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Your Path to Silky Smoothness

At Dream Nails, we treat our clients to the full Hollywood waxing experience. Our treatment starts with pre-waxing care where your skin gets a gentle cleanse and careful inspection. Our experienced waxing professional will then gently apply warm, premium quality wax in the required areas. The waxing process is designed and executed in a manner that minimally tugs at your skin, ensuring the experience is as comfortable as possible.

Our Hollywood service is known as a 'full' wax as it involves hair removal from the entire genital area. However, client comfort and satisfaction remain our priority. We're well-equipped to make tweaks to the process to suit our client's individual needs, including leaving a narrow strip or a triangle, if requested.

Look and Feel Your Best

One of the biggest advantages of our Hollywood waxing service is the liberation from daily shaving. It provides a smoother finish than shaving and the results are long-lasting. You'll enjoy up to four weeks of beautifully clear skin, free from nicks, razor burns, and fast regrowth.

Post wax, your skin will feel ultra-smooth, with a heightened sense of cleanliness and freshness. Furthermore, regular waxing will lead to thinner and less dense hair growth in the future. Our Hollywood waxing service will give you that confident, sexy feeling you crave, so you can flaunt your glam look with pride.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What exactly is a Hollywood wax?

A Hollywood wax is a type of hair removal treatment that removes all the hair from the genital area, leaving the skin smooth and soft. However, we are flexible and can leave a strip or triangle if you prefer.

Is the Hollywood wax treatment painful?

Some discomfort is to be expected as hair is being removed from the root. However, our waxing professionals execute the service as gently as possible to minimise discomfort.

What can I expect during the Hollywood wax procedure?

First, your skin will be gently cleaned and inspected. Then, premium quality warm wax will be applied to the required areas. The wax will be removed in a way that minimally tugs at your skin for a comfortable experience.

How long will the results of a Hollywood wax last?

The results of a Hollywood wax can last up to four weeks. Additionally, regular waxing can lead to thinner and less dense hair growth in the future.

What is post wax care like?

After your Hollywood wax, your skin will feel ultra-smooth, with a heightened sense of cleanliness and freshness. Regular aftercare tips include avoiding heat treatments for 24 hours and gentle exfoliation after a few days.

What are the benefits of a Hollywood wax versus shaving?

A Hollywood wax offers a smoother finish and longer-lasting results compared to shaving. It also eliminates the risk of nicks and razor burns. Regular waxing can even reduce hair density and thickness over time.

Is the Hollywood wax suitable for all skin types?

Yes, the Hollywood wax is suitable for most skin types. Prior to your treatment, our waxing professional will ensure that the wax is of the right temperature and consistency to suit your skin type.

Can I choose a specific style with my Hollywood wax?

Absolutely, while a Hollywood wax typically implies full removal of all hair in the genital area, we can customise the service to leave a narrow strip or triangle if that's what you prefer.

What type of wax do you use for the Hollywood wax treatment?

We use a high-quality warm wax during our Hollywood waxing treatment to ensure an effective yet gentle procedure, minimising discomfort.

Will my skin react to the Hollywood wax treatment?

Some clients may experience minor skin redness following treatment, which should subside within a few hours. If you have hypersensitive skin or a known allergy to wax, we recommend consulting with our professionals first.