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Soak Off & Full Set Aprés Nails

1 hr 15 mins treatment priced at £55.00

An Engaging Transformation

At Dream Nails, we understand the importance of attractive, well-cared nails. Therefore, we offer our Soak Off & Full Set Aprés Nails treatment, providing you with the ultimate experience that combines both renewal and enhancement!

The treatment begins with a thorough soaking of the nails, which gently removes any old nail polish or acrylic. This is a gentle, stress-free process, causing no harm or stress to your nails. After this careful preparation, your nails are all set for the main event - the full set Aprés Nails.

Experience the Outstanding Results

The Aprés Nails system is a revolutionary method of nail extension, loved for its lightweight feel, flexibility, and the natural look it imparts. We use high-quality gel nails, sculpted perfectly to fit your unique nail shape and length. The Aprés Nails gel extensions give a sophisticated, professional look that guarantees you'll make a statement wherever you go.

Our Soak Off & Full Set Aprés Nails treatment is more than a procedure, it's an experience that leaves your nails rejuvenated and looking fabulous. We take pride in giving you a treatment that has long lasting durability, allowing you to enjoy the results for weeks on end!

Embrace the opportunity to spoil yourself with this superb treatment - because at Dream Nails, we believe every woman deserves to enjoy the luxury of beautifully manicured nails.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What exactly is the Soak Off & Full Set Aprés Nails treatment?

This two-part treatment includes first soaking off any current polish or acrylics, preparing your nails for a set of new Aprés gel nail extensions which are sculpted to fit your unique nail shape and length.

Is the soaking process harmful to my nails?

No, the soaking process doesn't harm your nails. It is designed to be a gentle, stress-free method of removing old polish or acrylic.

What makes Aprés Nails different from other nail extension methods?

Aprés Nails is loved for their lightweight feel, flexibility, and natural look. They are also renowned for their durability.

What kind of nails does the Soak Off & Full Set Aprés Nails treatment suit best?

This treatment is perfect for anyone wanting to renew and enhance their nails, regardless of their current condition.

Are the Aprés Nails gel extensions heavy or uncomfortable to wear?

No, they are highly regarded for their lightweight nature and flexibility, providing the feel of natural nails.

Can I choose the length of my Aprés Nails extensions?

Yes. Our nail specialists sculpt the extensions to fit your unique nail shape and your preferred length.

What is the durability of full set Aprés Nails?

Aprés Nails gel extensions are well-known for their long-lasting durability, providing enjoyment for weeks on end.

What does the Aprés Nails treatment look like when finished?

The Aprés Nails treatment imparts a sophisticated, professional look, which guarantees you'll make a statement wherever you go.

Are the Aprés Nails extensions easy to remove?

Yes, when you're ready for a change, they can be soaked off much like any other gel or acrylic nail.

Is the Soak Off & Full Set Aprés Nails treatment safe for pregnant women?

Yes, this treatment doesn't involve any harmful chemicals and is completely safe for all clients, including pregnant women.