20 mins treatment priced at £30.00

The Process

When you opt for our Back Waxing service, you are choosing a top-tier, quick and high-quality solution to unwanted back hair. Back waxing begins with cleaning the area to remove any oils or lotions that might interfere with the wax. After prepping, our highly trained technicians will apply quality wax on the designated area. The wax secures around the hair and hardens. This hardening allows the hair to be fully removed from the follicle during removal. With care to minimise discomfort, the wax strip is pulled off quickly against the direction of hair growth. This swift movement decreases the potential for hair breakage, ensuring all hair is effectively yanked out from the roots. After the procedure, soothing lotion is applied to calm the skin and reduce any inflammation.

The Result

Once the treatment is done, you are gifted with beautifully smooth, hair-free skin. Not only does the back appear sleeker, but you may also notice a brighter complexion, as waxing exfoliates the skin, wiping away dead skin cells. The results of back waxing can last up to six weeks, depending on your body's hair growth cycle. Moreover, waxing frequently can eventually reduce hair growth over time, meaning less waxing in the future. Having a hairless back can also boost your confidence especially during swimming season. Improve the feel and appearance of your skin with our Back Waxing service. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing you're getting a professional and hygienic service tailored for maximum comfort and effectiveness.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What does the Back Waxing service at Dream Nails involve?

Our Back Waxing service involves a thorough clean of the area, followed by the application of quality wax by our trained technicians. The wax hardens and is then removed swiftly, pulling out hair from the roots. A soothing lotion is applied after the treatment to calm the skin.

How long does the hair-free result of Back Waxing last?

The results of our Back Waxing service at Dream Nails can last up to six weeks, depending on your body's hair growth cycle.

Can Back Waxing reduce hair growth over time?

Yes, frequently opting for our Back Waxing service can gradually decrease hair growth over time, leading to less frequent need for waxing in the future.

Can waxing enhance the appearance of my skin?

Indeed, waxing not only removes unwanted hair but also exfoliates the skin, getting rid of dead skin cells, which may lead to a brighter, more elegant complexion.

Is the Back Waxing service painful?

We aim to minimise any discomfort during our Back Waxing service. The wax strip is removed quickly against the direction of hair growth, which reduces the potential for hair breakage and limits discomfort.

Is there any post treatment care suggested after the Back Waxing service?

Following the waxing, a soothing lotion is applied to calm the skin and lessen any possible inflammation. It is also advised to avoid sun exposure and hot baths for 24 hours post treatment.

Can I wear swimwear or go swimming after Back Waxing?

Yes, the Back Waxing treatment leaves your back sleek and hair-free, making you feel confident in swimwear. However, avoid entering chlorinated water for at least 24 hours after waxing to protect the freshly waxed skin.

Will I experience any inflammation after the Back Waxing procedure?

It's possible that you might experience minor inflammation after waxing. To combat this, we apply a soothing lotion to your skin post-treatment.

Why is the hair removed in the opposite direction of growth during Back Waxing?

Removing the wax strip quickly in the opposite direction of hair growth increases the likelihood of hair being effectively removed from the roots and reduces the potential for hair breakage.

Is the wax used for the Back Waxing service safe and skin-friendly?

Absolutely, at Dream Nails, we use only high-quality, skin-friendly wax for our Back Waxing service to ensure the safety and comfort of our clients.