare process like following the Eyelash Removal treatment?

Our expert team provides aftercare advice to keep your natural lashes healthy post-treatment. We focus on maintaining your eye health and enhancing your natural beauty.

How long does the Eyelash Removal process take?

The process usually takes between 15 to 30 minutes, depending on the volume of eyelash extensions you have. Our technicians aim to make the process as quick and comfortable as possible.

Is the Eyelash Removal process painful?

No, our Eyelash Removal treatment is painless. We use a special adhesive remover that works without causing discomfort for a seamless removal process.

What type of adhesive remover do you use for the Eyelash Removal process?

We use a special adhesive remover that specifically targets the glue used for eyelash extensions. It works to detach the extensions gently and safely, ensuring no damage to your natural lashes.

What is a Hybrid Full Set lash treatment?

The Hybrid Full Set lash treatment is an advanced blend of classic single lash extensions and volume fans, customised to your unique eye shape and personal style. It provides a fuller, layered look that enhances your natural features.

How do you prepare my natural lashes for the Hybrid Full Set?

Our professional lash specialists begin the process by thoroughly cleaning and priming your natural lashes, ensuring a healthy base for the extension application.

What materials do you use for the Hybrid Full Set treatment?

At Dream Nails, we use premium, lightweight, and long-lasting lash extensions that are safe and comfortable to wear. Our lash adhesive is medical-grade, ensuring precise application and longevity of the extensions.

Can I choose how the Hybrid Full Set looks?

Yes, the balance of classic lashes and volume fans is adjusted to your preference. Whether you want a natural look or a dramatic appearance, the Hybrid Full Set allows for personalisation.

What’s the difference between the Hybrid Full Set and just having single lash extensions or volume fans?

While single lash extensions or volume fans on their own add length or fullness, the Hybrid Full Set combines them to include both depth and dimension. It offers a versatile look that truly enhances your natural lashes.

Who can opt for the Hybrid Full Set treatment?

The Hybrid Full Set is suitable for anyone, regardless of your lash type or style preference. It's particularly perfect for those wanting to add a touch of drama to their look without going too heavy.

Is the Hybrid Full Set treatment safe?

Yes, our professional therapists only use the highest quality, safe materials for all our treatments. Furthermore, the application process is carried out with precision, and lash health is our top priority.

Can I maintain the Hybrid Full Set at home?

Yes, with proper care, your hybrid lashes can last for six to eight weeks. However, to ensure they stay in the best condition, we recommend getting them refilled every 2-3 weeks.

How is the Hybrid Full Set different from other lash treatments?

The Hybrid Full Set offers a balanced mix of volume and classic lashes, unlike other treatments which either emphasise length or volume. This blend replicates the texture of natural lashes, providing a fuller and more versatile look.

How often should I get the Hybrid Full Set treatment?

With careful maintenance, the Hybrid Full Set can last you six to eight weeks. However, depending on personal preference and lifestyle, you may choose to refresh your set every 2-3 weeks to ensure your lashes always look their best.

What is the purpose of the Hybrid Infills up to 3 weeks treatment?

The Hybrid Infills up to 3 weeks treatment is designed to maintain and refresh your hybrid lash extensions, ensuring they look full and fresh for weeks after application. Our lash professionals carefully remove outgrown lashes and refill the gaps with new extensions.

Who are the best candidates for the Hybrid Infills treatment?

The treatment is ideal for individuals who have hybrid lash extensions and wish to keep them in optimal condition for longer. It suits those desiring to extend the life of their lashes while maintaining their lush appearance.

Does the Hybrid Infills treatment cause discomfort or pain?

No, the Hybrid Infills treatment does not cause any discomfort or pain. Our lash technicians are well-trained in advanced lashing techniques and prioritise the comfort of our clients during the procedure.

What makes the Hybrid Infills treatment stand out?

The treatment ensures lash extensions look impressively full and fresh, blending seamlessly with your natural lashes. It serves as a semi-permanent solution that saves time and effort usually spent on mascara routines.

Exact time for the Hybrid Infills treatment to be accomplished?

The exact timing can vary depending on the growth of your lashes and the number of extensions that need to be filled in. Generally, the whole process takes approximately from 1 to 1.5 hours.

How long do the results of a Hybrid Infills up to 3 weeks treatment last?

The refreshed look of your lashes after a Hybrid Infills treatment can last for several weeks. This will, of course, vary based on your personal lash growth cycle.

What precautions are taken during the Hybrid Infills treatment?

Our lash technicians strictly follow standard hygiene rules throughout the treatment. We ensure that every lash extension is applied efficintely, safely, and that the environment remains clean for our clients.

Will the Hybrid Infills treatment damage my natural lashes?

No. The process involves delicately removing outgrown lashes, and our trained lash technicians make sure that the treatment is carried out efficiently without damaging your natural lashes.

What can I expect after the Hybrid Infills up to 3 weeks treatment?

After the treatment, your lashes will appear dramatically full and refreshed. The newly filled lashes blend perfectly with the existing ones, providing a stunning intensified effect.

How often should I get the Hybrid Infills treatment?

This depends largely on your lash cycle. However, the Hybrid Infills treatment is designed to extend the life of your hybrid lashes up to 3 weeks after the initial application.

What is the 'Russian Full Set' treatment?

The 'Russian Full Set' is a lash treatment designed to add depth and volume to your lashes. It involves attaching up to 8 ultra-thin synthetic lashes to each of your natural lashes, offering a full but lightweight look.

Can the 'Russian Full Set' harm my natural lashes?

No, in our salon, care is taken to ensure your natural lashes remain unharmed. Each synthetic lash is applied using a specially-formulated semi-permanent glue, which doesn't cause any harm to your natural lashes.

What type of lashes are used in the 'Russian Full Set'?

For the 'Russian Full Set', we use ultra-thin synthetic lashes. The lashes are hypoallergenic, cruelty-free and vegan-friendly, aligning superbly with a range of preferences and needs.

How is my eye shape taken into consideration during the 'Russian Full Set'?

In the 'Russian Full Set' treatment, our expert technicians meticulously analyse your natural eyelashes and your eye shape to choose the perfect lash type that best complements your features.

Can I apply mascara on the 'Russian Full Set'?

With a 'Russian Full Set', there is no need for mascara. The voluminous appearance of these extensions gives a glamorous look that mascara can't match. It's also healthier for your extensions if you avoid applying makeup to them.

What care measures are needed for 'Russian Full Set' lashes?

The 'Russian Full Set' lashes can last up to 5 weeks with proper care, which involves avoiding applying heavy makeup on them, not rubbing your eyes, and following any aftercare instructions provided by our technicians.

How dramatic is the transformation with a 'Russian Full Set'?

A Russian Full Set gives you bold and voluminous lashes that noticeably enhance your eyes. It provides a dramatic, glamorous look that's impossible to achieve with regular lash extensions.

Is the 'Russian Full Set' suitable for those with sensitive eyes?

Yes, the 'Russian Full Set' is suitable for those with sensitive eyes. The lashes we use are hypoallergenic, reducing the risk of any allergic reaction, and the semi-permanent glue we use for application is gentle on your eyes.

What can a 'Russian Full Set' do that basic lash extensions cannot?

In contrast to basic one-to-one lash extensions, the 'Russian Full Set' uses multiple ultra-thin lashes on each of your natural lashes, providing a voluminous and fuller look that cannot be attained with classic extensions.

What is the overall experience like during the 'Russian Full Set' treatment?

The process is friendly and consultative. It begins with our technicians analysing your natural lashes and eye shape. Each synthetic lash is then carefully applied, creating a comfortable experience that results in bold, voluminous lashes. The transformation takes about 2 hours.

What is the purpose of 'Russian Infills up to 3 weeks' treatment?

This treatment is designed to maintain the volume and vitality of your Russian lash extensions. We clean, prepare, and apply new lash fans to ensure your lashes remain full and luxurious for up to three weeks.

What steps are included in the 'Russian Infills up to 3 weeks' treatment?

The treatment includes closely assessing your lashes, removing any outgrown or loosened lashes, cleaning and prepping the base of your extensions, and meticulously applying new lash fans in the gaps.

Will the 'Russian Infills up to 3 weeks' treatment damage my natural lashes?

At Dream Nails, we execute every step of the treatment with hygiene and precision to prevent any potential damage to your natural lashes while refilling your extensions.

What results can I expect from the 'Russian Infills up to 3 weeks' treatment?

This treatment aims to provide a natural and glamorous outcome. Your lashes will look lusciously thicker and fuller, resembling a fresh set of Russian lash extensions, even while cycling through the natural growth phase.

Is the 'Russian Infills up to 3 weeks' treatment painful?

No, the treatment is not painful. It is both comfortable and relaxing, conducted in a serene environment with the utmost care taken by our skilled beauty professionals.

Who is the 'Russian Infills up to 3 weeks' treatment suitable for?

This treatment is perfect for those looking to promote the longevity of their investment in lash extensions and to maintain a glamorous and seamless look.

Do the infill lashes look natural after the 'Russian Infills up to 3 weeks' treatment?

Yes, the treatment is designed to give you an extremely natural outcome. Your lashes will continue to exhibit a glamorous and seamless look, even during the natural growth phase.

What happens if my lashes have already started falling out before the 'Russian Infills up to 3 weeks' treatment?

Not to worry. Our trained beauty professionals will expertly remove any lash extensions that have loosened or outgrown, ensuring a clean base for the application of new lash fans.

Can men also avail of the 'Russian Infills up to 3 weeks' treatment?

Absolutely. The 'Russian Infills up to 3 weeks' treatment is suitable for anyone regardless of gender who wishes to maintain a fuller and more voluminous look to their lashes.

How do I care for my lashes after the 'Russian Infills up to 3 weeks' treatment?

Ensure to keep your lashes clean and avoid rubbing them excessively. If necessary, you may gently brush them with a clean mascara wand. Avoid oil-based skincare products around your eyes.

What is the initial step in the One Nail SNS Dipping Powder treatment?

The first step is a thorough cleaning of your nail to remove any oil or debris, which ensures the longevity of the treatment.

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