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The Process

At Dream Nails, we pay every attention to detail and prioritize your comfort in all our services. Our Brazilian Waxing treatment is no exception. A Brazilian wax entails the removal of all hair from the pubic region, front and back. We begin by prepping your skin with a special cleanser to remove excess oil and bacteria. Following this, a high-quality, warm wax is sparingly applied in sections. Using a combination of soft and hard waxes, we ensure that each hair is effectively encapsulated for easier removal. Our expert technicians move with precision to minimize discomfort, all the while maintaining the utmost professionalism and sensitivity. A post-waxing lotion is applied to soothe the skin and prevent ingrown hairs or inflammation.

The Result

After a Brazilian waxing session with us, you can expect to see beautifully smooth, fully bare skin. The results are not just immediately noticeable, but also last longer than typical shaving. Many clients report seeing the results last up to five weeks, and with regular treatments, the hair grows back finer and sparser. There’s an undeniable confidence boost that comes with the silky-smooth finish. Whether it’s for a special occasion or an everyday fresh feeling, a Brazilian wax leaves you feeling clean, comfortable and gorgeously groomed. Please note, however, that the exact duration of results may vary depending on individual hair growth patterns and other factors. At Dream Nails, we aim to deliver the best results with every client we serve. Experience the true definition of smoothness with our Brazilian Waxing treatment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the Brazilian Waxing treatment?

Our Brazilian Waxing treatment involves the removal of all hair from the pubic region, front and back. The process includes skin preparation, application of high-quality wax, precise hair removal and post-waxing lotion application to soothe the skin.

What is unique about your waxing method?

We combine the uses of both soft and hard waxes to effectively encapsulate each hair for easier removal. This method reduces discomfort and results in a smoother finish.

How long do the results of Brazilian Waxing typically last?

The results of a Brazilian Wax can last up to five weeks. Regular treatments can lead to hair growth that's finer and sparser. The exact duration of results can vary depending on individual hair growth patterns and other factors.

What should I expect after the Brazilian Waxing treatment?

Following the treatment, expect beautifully smooth, fully bare skin. We also apply a post-wax lotion to soothe the skin and prevent inflammation or ingrown hairs.

Is the Brazilian Waxing treatment painful?

While a certain degree of discomfort is typical with any waxing process, our expert technicians work with precision to minimize this. We ensure a comfortable and professional experience for all clients.

What is the purpose of the pre-wax skin preparation?

The purpose of the pre-wax skin preparation is to remove excess oil and bacteria from the skin. This helps to allow for optimal adhesion of the wax and contributes to a smoother waxing process.

Will the Brazilian Wax treatment result in ingrown hairs?

At Dream Nails, we apply a post-waxing lotion that helps to prevent ingrown hairs. Regular exfoliation and moisturising between treatments can also help to minimise the risk.

Can I have this treatment during my menstrual period?

Yes, you can have a Brazilian Wax during your menstrual period. However, you may find that you're more sensitive during and a few days before your period. We recommend scheduling your appointment outside of these times for your best comfort.

What aftercare advice do you offer post Brazilian wax treatment?

After your Brazilian Wax, avoid hot baths, sunbathing, tight clothing or heavy exercise for 24 hours. We also recommend regular exfoliation and moisturising between treatments to maintain your smooth skin.

Can I have a Brazilian Waxing treatment if I’m pregnant?

Yes, you can enjoy our Brazilian Wax treatment throughout your pregnancy. We recommend notifying our technicians of your condition so that they can ensure your utmost comfort and safety during the service.