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Dreams Come True with BIAB Gel Treatment

Have you been yearning for beautiful yet durable nails that match your dynamic lifestyle? Then, look forward to experiencing the revelation of the premium BIAB Gel treatment at Dream Nails. The process is smooth and totally customer-focused. Your nail journey kicks off with a thorough cleansing of your nails to ensure a clean slate for treatment. Following this, your nails will be shaped according to your preference. Now comes the exciting part – applying the BIAB gel. Our skilled technician will carefully overlay your natural nails with the BIAB gel. Don't worry, there is no filing down or damage to your natural nails. The gel strengthens your nails, with the bonus of handling normal activities shortly after the treatment!

Flaunt Those Dream-Like Results

Post-treatment, you will have more than just a manicure. The BIAB Gel Treatment is all about durable and beautiful nails. Your nails will not only look beautiful but also feel natural and strong. They'll be flexible enough to withstand the day's tasks. And the glossy finish is the cherry on top – it's an absolute stunner and resistant to chipping. The BIAB Gel Treatment will give your nails the love they have been craving for. Experience beauty with strength, and wave goodbye to brittle and thin nails. Welcome longer-lasting and dream-like nails with the signature treatment offered at Dream Nails.

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What is BIAB Gel Treatment?

BIAB stands for 'Builder In A Bottle'. It is a type of nail treatment that we offer to strengthen and enhance the natural nails. The gel is overlayed on your nails to provide them with strength and reduce chipping.

Does BIAB Gel damage my natural nails?

No, the BIAB Gel treatment does not damage your natural nails. In fact, it is designed to protect them, allowing your natural nails to stay healthy and continue to grow.

Can BIAB Gel Treatment be applied to any nail shape?

Absolutely, the BIAB gel can be applied to all nail shapes. Before the treatment, your nail technician will shape your nails according to your preference.

Is the BIAB Gel Treatment suitable for active women?

Yes, the BIAB Gel treatment is designed to withstand daily tasks and remain glossy and chip-free. This makes it perfect for dynamic and active women.

Can the BIAB Gel Treatment be used as a base for nail polish?

Yes, the BIAB Gel serves as a strong, flexible base for nail polish. It enhances the durability of the polish, reducing chipping and wear.

Do I need a break from BIAB Gel Treatment?

As the BIAB Gel protects and strengthens natural nails, there is no need to take a 'break'. However, it's still important to regularly maintain your nails for their overall health.

How does BIAB Gel Treatment help brittle and thin nails?

BIAB Gel treatment adds a layer of gel overlay that strengthens your nails, making them more flexible. This also reduces breakage and splitting, making it ideal for brittle and thin nails.

What preparation is required for BIAB Gel Treatment?

We start the BIAB Gel treatment by thoroughly cleaning your nails to create a clean slate. There's no filing down or causing damage to your natural nails before applying the BIAB Gel.

What is the finish of the BIAB Gel Treatment?

The finish of the BIAB Gel treatment is glossy and resistant to chipping. It gives a stunning, long-lasting shine to your nails, leaving them looking smart and polished.

Can I easily remove the BIAB Gel at home?

While it is possible to remove the BIAB Gel at home, we strongly recommend having it professionally removed to prevent any damage to your natural nails.