Chin Threading

The process of Chin Threading

Chin threading at Dream Nails involves an age-old technique that beautifully shapes and defines the contours of your chin. Our experienced estheticians start with a thorough consultation to understand your specific needs and expectations. The chin area is then prepped and cleaned to ensure a hygienic threading process. A thin, twisted cotton thread is skillfully manipulated over the chin to pluck at the follicles, clearing away unwanted hair in a precise manner. While it may sound intense, the procedure is done gently and meticulously, providing minimal discomfort for our clients. Our estheticians are all about technique, ensuring that the process is as painless as possible. Since threading does not involve the use of chemicals, it is an excellent option for those with sensitive skin.

The Unmatched Result of Chin Threading

Dream Nails' chin threading leads to impeccably smooth and sculpted results. You will notice a significant reduction in any visible hair, offering a clean, defined outline to your chin. Unlike other hair removal methods, threading removes hair from the root, ensuring longevity of the results. The hair regrowth will be slow, and over time, the hair will grow back lighter and finer. One session of our chin threading treatment can keep your chin area hair-free for as long as six weeks. This treatment not only provides a flawless, hairless chin but also assists in enhancing the overall appearance of your face by accentuating your natural features. Threading is a gentle and natural way to eliminate unwanted hair, leaving your skin feeling soft, smooth and refreshed.

Treatment offered at:
  • Loughton: £10.00, a 10 mins treatment
  • Royal Wharf: £10.00, a 10 mins treatment
  • Blackwall Reach: £10.00, a 10 mins treatment
  • Gallions Reach: £10.00, a 10 mins treatment
Treatment Category:
  • Threading
  • Brows, Lashes and More

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the procedure of chin threading at Dream Nails?

Our chin threading process begins with a consultation to understand your needs. The chin area is then cleaned and prepped, and a thin, twisted cotton thread is used to gently remove unwanted hair follicles, offering a precise and comfortable experience.

Is chin threading painful?

Although the procedure may sound intense, our skilled technicians ensure it's carried out gently and carefully, resulting in minimal discomfort. They focus on technique to ensure a as painless as possible experience.

Can people with sensitive skin opt for chin threading?

Absolutely, since threading does not involve the use of chemicals, it's an excellent, gentle option for those with sensitive skin, reducing the risk of irritation and reactions.

What are the benefits of chin threading?

Chin threading not only removes unwanted hair but also shapes and defines your chin. With hair removed from the root, regrowth is slow, growing back lighter and finer over time.

How long can results of a chin threading session last?

The results from a single chin threading session can keep your chin hair-free for as long as six weeks. As hair is removed from the root, the results are more long-lasting compared to other hair removal methods.

How does chin threading affect hair regrowth?

By removing hair from the roots, the regrowth rate is reduced, and over time, the hair grows back lighter and finer. This makes future hair less visible and easier to manage.

Can chin threading enhance facial features?

Yes, by cleaning and sculpting the chin area, chin threading can enhance your natural features, providing a defined outline to your face, leading to an overall improved appearance.

What does the chin feel like after threading?

After chin threading at Dream Nails, your skin will feel soft, smooth, and refreshed. There will be a significant reduction in visible hair, leaving your chin impeccably smooth.

What type of thread is used for chin threading?

Dream Nails uses a thin, twisted cotton thread for chin threading. This cotton thread is skilfully manipulated over the chin to precisely pluck out unwanted hair follicles.

How hygienic is the chin threading procedure at Dream Nails?

Your health and safety is our top priority. The chin threading procedure at Dream Nails starts with a thorough cleaning of the chin area to ensure a hygienic process.