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Full Set Acrylic

1 hr treatment priced at £45.00

The Full Set Acrylic Process

At Dream Nails, your nail health is our top priority - this is the reason we have perfected the process of offering a Full Set Acrylic treatment. This begins with a thorough prep session to ensure your nails are clean and ready. We gently buff it to create the ideal surface for the acrylic. The well-selected acrylic is then carefully painted on, meticulously shaped to each unique nail, and hardened using a special UV light process. This ensures every acrylic extension is absolute perfection. But we don’t stop there; the masterpiece is then buffed and polished to create an attention-grabbing shine. You also have the option to further glam up your new set with custom designs and colours.

The Beautiful Results

Long-lasting, glamorous nails are within your reach with our Full Set Acrylic treatment. Offering the perfect balance of durability and elegance, these false nails quite naturally mimic the feel of your real nails, but with a much superior appearance and longevity. They are also stronger compared to other nail extension options, making them perfect for daily wear. You can garden, type, or open canned goods without fear. With Full Set Acrylics, you’re not just getting a treatment, but an upgrade to your everyday life. Push boundaries and express your personal style with nails that stay perfect for weeks, allowing you to flaunt your fabulous hands everywhere you go. Overall, our Full Set Acrylic nails provide the durability, versatility, and style you need in today's fast-paced world.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What makes Full Set Acrylic nails more durable and practical for daily wear?

Full Set Acrylic nails are made using a high-quality acrylic that is meticulously shaped and hardened under a UV light. This unique process ensures the extensions are strong, long-lasting, and beautifully natural-looking. The acrylic material is also more durable compared to other nail extension options, which makes it perfectly suitable for daily activities such as typing, gardening, or opening canned goods. This balance of durability, versatility and style makes a Full Set Acrylic treatment an excellent choice for an everyday look.

Can I apply a custom design or colour to my Full Set Acrylics at Dream Nails?

Absolutely, at Dream Nails we don’t just offer you the Full Set Acrylic treatment, but also the option to further glam up your new set with custom designs and colours to reflect your personal style.

Are Full Set Acrylic nails suitable for everyday tasks?

Yes, Full Set Acrylics offer a superior balance between elegance and durability. These false nails can withstand daily tasks such as gardening, typing or opening canned goods without any damage.

How does the Full Set Acrylic process look after my nail health?

We start the process with a thorough prep session to ensure your nails are clean and ready while also buffing to create an ideal surface for the acrylic which minimises damage to your real nails.

Do Full Set Acrylic treatments reflect the feel of natural nails?

Yes, the Full Set Acrylic nails mimic the natural feel of your real nails, so you won’t feel any significant difference, but you'll notice a superior appearance and longevity.

What materials are used in the Full Set Acrylic nail process at Dream Nails?

We use a well-selected acrylic which is painted on, shaped, and hardened using a special UV light process – ensuring that every extension is absolute perfection.

How is the shine on Full Set Acrylic nails achieved?

After the acrylic nail extensions are perfectly fitted, we take an extra step to buff and polish the nails. This process creates that attention-grabbing shine that lasts for weeks.

Do Full Set Acrylic nails have better longevity compared to other options?

Indeed, the Full Set Acrylic nails are designed to last longer than most other nail extension options. With good care, they can stay perfect for several weeks.

Is there any risk of damage during the Full Set Acrylic application process?

Our nail technicians at Dream Nails are highly trained and experienced. They gently buff your nail to create an ideal surface for acrylics, minimising any potential damage to your nails.

What is the special UV light process mentioned in the Full Set Acrylic treatment?

We use a special UV light which hardens the acrylic, this process makes the acrylic set perfectly on your nails, ensuring every acrylic extension is shaped to perfection.

What level of maintenance do Full Set Acrylic nails require?

Due to their durability, Full Set Acrylics require minimal maintenance. However, we always recommend you to keep your nails clean, and avoid harsh chemicals to maintain their longevity and shine.