Spa Pedicure

45 mins treatment priced at £30.00

Indulging in the Process of Spa Pedicure

Experience an exclusive, immersive foot care routine with our Spa Pedicure. A therapeutic regime that reassures unwinding the deepest fibres of stress carrying muscles, this treatment is an amalgamation of luxury and care. Our session begins with a warm, soothing foot soak infused with essential oils that cleanse your feet, softening the skin and cuticles. This is followed by a detailed cuticle care and toenail shaping, for the healthy, neat appearance of your feet.

Next, enjoy a meticulously done exfoliation using a scrub that eliminates all dead skin cells, increasing the blood circulation and rendering a smooth skin texture. The treatment is then graced by a tranquilising massage done with a hydrating cream that nourishes your skin, taking you into a realm of relaxation. This magical process concludes with a coat of vibrant nail polish of your choice, adding a touch of elegance to your lovely feet.

Revel in the Result of Spa Pedicure

Our Spa Pedicure guarantees you a perfect end result - rested, rejuvenated, and remarkably beautiful feet. You will feel the stress easing out of you as the crucial pressure points get massaged, aiding the relaxation of your whole body. This treatment offers a healthy atmosphere for your toenails, preventing potential nail diseases and discolorations.

The aftermath of an invigorating exfoliation coupled with a massage awaits as supremely smooth, fresh and well-nourished skin. Adding a colour palette to the canvas, the nail polish lights up your feet with a pleasing aesthetic look. Float away in a state of bliss, as our Spa Pedicure leaves your feet looking pretty and feeling fabulous.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the initial step of the Spa Pedicure?

Our Spa Pedicure starts off with a warm foot soak. We incorporate essential oils for their cleansing properties, which help soften your skin and cuticles.

What happens after the foot soak in the Spa Pedicure?

We carry out an exhaustive cuticle care and toenail shaping procedure. This ensures your feet look neat and healthy.

What type of scrub is used for the Spa Pedicure exfoliation?

We utilise a scrub specifically formulated to eliminate all dead skin cells during the Spa Pedicure. This scrub also boosts blood circulation and results in the smooth texture of your skin.

What is the purpose of the massage in the Spa Pedicure?

A soothing massage using hydrating cream helps nourish your skin and evoke a sensation of relaxation. This massage also aids in the progression of the Spa Pedicure process.

Does the Spa Pedicure include a nail polish application?

Definitely, the Spa Pedicure concludes with a vibrant nail polish of your choice, enhancing the beauty of your feet.

How should I expect to feel after a Spa Pedicure treatment?

You'll leave the salon feeling invigorated and entirely relaxed. The massage targets critical pressure points to aid the relaxation of your entire body.

How frequently should I schedule a Spa Pedicure?

The frequency of a Spa Pedicure can vary, but for the best results, we recommend a session every four to six weeks. It aids in maintaining the health of your toenails and skin.

How can the Spa Pedicure prevent potential nail diseases and discolourations?

The Spa Pedicure maintains a healthy environment for your toenails. Proper cuticle care and a nutritious soak help prevent potential nail diseases and discolourations.

What is the result of the Spa Pedicure's exfoliation and massage?

After the effective exfoliation and massage, your skin will feel noticeably softer, smoother, and well-nourished, and your stress will be greatly reduced.

What is the objective of the nail polish application in a Spa Pedicure?

The application of a vibrant nail polish adds to the aesthetic appeal of your feet, illuminating them with a pleasing look that complements your overall appearance.