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Soak Off and BIAB Gel

1 hr 15 mins treatment priced at £50.00

A Refreshing Process

We start off the Soak Off and BIAB Gel treatment at Dream Nails by gently buffing your nails to remove the superficial layer and prepare them for the soak-off procedure. We then submerge your nails in a specially-formulated solution designed to soften and lift the old gel polish. This method is absolutely non-destructive and ensures your natural nails remain intact and healthy. After the old polish has been entirely removed, we apply the BIAB (Builder in a Bottle) gel to your nails. This state-of-the-art gel formulation is much more than a typical nail polish. It's actually a builder gel, but instead of being in a pot like traditional builder gels, BIAB comes in a handy bottle, making the process hassle-free and highly effective.

Unmatched Results

The BIAB gel not only acts as a long-lasting polish, giving your nails an elegant and vibrant shine, but also plays as a protective barrier and strengthener. Its main function is to add a new layer of protection to your nails, thus shielding them from breakage or damage. The result is a set of rock-solid nails that retain their integrity and beauty for a prolonged period. As for colour selection - your imagination is the limit with Dream Nails. We offer a diverse palette of stunning shades that you can match with your mood or outfit. Whether it’s a classic French, bold red, or delicate pastel, our Soak Off and BIAB Gel treatment will always have you showing off your nails in style.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the Soak Off and BIAB Gel treatment?

Our Soak Off and BIAB Gel treatment involves a two-step process. First, we gently buff and soak off your old gel polish. Next, we apply BIAB (Builder in a Bottle) gel, which plays the dual role of a polish and strengthener, protecting your nails from damage, while giving them a vibrant shine.

What does BIAB stand for in the treatment?

BIAB stands for Builder In A Bottle. This is a specially formulated gel that acts as a protective barrier, strengthens the nails, and also serves as a long-lasting polish.

Are there any risks involved with the Soak Off procedure?

Our Soak Off procedure is designed to be safe and non-destructive. We use a special solution to soften and lift the old gel polish without damaging the natural nail underneath. That being said, sensitivity can vary, and we always recommend discussing any concerns with your nail technician before your treatment.

What are the benefits of the BIAB Gel in your treatment?

BIAB Gel is a game-changer in the nail industry. It provides a protective layer, minimising the risk of breakage or nail damage. It also works as a vibrant, long-lasting polish. The result is stronger, healthier, and more beautiful nails.

How does the BIAB Gel differ from typical nail polish?

Unlike regular nail polish, BIAB Gel doesn't just add color to your nails. It works as a strengthener and a protective barrier, ensuring your nails retain their health and integrity. Furthermore, it comes in a convenient bottle, making the application process easier and more effective.

Can I choose any colour with the Soak Off and BIAB Gel treatment?

Absolutely! Your imagination is your only limit when it comes to colour selection. We have a diverse palette of stunning shades to match your mood, personal style, or outfit.

Can the Soak Off and BIAB Gel treatment be used on bitten or damaged nails?

Yes, our treatment can be safely used on bitten or damaged nails. The BIAB gel acts as a protective barrier, strengthening nails, and promoting growth. We always recommend discussing your nail condition with our nail technicians for the best advice.

Does the Soak Off and BIAB Gel treatment help with nail growth?

Yes, it does. The BIAB Gel acts as a protective barrier, which shields your own nails from damage and promotes healthier growth. This makes it an excellent choice for anyone looking to grow their natural nails.

Is the Soak Off and BIAB Gel treatment suitable for all types of nails?

Yes, our Soak Off and BIAB Gel treatment is suitable for all nail types and conditions. It's particularly beneficial for weak or brittle nails that need added strength and protection.

Will the BIAB Gel damage my natural nails?

Not at all, the BIAB Gel is designed to protect and strengthen your natural nails. Our soak-off procedure ensures the old polish is removed gently, leaving your natural nails intact and undamaged. As a result, your nails can keep their health and integrity.