Soak Off & SNS French

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Soak Off Procedure

This procedure involves a gentle and effective way of removing your existing nail polish or gel, reducing the amount of damage to your natural nails. The Soak Off treatment at Dream Nails is undertaken by our highly skilled nail technicians who ensure that the process is not only effective but also comforting. It begins with the buffing of the previously applied polish, followed by the application of a special solvent to dissolve the remaining polish and it is then carefully wiped away leaving a clean nail bed. This process is not just about removing the polish, but also ensuring that your nails remain healthy and vigorous. It's a perfect prep for the next step, SNS French application.

SNS French Application

The Signature Nail Systems (SNS) French manicure is a popular choice, offering an elegant, timeless look with superior durability. The SNS application process is known to be healthier for your nails, as it doesn’t involve UV lighting or harmful chemicals. Post Soak Off, your nails are prepared for the application of the SNS French manicure. A base coat is applied followed by the dipping of your nails into a specially formulated powder. After adequate layers are applied, your nails are shaped and buffed to a perfect finish. The end result is a sophisticated, natural-looking French manicure with added strength and durability. SNS French nails are known to last longer than traditional manicures and the healthy ingredients in the powders help to nourish and protect your nails. Enjoy the stylish, natural-looking and lasting results of the Soak Off & SNS French treatment at Dream Nails.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is meant by Soak Off procedure at Dream Nails?

The Soak Off at Dream Nails is a gentle process which effectively removes existing nail polish or gel. It involves professional buffing, application of a solvent to dissolve polish, and careful wiping to leave a clean nail bed. Our process also ensures your natural nails remain healthy and vigorous.

Why should I choose Soak Off & SNS French service?

Our Soak Off & SNS French service combines effective nail polish or gel removal using the soak off procedure with the application of a healthier and durable SNS French manicure. The SNS French manicure is an elegant choice free of UV lights and chemicals.

How is SNS healthier for my nails?

The SNS application doesn’t involve any UV lights or harmful chemicals. The formulated powder used in SNS manicures also contains healthy ingredients that nourish and protect your nails, unlike traditional nail varnishes.

Will the Soak Off procedure damage my nails?

The Soak Off method at Dream Nails is designed to minimise any potential damage to your natural nails. Implemented by our expert nail technicians, the method is gentle yet effective to maintain the health of your nails.

What is SNS French manicure?

SNS French manicure at Dream Nails involves applying a base coat to your nail, dipping the nail into a specially formulated powder, and then shaping and buffing the nail to a perfect finish. The outcome is a sophisticated French manicure that is natural-looking and durable.

Can I get the Soak Off procedure without getting an SNS French application?

Yes, you can. The Soak Off procedure at Dream Nails can be taken as an independent service. However, it serves as a perfect prep for any subsequent nail treatment, such as our SNS French application, ensuring that your natural nails are in the best possible condition.

Will the SNS French manicure look natural?

Absolutely, the SNS French manicure results in a natural-looking finish. The application process and the specially formulated powder used not only provide a stunning French manicure but also enhance the natural health and strength of your nails.

Do I need to take any special care post Soak Off & SNS French treatment?

Regular nail hygiene practices should suffice post Soak Off & SNS French treatment. The SNS French manicure is known for its durability and doesn't demand any special upkeep.

Does Dream Nails use any products during SNS French treatment that could cause an allergic reaction?

The SNS French treatment at Dream Nails employs a specialty powder and products that are generally free of harsh chemicals. However, if you have a history of nail product allergies, we recommend discussing this with our technicians before your session.

Is the Soak Off & SNS French treatment suitable for all types of nails?

Absolutely, our Soak Off and SNS French treatment is suitable for all type of nails, irrespective of their current condition. However, initial consultation with our technicians will ensure the service is tailored to your individual needs.