Pedicure with OPI Gel Colour French

1 hr treatment priced at £53.00

The Luxurious Process

At Dream Nails, the 'Pedicure with OPI Gel Colour French' treatment begins with a warm, soothing foot bath enriched with essential oils, promoting relaxation and hydration. Our skilled nail technicians meticulously tend to your nails, ensuring they're clean, neat, and perfectly shaped. Next, a gentle exfoliation is done to remove any hard skin and calluses, rejuvenating the appearance and feel of your feet. The exfoliating cream used is rich in natural ingredients that nourish and revive tired feet, leaving them soft and silky. Then, a calming foot massage is carried out, releasing any lingering tension and enhancing circulation.

The treatment's pinnacle is the application of the OPI Gel Colour - a prestigious name in the nail industry. We apply a classic French manicure style, but for your feet, known as a French pedicure. This involves application of a clear or nude polish on the nail body and a white polish along the tip, creating an elegant and sophisticated look.

Stunning and Long-Lasting Results

With the OPI Gel Colour French, your nails gain a glamorous shine and a smooth finish that's delightfully appealing. The OPI Gel is renowned for its high quality and extended durability, ensuring your pedicure retains its exquisiteness for weeks. The charming French pedicure style adds an edge of elegance, upgrading any look or outfit. Moreover, the wellness benefits of the pedicure treatment - softer skin, improved foot health, and reduced tension - further enhance the overall experience. Indulge in the 'Pedicure with OPI Gel Colour French' treatment at Dream Nails and step out with unwavering confidence and style.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the 'Pedicure with OPI Gel Colour French' treatment?

Our 'Pedicure with OPI Gel Colour French' treatment involves an indulgent foot bath, nail clean-up, exfoliation, foot massage, and completion with the application of an OPI Gel French pedicure.

What is included in the initial foot bath?

The foot bath is enriched with essential oils, which support relaxation and hydration, making it a truly calming and soothing experience.

How does the treatment exfoliate and rejuvenate the feet?

We utilise a gentle exfoliating cream rich in natural nourishing ingredients that effectively removes hard skin and callouses, leaving your feet feeling refreshed and smoother.

What does the foot massage part of the treatment involve?

Our professional nail technicians perform the foot massage, using techniques that alleviate tension and stimulate blood circulation, adding to the relaxation and wellness aspect of the treatment.

Can you tell me more about the OPI Gel Colour used in this treatment?

OPI Gel Colour is a name highly respected in the nail industry for its quality and longevity. Its application gives your nails a glamorous shine that lasts for weeks.

What makes a French pedicure unique?

A French pedicure uses a clear or nude polish on the body of the nail and a white polish along the tip. This creates a stylish and sophisticated look.

What are the benefits of the 'Pedicure with OPI Gel Colour French' treatment?

Apart from stunning, long-lasting results on your nails, this treatment promotes foot health, skin softness, and relaxation due to the foot bath, exfoliation process, and foot massage.

Who is this treatment most suitable for?

Anyone who values nail beauty, foot health, and a sense of relaxation would find this treatment beneficial. It's especially ideal for those seeking a chic, long-lasting pedicure.

Will the treatment help with my tired feet?

Absolutely. The combination of the soothing essential oil foot bath, exfoliation, and relaxing foot massage all contribute to rejuvenation of tired feet.

Is the treatment suitable for sensitive skin?

Yes, our treatments are designed to be gentle and friendly for all skin types. If you have particularly sensitive skin, we advise letting our technicians know, so we can provide additional care.