One Nail Toes Acrylic

15 mins treatment priced at £10.00

The Process

A simple one nail rectification to ensure your toe nails have the perfect Acrylic set.

The Result

Post the One Nail Acrylic application, your toe nails shall be restored to their brighter, fuller version radiating an enticing appeal.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the One Nail Toes Acrylic treatment?

Our One Nail Toes Acrylic treatment involves adding an acrylic extension to a single toenail, enhancing its length and shape with a strong, lightweight acrylic product. It offers a fashionable flair to your appearance alongside providing additional strength to your toenail.

Why would I choose a One Nail Toes Acrylic treatment?

If you're looking to add a little personality to your look without committing to a full set of acrylics, or if you've a toenail prone to damage, the One Nail Toes Acrylic is ideal. It strengthens your nail and also complements your foot accessories.

Will my natural nail be damaged during this treatment?

Absolutely not. The procedure begins with a thorough prep, including trimming, buffing, and dehydrating to remove any oils ensuring the best application of the acrylic. This preparation doesn't harm your natural nail.

How is the acrylic extension applied?

Our technicians mould a small bead of acrylic powder and liquid onto your nail, creating the desired length and shape. The nail is allowed to set and harden naturally, forming a sturdy and durable structure.

How will my nail look after the treatment?

Post treatment, your toenail will be transformed with a sleek, elongated acrylic extension that blends seamlessly with your natural nail. It will be resilient and aesthetically pleasing with a smooth, glossy finish.

Will the acrylic feel heavy on my toe?

No, the acrylic used in our One Nail Toes Acrylic treatment is lightweight yet robust, ensuring it doesn't feel cumbersome on your toe while enhancing resilience.

Is it possible to have more than one nail done with this treatment?

Although the treatment is designed for just one toe, you could certainly discuss having more than one toenail done during your consultation with our technician.

What can I do if I want to remove the acrylic extension?

In case of any requirements to remove the acrylic extension, we recommend coming back to our salon. Our professionals can safely remove it with minimal damage to your natural nail.

Can I choose the shape and length of my acrylic extension?

Yes, you can specify your preferred shape and length to our technician during the consultation. We strive to provide a tailor-made service that matches your expectations.

How can I maintain my One Nail Toes Acrylic at home?

To maintain the strength and lustre of your acrylic extension, avoid rough usage and harsh chemicals. Regularly moisturise your cuticles and keep your foot clean. For any issues, contact our nail professionals at Dream Nails.