One Nail Gel

The Process

A simple one nail rectification to ensure your nails have the perfect Gel set.

The Result

Post the One Nail Gel application, your nails shall be restored to their brighter, fuller version radiating an enticing appeal.

Treatment offered at:
  • Loughton: £10.00, a 10 mins treatment
  • Wanstead: £10.00, a 10 mins treatment
  • Royal Wharf: £10.00, a 10 mins treatment
  • Blackwall Reach: £10.00, a 10 mins treatment
  • Gallions Reach: £10.00, a 10 mins treatment
Treatment Category:
  • Gel Colour
  • Gel
  • Refills and Fixes

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is unique about the One Nail Gel treatment?

Our One Nail Gel treatment allows you to express your unique style by making a statement with just one nail. This comes with a choice from our range of high-quality gel polishes and ensured long-lasting glossiness that doesn't peel or chip.

What does the One Nail Gel treatment process entail?

The process begins with you picking a colour from our gel polish range. A nail technician then preps your chosen nail before applying the gel. The application is cured under LED light to lock in the colour and the process is repeated until the desired colour intensity is achieved.

Can I choose the nail for the One Nail Gel treatment?

Absolutely, you're free to choose which nail you'd like the One Nail Gel treatment applied to. Our nail technicians will work with you to deliver your desired look.

How long does the One Nail Gel treatment last?

Our One Nail Gel treatment is designed to last for at least two weeks without peeling or chipping. This durability allows you to enjoy your unique style for longer without worry about constant touch-ups.

What if I want a change of colour before two weeks?

While our One Nail Gel is meant to last, it can be professionally removed at our salon if you would like a change before the two-week mark. Your nail health and satisfaction is our priority.

Do I need to prepare my nails before the One Nail Gel treatment?

There's no specific preparation needed on your part. Our experienced nail technicians will prep your chosen nail at the salon for optimal adhesion of the One Nail Gel polish.

Is the gel polish used for the One Nail Gel treatment safe?

Yes, the gel polishes we use for our One Nail Gel treatment are high-quality and safe. They are designed for lasting wear without causing damage to your natural nail.

Can the One Nail Gel treatment be applied over artificial nails?

Yes, our One Nail Gel treatment can be applied over both natural and artificial nails. This way, you can enjoy the lasting gloss and unique style it offers, irrespective of your nail type.

What does curing under LED light mean?

Curing under LED light involves exposing the applied gel polish to a certain type of light. This process helps to harden and set the gel, locking in the colour and ensuring its durability.

Is the One Nail Gel treatment suitable for all skin tones?

Indeed, our One Nail Gel treatment works well for all skin tones. With an extensive range of gel polish colours to choose from, you can select one that best complements your skin tone.