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Pedicure & Manicure

1 hr 15 mins treatment priced at £55.00

Unleashing the Process of Rejuvenation

The Pedicure & Manicure at Dream Nails promises a holistic experience in grooming and revitalising your hands and feet. Our professional therapists kick off the session with a relaxing soak for your hands and feet in a warm aromatic solution to soften the skin and cuticles. Careful trimming and shaping of your nails follows, with an aim to echo your personal style and lifestyle needs. Rough skin and calluses, often a result of routine chores, are treated with a gentle yet effective exfoliating scrub for your feet. A soothing massage with our special moisturising cream is provided, focussing on your tired muscles, enhancing blood circulation and offering an intoxicating relaxation. A base coat application prepares your nails for the final blast of colour, chosen by you from our extensive palette of high-quality, long-lasting nail polishes.

The Spectacular Result

Elegance at Your Fingertips the results of our Pedicure & Manicure are instant and impressive! Your hands and feet undergo a visible transformation with nails that are perfectly shaped, trimmed, and coloured. Skin softer, smoother, and deeply moisturised. The luxurious treatment results in a perfectly groomed appearance boosting your confidence every time you move your hands or feet. But the charm of this treatment extends beyond the aesthetic. The massage during the treatment eases stress and tension in your palm and foot muscles. And our long-lasting nail polish ensures that you enjoy the fascinating results of the treatment for a considerable duration. Indulge in our Pedicure & Manicure, and embrace elegance at your fingertips, literally!

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the process of the Pedicure & Manicure at Dream Nails?

The process begins with a soak in a warm aromatic solution, followed by trimming and shaping of the nails. After that, we give a soothing massage using our special moisturising cream. The final step is the application of a base coat and then nail colour chosen by you from our range of high-quality polishes.

What are the benefits of the Pedicure & Manicure treatment at Dream Nails?

Apart from receiving perfectly shaped, trimmed and coloured nails, your skin becomes softer and smoother. You will notice a visible transformation in your hands and feet, giving a boost to your confidence. Additionally, the massage during the treatment relieves stress and tension.

Do I have to choose the nail colour beforehand for the Pedicure & Manicure treatment?

No, you do not need to choose the nail colour beforehand. You can choose your preferred nail colour from our extensive palette during the treatment.

What is the purpose of the base coat application during the Pedicure & Manicure?

The base coat application during our Pedicure & Manicure treatment prepares your nails for the final blast of colour. It also contributes to the longevity of our high-quality, long-lasting nail polishes.

Is the aromatic solution used for the soak harmful to my skin?

Absolutely not. The aromatic solution used for the soak is gentle on your skin. It helps to soften your skin and cuticles without causing any harm.

I have sensitive skin. Can I still undergo a Pedicure & Manicure at Dream Nails?

Absolutely, our therapists are professionally trained and equipped to handle all skin types. Please inform us about your skin sensitivity when booking, so we can ensure the appropriate products are used for your treatment.

What kind of scrub is used for exfoliating the rough skin during the Pedicure?

We use a gentle yet effective exfoliating scrub during the Pedicure treatment. It is designed to treat rough skin and calluses without damaging your skin.

Will my hands and feet feel oily after the massage during the treatment?

No, the special moisturising cream we use for the massage is non-greasy and gets easily absorbed into the skin, leaving your hands and feet feeling smooth and nourished.

Are men also suitable for the Pedicure & Manicure treatment at Dream Nails?

Definitely! Our Pedicure & Manicure is beneficial for everyone, regardless of gender. In fact, we have many male customers who regularly enjoy this treatment.

What makes Dream Nails' Pedicure & Manicure unique?

Our Pedicure & Manicure is unique due to its holistic approach, focusing not only on improving the aesthetics but also on giving a boost to your well-being. The process includes an aromatic soak, trimming and shaping of the nails, massage, and final touch of colour using high-quality nail polishes.