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Full Set with Gel Polish

1 hr treatment priced at £50.00

The Dream Nails Experience

A visit to Dream Nails isn’t just about getting a manicure, it’s a full-on transformation. Our Full Set with Gel Polish treatment combines the best elements of our Acrylic Extensions and Extensions categories to give your nails a stunning makeover. The process begins with our experts carefully shaping your nails, preparing them for the acrylic extensions. These extensions are skillfully applied and sculpted to give your nails a longer, more glamorous appearance. Backslash n After the perfect shape has been achieved, the nails are buffed and smoothed to ensure maximum adhesion for the gel polish. Next comes the fun part - the gel polish. This isn’t any ordinary nail polish. Gel polish is renowned for its long-lasting, chip-resistant durability and its glossy sheen. Your nails are layered with this glorious polish in the colour of your choice, giving them a flawless, glass-like appearance.

Results that Shine

The end result is a set of nails that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also extremely strong, thanks to the power of our acrylic extensions. Add the durable gel polish to the mix, and you have a manicure that will maintain its glossy glamour for weeks to come. More importantly, the Full Set with Gel Polish treatment allows your nails to grow underneath all the while maintaining its integrity. This means you can sport your gorgeous nails without worrying about breakage or damage. Dream Nails delivers a manicure that goes beyond looks, giving you glamourous nails that stand the test of time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the Full Set with Gel Polish treatment at Dream Nails?

Our Full Set with Gel Polish treatment is a comprehensive manicure service. It involves shaping your nails, applying acrylic extensions, and coating them in long-lasting, chip-resistant gel polish for a truly transformative and durable finish.

How does the gel polish in this treatment differ from regular nail polish?

Gel polish boasts superior durability and a glossy sheen that regular nail polishes can't match. It's renowned for its long-lasting, chip-resistant characteristics, ensuring your manicure stays immaculate for weeks.

Does the Full Set with Gel Polish treatment allow my natural nails to grow?

Yes, while your nails are adorned with our stunning acrylic extensions and gel polish, your natural nails continue to grow underneath. This means your original nails remain undamaged and healthy.

How are the acrylic extensions applied in this treatment?

The acrylic extensions are carefully and skillfully applied by our nail experts. They are sculpted to give your nails a longer, more glamorous appearance, carefully shaped, buffed, and smoothed for maximum polish adhesion.

Can I choose the colour for my Full Set with Gel Polish?

Absolutely! Our gel polish comes in numerous colours. You'll have the freedom to select the perfect shade that matches your outfit, mood, or personal style for your manicure.

Will the Full Set with Gel Polish treatment make my nails strong?

Yes, the combined power of our high-quality acrylic extensions and gel polish not only deliver glamourous aesthetics but also infuse your nails with extended strength, reducing the risk of breakage or damage.

Does the Full Set with Gel Polish treatment include nail shaping?

Indeed, the treatment begins with our experts meticulously shaping your nails to ensure they are prepped and ready for the acrylic extensions.

Is the Full Set with Gel Polish suitable for short nails?

Yes, this treatment is ideal for those with short nails who desire a longer, more defined look. Our acrylic extensions provide the desired length and the gel polish adds that extra gloss and durability.

Is the gel polish used in your salon safe?

Absolutely. At Dream Nails, we use only the safest and highest quality products. Our gel polish is safe, durable and provides a stunning, glass-like finish.

How do I maintain the results of the Full Set with Gel Polish?

Your nails should stay in great condition for several weeks following the treatment. However, to maintain the look and health of your nails, we recommend regular visits to Dream Nails for professional upkeep and treatments.