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Full Body with Hollywood

1 hr 30 mins treatment priced at £105.00

Process and Preparation

Experience an indulgent, top-to-bottom waxing service at Dream Nails. Our 'Full Body with Hollywood' treatment begins by ensuring the utmost comfort and relaxation for our clients. Our highly-trained beauty therapists use only the finest wax products, optimised to work seamlessly with all skin types. The process starts with a soothing pre-wax lotion to prepare your skin for the waxing session.

Next, we focus on every part of your body; from your legs, arms, and underarms to the delicate bikini area for a Hollywood wax. A Hollywood wax involves the removal of all pubic hair, resulting in a very clean, flawless look. We take extra care in these sensitive areas and work with precision to deliver a smooth and near pain-free waxing experience. We ensure that we accommodate any specific requests or concerns in our personalised service designed just for you.

Results and Aftercare

After the treatment, you’ll feel clean, refreshed, and silky-smooth all over. With all unwanted hair removed, your skin is left feeling soft and rejuvenated. The Hollywood wax creates a clean aesthetic, offering total freedom when it comes to your choice of wardrobe.

Following the waxing, we apply a post-waxing lotion to soothe the skin and minimise redness, leaving your skin feeling comfortable and calm. Regular waxing sessions promote lighter hair regrowth and a longer duration of smooth skin. The 'Full Body with Hollywood' is not only about hair removal, but it's also a self-care ritual that leaves you revitalised and confident in your own skin.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What exactly does 'Full Body with Hollywood' treatment involve?

Our 'Full Body with Hollywood' treatment is a comprehensive waxing service covering all parts of the body. This includes the arms, legs, underarms and the bikini area, providing a clean and flawless finish especially with the Hollywood wax.

What is a Hollywood wax?

A Hollywood wax is a waxing method that removes all pubic hair. This leaves a very clean and smooth finish, providing a feeling of complete cleanliness.

How do you prepare my skin for the treatment?

We prepare your skin for the treatment by applying a soothing pre-wax lotion. This prepares your skin for the waxing session, ensuring optimal results.

Is the treatment painful?

While everyone has different pain thresholds, our trained therapists work with precision and care, particularly in sensitive areas. The aim is to make the process as smooth and near pain-free as possible.

Is there an aftercare process following the treatment?

Yes, post-treatment, we apply a soothing after-wax lotion. This helps to minimise any redness and leaves the skin feeling comfortable and calm.

How long does the smoothness last?

Regular waxing sessions promote lighter hair regrowth and a longer duration of smooth skin. However, this can also depend on your personal rate of hair growth.

Does the treatment work on all skin types?

Yes, our high-quality wax products have been optimised to work seamlessly with all skin types, ensuring you get great results, irrespective of your skin type.

Can I request specific areas to be focused on?

Absolutely, our service is personalised for every client. We are more than happy to accommodate any specific requests or concerns.

How does the 'Full Body with Hollywood' affect hair regrowth?

Regular waxing sessions can result in lighter hair regrowth. This means that over time, your hair may grow back finer and less dense than before.

Is the 'Full Body with Hollywood' treatment suitable for everyone?

While the treatment is generally suitable for both men and women, your comfort is important to us. In rare cases if you have any medical conditions or allergies, we would advise consulting with your physician beforehand.