Infills with Gel Polish

Rejuvenating Nail Care

Acrylic extensions are a fantastic solution to enjoy beautiful, long-lasting, strong nails. However, as your natural nails grow, gaps can show up between the artificial nail and the cuticle. This is where Infills with Gel Polish, a popular treatment at Dream Nails, comes into play. An infills treatment involves filling these gaps to maintain the continuity and aesthetic appeal of your extensions. Our trained nail technicians first remove the gel polish from your nails. After inspecting and preparing your nails, the infills are precisely applied to ensure they blend seamlessly with your existing extensions. Once the infills are set and your nails reshaped as needed, our experts apply a coat of rich, glossy gel polish. Gel polish is known for its long-lasting shine and durability, perfect for an always-on-the-go lifestyle.

Impeccable Results

The result of an Infills with Gel Polish treatment is nothing short of extraordinary. With all gaps filled and polish reapplied, your nails will look as stunning as when you first got your extensions. The added benefit of gel polish is its longevity. With proper care, gel polish can last for weeks without chipping or peeling off, leaving your nails looking fabulous for an extended period. It's essential to maintain your acrylic extensions, and our Infills with Gel Polish treatment does just that, ensuring they remain flawless and robust. Treat yourself to this fantastic service at Dream Nails, and keep your manicure looking fresh and polished.

Treatment offered at:
  • Loughton: £35.00, a 50 mins treatment
  • Wanstead: £35.00, a 50 mins treatment
  • Royal Wharf: £45.00, a 50 mins treatment
  • Blackwall Reach: £45.00, a 50 mins treatment
  • Gallions Reach: £45.00, a 50 mins treatment
Treatment Category:
  • Acrylic Extensions
  • Extensions
  • Refills and Fixes

Frequently Asked Questions

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What exactly are infills with gel polish?

Infills with Gel Polish is a treatment we offer at Dream Nails to maintain the continuity and aesthetic appeal of your acrylic extensions. This involves filling in the gaps caused by the natural growth of your nails, reshaping them, and applying a coat of long-lasting, glossy gel polish.

How can I maintain the look of my acrylic extensions?

Maintaining your acrylic extensions requires regular infills treatments. By filling in the gaps, reshaping your nails, and applying a fresh coat of gel polish, your extensions will continue to look as stunning as when you first had them.

Why choose infills with gel polish?

Opting for infills with gel polish not only keeps your acrylic extensions looking good, but gel polish is also known for its longevity. With the appropriate care, your manicure can remain chip-free and maintain its shine for weeks.

What type of polish do you use for the infills?

We use a rich, glossy gel polish for our infills. Gel polish is known for its durability and ability to hold shine for an extended period.

How often should I get infills with gel polish treatment?

That depends on how fast your natural nails grow and your personal case. However, many of our clients come in for an infill treatment every 2-3 weeks.

Is the infills with gel polish treatment safe?

Absolutely. All of our treatments at Dream Nails, including infills with gel polish, are safe. Our highly trained technicians prioritise nail health throughout the treatment procedure.

Do infills damage my natural nails?

No, infills are designed to maintain your acrylic extensions without causing damage to your natural nails. Our trained technicians ensure a careful application process to safeguard your nail health.

Will the gel polish peel off from my acrylic extensions?

Gel polish is known for its durability and, with proper care, it will not peel off your acrylic extensions. It's designed to last for weeks while maintaining its shine.

What does the infill treatment process look like?

Our nail technicians begin by removing the old gel polish from your nails. They then prepare your nails and apply the infills, blending them seamlessly with your existing extensions. This is followed by a coat of glossy gel polish.

Can I choose the colour of the gel polish in the infills treatment?

Absolutely, you can choose from a range of rich, glossy gel polish colours. Our nail technicians at Dream Nails are here to help you achieve a look that suits your style and preference.