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Soak Off Gel & Manicure

40 mins treatment priced at £30.00

The Gel Soak Off & Manicure Process

Step into happiness with our Soak Off Gel & Manicure. This treatment begins with us gently soaking your current gel polish off. This process requires time and patience, but don't worry! At Dream Nails, our skilled nail technicians carefully remove the gel without damaging your natural nails. Following the soak-off, we then proceed to a full manicure. This involves filing and shaping your nails, pushing and clipping the cuticles for a neat appearance. Afterwards, we apply a base coat to protect your nails, follow it with the polish of your choice, and finally apply a top coat for a glossy, finished look.

The Soak Off Gel & Manicure Result

Our Soak Off Gel & Manicure treatment not only removes your existing gel polish but also ensures the health of your natural nails underneath. The result is stunningly crafted nails reflective of your personal style. Your fingers will be left looking elegant and polished, embodying the essence of immaculate grooming. We offer a wide range of polish colours, allowing your manicure to match your personality or mood. The high gloss finish of our top coat extends the life of your manicure, ensuring your nails stay perfect for a longer time. This treatment is not just about good-looking nails, it's about promoting overall nail health, making your natural nails stronger, and maintaining their beauty. We believe that every detail of your appearance should be perfect and our Soak Off Gel & Manicure does just that, it adds the finishing touch to your beauty.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the Soak Off Gel & Manicure treatment?

Our Soak Off Gel & Manicure treatment initially involves soaking and gentle removal of your existing gel polish, followed by a full manicure. This includes nail shaping, cuticle care, application of a protective base coat, your preferred nail polish, and a glossy top coat. The treatment promotes overall nail health, strength and beauty.

How does the Soak Off process work?

The Soak Off process is a gentle method of removing existing gel polish from your nails. With patience and precision, our skilled technicians soak your nails to soften the polish, ensuring it comes off without damaging the natural nail underneath.

Is the Soak Off Gel & Manicure treatment safe for my natural nails?

Absolutely! Our Soak Off Gel & Manicure treatment is designed not just to make your nails look great, but to promote their natural health and strength. We take great care during the soak-off process to prevent any damage to your natural nails.

Can I choose my own nail polish colour for the manicure?

Definitely. We have a wide range of polish colours for you to choose from to match your personal style, mood or outfit. Our aim is to provide a manicure that best reflects your personality.

Will my manicure have a glossy finish?

Yes, we use a high gloss top coat to finish off your manicure. This not only gives your nails a fresh, polished appearance but also extends the life of your manicure, keeping your nails looking perfect for longer.

What happens after the gel polish has been soaked off?

Once your existing gel polish has been carefully removed, our team proceeds to give you a full manicure. This involves shaping your nails, caring for your cuticles, and then applying a base coat, your chosen nail polish colour, and a top coat.

Can the Soak Off Gel & Manicure treatment make my natural nails stronger?

Certainly! Our Soak Off Gel & Manicure treatment promotes overall nail health, helping to nurture and strengthen your natural nails in the process, even beneath the polish.

Is the Soak Off Gel & Manicure suitable for all nail types?

Yes, all nail types can benefit from our Soak Off Gel & Manicure treatment. Our skilled and experienced nail technicians customise the treatment to suit your specific nail requirements and preferences.

What do you use to soak off the gel polish?

We use a special soak-off solution to safely and gently soften the gel polish on your nails. This allows us to remove it without causing any harm or discomfort to your natural nails.

Does the Soak Off Gel & Manicure treatment help in enhancing the beauty of my hands?

Yes, our Soak Off Gel & Manicure treatment is as much about beautiful hands as it is about beautiful nails. It leaves your fingers looking polished, elegant and well-groomed, adding a finishing touch to your natural beauty.