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Infills Ombré

50 mins treatment priced at £45.00

A Transformative Treatment

Infills Ombré from Dream Nails is much more than a mere nail treatment; it's an innovative work of nail artistry that will leave your nails remarkably revived. As a part of the acrylic extension, extension, and refills and fixes categories, this treatment ensures your extensions maintain their allure, remain strong, and keep up with the latest trends in nail fashion.The process for Infills Ombré treatment begins with one of our skilled nail technicians assessing the growth of your current acrylic extensions. They then skillfully fill in the growth area using a high-quality acrylic mixture. But, this treatment isn't just about refills. Once your nails are perfectly infilled, the transforming Ombré artistry begins. Our technicians seamlessly blend two or more harmonising colours across your nails, resulting in a trendy graduated effect known as Ombré.

The Impeccable Result

Post this treatment, you will have nails so flawless, you won't be able to help but show them off. The infills give your nails a fresh facelift, ensuring they look as good as new. Moreover, the added strength from the refill will help protect your nails from breakage, promote growth and ensure a long-lasting wear.The Ombré effect isn't just about following the trend. Its subtle transition from one shade to another offers a unique look that can be tailored to suit any attire. Whether you want a drastic change in shades or want the hues to softly dissolve into each other, Infills Ombré satisfies all desires.With Infills Ombré, your nails will remain at the forefront of fashion whilst maintaining their health. This glamorous and effectual treatment is all about giving your nails the amorous attention they deserve.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What does the Infills Ombré treatment involve?

Our Infills Ombré treatment starts with a detailed assessment of your current acrylic extensions. Our skilled technicians then fill the growth area with a premium quality acrylic mixture. After infilling, we artfully blend two or more compatible colours to achieve a fashionable Ombré effect.

How does Infills Ombré protect my nails?

The high-quality acrylic infusion used during the infilling process provides an additional layer of strength to your nails. This not only prevents breakages but promotes healthy growth and ensures lasting wear of your extensions.

Can the Ombré effect be customised to my liking?

Absolutely, our technicians can tailor the Ombré effect to suit your preference. Whether you desire a dramatic contrast in shades or prefer a subtle transition between hues, we cater to all your requests.

What benefits does Infills Ombré offer?

Besides maintaining the allure of your extensions, Infills Ombré enhances their strength, promotes nail growth, ensures long-wear, and provides a trendy look with its fashionable Ombré effect.

How often should I get Infills Ombré done?

We generally recommend getting your infills done every 2-3 weeks to maintain the optimal look and health of your acrylic extensions. However, this could vary based on your nail growth and personal preference.

Can Infills Ombré be done on natural nails?

While the infilling process is designed for acrylic extensions, the Ombré effect can certainly be applied to natural nails. Speak with our technicians to explore the best services for your nails.

What kind of acrylic mixture is used in Infills Ombré?

We use a high-quality acrylic mixture designed to be strong yet lightweight, ensuring your nails remain healthy while looking stunning.

Do I need to prepare my nails before the Infills Ombré treatment?

No specific preparation is needed on your part. Our skilled technicians will assess your nails and perform any necessary prep work to ensure your nails are ready for the treatment.

Can I choose more than two colours for the Ombré effect?

Yes, it's possible to incorporate more than two colours to create your personalised Ombré design. You can discuss your colour options with our technicians during your appointment.

What results can I expect after the Infills Ombré treatment?

After the treatment, you can expect refreshed, strengthened, and fashionable nails that are following the latest trends. The Ombré effect provides a unique look tailor-made to your style that will surely turn heads.