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Gel on Toes

30 mins treatment priced at £35.00

The Process

At Dream Nails, our Gel on Toes treatment is a solution for anyone seeking a lasting, perfectly polished look for their toes. Whether it's for a holiday, a special event, or just because, we are here to give your feet the pampering they deserve. Our professional and experienced staff begin by preparing your nails through cleaning, shaping, and buffing to create the perfect canvas for applying gel polish. The gel polish is different from regular polish - we use a special UV light to cure each layer of gel polish, making it long-lasting and resistant to chipping and peeling. Multiple layers are applied to ensure a deep, rich colour, resulting in a look bound to make heads turn!

The Result

Be prepared for a show-stopping, flawless finish with our Gel on Toes treatment! The deep, vibrant colour is guaranteed to last for at least two weeks, remaining resistant to chipping and peeling, even if you’re off on a beach holiday or enjoy regular yoga classes. Gel polish offers a glossier, more high-shine finish than regular nail polish, ensuring your toes will always stand out. And let's not forget, the gel formula mimics the natural flexibility of your nails, reducing the chance of breakage! Dream Nails' Gel on Toes treatment gives you that salon-fresh look every day, without having to lift a finger. Pep up your step with attention-grabbing, long-lasting gel polish on your toes!

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is 'Gel on Toes' treatment?

Our Gel on Toes treatment involves applying a durable gel polish to your toenails. The process involves careful preparation of your nails, after which the gel polish is cured using UV light. This gives a high-shine, richly coloured finish that lasts at least two weeks.

What is the difference between gel polish and regular nail polish?

Gel polish is more durable than regular nail polish. It's cured under a UV light which makes it resistant to chipping and peeling. Moreover, it offers a glossier finish than regular polish, giving your toes a salon-fresh look every day.

What happens during the gel nail application process?

Our skilled staff will begin by preparing your nails through cleaning, shaping and buffing. Then, multiple layers of gel polish are applied and cured under UV light. This process ensures a deep, rich colour and a durable, glossy finish.

Is gel polish safe to use?

Yes, gel polish is safe to use, but it does require a level of expertise for the application process. At Dream Nails, our experienced staff are trained in applying the polish safely and effectively to give you the best results.

How long does the 'Gel on Toes' treatment last?

The results of our Gel on Toes treatment can last for at least two weeks. Its formula is resistant to chipping and peeling, it’s a perfect long-lasting solution for perfectly polished toes.

Can I choose the colour of the gel polish?

Absolutely! We offer a vast range of gel polish colours. We're sure we have that perfect colour you're looking for to make your toes stand out.

What if I want to remove the gel polish?

Gel polish should be professionally removed to prevent damage to the natural nail. We offer a safe and effective polish removal service at Dream Nails.

Is 'Gel on Toes' appropriate for all types of nail conditions?

We advise that people with certain nail conditions consult a specialist before opting for any nail treatments. Our staff will also assess your nails to ensure they're in suitable condition for the treatment.

Can I use gel polish if I have brittle nails?

Yes, the flexible gel formula can actually help protect brittle nails from breakage. However, proper application and removal by a professional is crucial to prevent further damage.

Can I get a 'Gel on Toes' treatment if I am pregnant?

Yes, it's generally safe. However, we advise all pregnant women to consult their doctor first. Additionally, if you’re in your first trimester, an open window is needed during the curing process to limit exposure to smell and UV light.