Gel Manicure

40 mins treatment priced at £25.00

A Luxurious Process

At Dream Nails, our Gel Manicure is more than just painting your nails, it's a whole intricate process that provides a pampering experience. The process begins with a complete nail cleanup, where we cleanse, buff, shape your nails to your preference. Subsequently, a base coat is meticulously applied to build a sturdy foundation and to protect your nails from potential staining.The unique part of the Gel Manicure process lies in the application of the gel colour of your choice. We have an enviable spectrum of colours, all of high quality and vegan friendly. The gel coat is cured under a LED lamp to harden and give it its signature long-lasting finish. In most cases, a second application of the gel coat is applied to deliver the desired intense colour pay-off.

Remarkable Results

Post this luxurious process, the results of our Gel Manicure are nothing short of stunning. Your nails achieve a high glossy finish that looks super stylish and adds a perfect finishing touch to your overall look. The results are so flawless that they often mistaken for acrylic nails.Beyond aesthetics, your nails gain an added layer of strength, helping to prevent any potential breakage, splitting or peeling. One of the amazing benefits of the Gel Manicure is the impressive longevity it offers. Kiss frequent touch-ups and chipped nails goodbye, as the gel polish stays put for up to three weeks, maintaining its high shine and immaculate look.Indulge in our Gel Manicure service and experience a true nail transformation at Dream Nails.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is included in the Gel Manicure at Dream Nails?

Our Gel Manicure includes a thorough nail clean-up process, where we buff, shape, and cleanse your nails. We then proceed to apply a base and gel coat of your choice which is hardened under an LED lamp. The final result is a glossy, durable finish with an impressive longevity of up to three weeks.

How long does the glossiness last in a Gel Manicure?

One of the greatest benefits of our Gel Manicure is its impressive longevity. The high-gloss finish achieved typically lasts for up to three weeks without chipping or peeling, maintaining its gleaming appearance.

Does your gel polish harm my natural nails?

Not at all. At Dream Nails, the gel polish we use is of the highest quality, vegan-friendly, and gentle on your natural nails. In fact, by applying a base coat before the gel polish, we protect your nails from potential staining.

What is the difference between a regular manicure and a Gel Manicure at Dream Nails?

Unlike a basic manicure, our Gel Manicure uses gel polish that is cured under a LED lamp. This not only gives your nails a glossy finish but adds an additional layer of strength, preventing potential damage such as breakage, splitting, or peeling.

Why might I choose a Gel Manicure over other treatments?

A Gel Manicure at Dream Nails results in a high glossy finish that stays for up to three weeks without chipping, making it perfect for those who want immaculate nails for longer periods. Plus, the added layer of strength helps protect your nails from potential damage.

Does a Gel Manicure at Dream Nails involve only one colour application?

We typically apply two layers of the chosen gel colour to deliver an intense colour pay-off, making the result nothing short of stunning.

Are Gel Manicures at Dream Nails mistaken for acrylic nails?

Yes, the results of our Gel Manicure are so flawless and glossy that they are often mistaken for acrylic nails. However, gel manicures offer more flexibility and are typically more gentle on your natural nails.

Will the Gel Manicure damage my nails?

No, our Gel Manicure is designed to add an extra layer of strength to your nails, protecting them from breakage, splitting, and peeling. We use high-quality, vegan-friendly products that won’t harm your natural nails.

Are the products used in the Gel Manicure vegan-friendly?

Absolutely, at Dream Nails, we are committed to using only high-quality, vegan-friendly products for our Gel Manicures. We ensure our products are not only kind to your nails but also to the environment.

Can I choose my own colour for the Gel Manicure?

Definitely! We boast an enviable spectrum of gel polish colours for you to choose from. Whether you want a classic red or an adventurous metallic, we have the perfect shade for you.