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Soak Off & Full Set Gel Powder

1 hr 15 mins treatment priced at £50.00

Unveiling the Process

Soak Off & Full Set Gel Powder is a premium nail treatment offered only at leading nail studios like Dream Nails. The beauty of this offering lies in its intricate yet comforting process. Initially, your older polish or gel is gently soaked off to cleanse the nail base. Next, using a brush dusted with fine gel powder, your nails are coated to create a base layer. This is then cured under a UV light to ensure a hard, shiny finish and robustness. The gel powder is used progressively to build the nail to your preferred shape and length.

Ensuring that each layer is dried meticulously under the UV light, our expert technicians work with detailed precision and care. To refine the look, the nails are filed to perfection, achieving a naturally glossy and shiny finish. To wrap up, your choice of colour is applied, delivering a vibrant and lustrous finish to your nails.

Celebrating the Results

Post-treatment, your nails will reveal a healthy, high-gloss shine that's chip-resistant and durable, holding up well against daily life's hardships. Gel powder provides not only an aesthetical appeal but also a healthier option for your nails. It is light in weight and feels as natural as your original nails. Unlike other gel-based treatments, gel powder maintains its gloss and does not yellow over time. Besides being durable and natural-feeling, the Soak Off & Full Set Gel Powder offers a flawless finish that lasts substantially longer than traditional gels or polishes. This treatment is an ultimate choice for the ones seeking a perfect balance of resilience, beauty and easy maintenance in their manicure routine. At Dream Nails, we ensure every client walks out flaunting a breath-taking set of nails that command second looks.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the Soak Off & Full Set Gel Powder treatment?

The Soak Off & Full Set Gel Powder is a prestigious nail treatment. Your existing polish or gel is soaked off gently and then your nails are coated progressively with a fine gel powder to your chosen shape and length. The treatment finishes with a colour application, leaving your nails with a glossy and durable finish.

What preparation is needed for this treatment?

No specific at-home preparation is needed. We will begin by gently soaking off any existing polish or gel from your nails to provide a clean base for the application of the gel powder.

How does the Full Set Gel Powder feel?

The gel powder offers a lightweight and natural feel, similar to your own nails. It doesn't yellow over time and has a high-gloss, resilient shine, making it a perfect choice for those seeking easy nail maintenance.

What post-treatment maintenance is required for this manicure?

This specific treatment requires minimal at-home maintenance due to its durability. However, regular nail care such as using cuticle oil and hand cream and avoiding harsh chemicals will help maintain the health and shine of your nails.

What benefits does this treatment offer compared to conventional gel polishes?

Unlike traditional gels or polishes, the Soak Off & Full Set Gel Powder holds up well against daily life's hardships. It maintains its shine, doesn't yellow over time, and lasts remarkably longer, proving a healthier and more aesthetically appealing option.

Is the Soak Off & Full Set Gel Powder treatment suitable for everyone?

Yes, our Full Set Gel Powder treatment is suitable for all clients, regardless of their nail type or condition. Our expert technicians adapt the treatment to meet each individual's needs.

How durable is the Full Set Gel Powder?

The Full Set Gel Powder is known for its durability. It is chip-resistant and designed to withstand daily wear and tear better than traditional nail coatings.

How shiny will my nails be after the treatment?

Post-treatment, your nails will reveal a high-gloss shine. The Full Set Gel Powder is known to maintain its gloss and not yellow over time, ensuring your nails always look top-notch.

Can I choose the shape and length of my nails with this treatment?

Yes, our expert technicians will progressively build your nails using the gel powder to your preferred shape and length.

Are there any side effects to this treatment?

The Soak Off & Full Set Gel Powder is generally safe. However, as with any nail treatment, there may be potential risks for some, such as allergic reaction or nail damage. We encourage a consultation prior to booking to discuss any concerns.