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The Waxing Process

Our waxing treatment for feet starts with a thorough clean to ensure your feet are free of dust and oils. This prepares the skin for the waxing process, allowing for a smoother application and better results. Our skilled therapists use high-quality, hypoallergenic warm wax that is gentle on the skin, reducing the chances of any unwanted reactions. We spread the warm wax over the areas of unwanted hair on your feet. Then, we press a strip of cloth into the warm wax, allowing it to adhere to the hair. The cloth strip is quickly pulled off, taking the wax, along with the unwanted hair, with it. This process is carried out with precision and control, ensuring maximum hair removal while minimising any discomfort.

The Smooth Result

Our Feet waxing treatment will leave your feet feeling soft and hair-free. Say goodbye to the tedious chore of constantly shaving or plucking. Waxing provides a longer-lasting solution to unwanted foot hair, with results that typically last from 3 to 6 weeks depending on your personal hair growth. As the hair is pulled out from the root during waxing, hair regrowth will be slower and finer. Regular waxing over time will potentially lead to less hair growth and softer regrowth. By choosing our feet waxing treatment, you not only achieve immediate silky smooth skin but also a hassle-free, long-term solution to foot hair management.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Is the wax used for the Feet treatment safe for sensitive skin?

Yes, absolutely. Our Feet waxing treatment utilises high-quality, hypoallergenic warm wax that is designed to be gentle on all skin types, including sensitive skin, minimising the chances of any unwanted reactions.

How long does the smoothness from Feet waxing treatment typically last?

The results from a single waxing session can typically last between 3 to 6 weeks depending on your individual hair growth. The more you wax, the slower and finer the hair grows back.

Does regular Feet waxing result in less hair growth over time?

Yes, with regular waxing, the hair regrowth will become progressively slower and finer. This means you could potentially notice less foot hair growth over time.

How does your salon ensure maximum hair removal during Feet waxing treatment?

Our skilled therapists precisely apply and remove the warm wax using a cloth strip. This precision-controlled process ensures maximum hair removal while minimising discomfort.

Why is the skin cleaned before the Feet treatment process?

A thorough clean ensures your feet are free of dust and oils. This is important as it allows for smoother wax application and ultimately offers better waxing results.

Can I use the Feet treatment to manage unwanted foot hair in the long term?

Absolutely. Regular Feet waxing can provide a long-term solution for foot hair management since the waxing process removes hair from the roots, resulting in slower and less noticeable regrowth.

Does the Feet treatment cause any discomfort?

While the waxing process may involve a brief moment of discomfort when the wax strip is removed, our skilled therapists work with precision and control to minimise discomfort as much as possible.

I have particularly thick foot hairs. Will the Feet treatment be effective?

Yes, our Feet waxing treatment is designed to work effectively regardless of hair thickness. Waxing pulls hair out by the root, making it a great solution for even the most stubborn of hairs.

What is the benefit of the Feet treatment over shaving or plucking?

The benefit of waxing is that it removes hair from the root, leading to a longer-lasting smoothness compared to shaving or plucking. It also tends to result in slower and finer regrowth.

Is Feet treatment suitable for all foot hair lengths and types?

Yes, our Feet waxing treatment can effectively remove hair of all lengths and types. Whether you have fine or coarse hair, you can expect noticeable results from our treatment.