10 mins treatment priced at £10.00

Efficient Process

Our nose waxing procedure involves premium-grade waxes that are soothing to the skin. The process starts with a consultation to assess your skin type and any potential allergies. Our skilled aestheticians ensure that hygienic practices are adhered to, a pre-wax oil is applied to protect your skin, ensuring a virtually painless experience. Wax is then carefully applied to the inside of the nostrils with utmost precision. The wax hardens, capturing unwanted hair, and is swiftly and expertly removed, rendering a clean, hair-free finish.

Outstanding Results

With our nose waxing treatment, say goodbye to nose hair peeking out to spoil your look. Expect an immediate visible difference with a more groomed and neat appearance. Just one session will deliver long-lasting results. Many clients see a finer, slower regrowth whilst enjoying a much cleaner and fresh feel. Pain tolerance varies person to person, but most clients report minimal discomfort and agree that the benefits outweigh the fleeting sensation of waxing. Quality hospitality and excellent aftercare advice is also included in your experience at Dream Nails, leaving you satisfied and confident with a safer, cleaner and more elegant look.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What type of wax is used in the 'Nose' treatment?

We use premium-grade waxes, specifically selected for their soothing properties, to ensure you have a comfortable waxing experience.

Is the 'Nose' treatment suitable for all skin types?

Absolutely, before the procedure we assess your skin type and any potential allergies to ensure the treatment is tailored to your needs.

What precautions are taken to maintain hygiene during the 'Nose' treatment?

Our skilled aestheticians adhere to strict hygienic practices including the application of a pre-wax oil to protect your skin.

What results can be expected from the 'Nose' treatment?

You can look forward to a groomed and neat appearance, with no visible nose hair. Additionally, overall hair growth will be slower and finer after the treatment.

How long do the results of the 'Nose' treatment last?

The results of our nose waxing treatment usually last for several weeks and regrowth tends to be finer and slower.

Is the 'Nose' treatment painful?

Pain tolerance varies from person to person, but most clients report minimal discomfort, agreeing that the immense benefits outweigh any fleeting sensation of waxing.

Is there any aftercare advice following the 'Nose' treatment?

Yes, as part of your experience at Dream Nails, we provide excellent aftercare advice to ensure that your results last as long as possible.

Does the 'Nose' treatment include removing hairs around the nostrils as well?

Our 'Nose' treatment focuses on the inside of the nostrils. However, if you wish, we can discuss additional waxing services for an all-round groomed appearance.

How is the wax applied during the 'Nose' treatment?

The wax is carefully applied to the inside of the nostrils using special applicators. We prioritise precision to ensure a high-quality result.

Do you test for allergies prior to the 'Nose' treatment?

Yes, we start with a consultation that involves assessing your skin type and checking for any potential allergies in order to ensure tailored and safe service.