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Full Set UV Gel

1 hr 15 mins treatment priced at £55.00

The Procedure

Full Set UV Gel is a renowned nail treatment aimed at delivering glossy and stunning nails that last. Our expert nail technicians commence the procedure by preparing your nails, ensuring they are clean and appropriately shaped. After nail preparation, a coat of UV gel is applied with utmost precision. Once the first application dries, our technicians apply a second layer to enhance the thickness and durability for long-lasting effect. Each layer of UV gel is made robust and glossy by curing under a UV light. This not only hardens the layer but also bonds it seamlessly with your natural nail ensuring the gel's adherence.

The Result

The completion of the Full Set UV Gel treatment delivers impressive, resilient, and high-gloss nails that stand the test of time. The advanced UV curing process guarantees your nail surface remains hard and chip-resistant for weeks, relieving you from constant worry about nail damage. The extra thickness provided by the UV gel improves the strength of your natural nails, preventing them from breaking or splitting. With our Full Set UV Gel treatment, you not only get a shiny and sleek look but also promote your nail health. Armed with an array of diverse colours, we offer you limitless options to match your style and personality, ensuring you always leave Dream Nails feeling glamorous and trendy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Full Set UV Gel treatment?

Full Set UV Gel treatment is a nail service where a gel is applied to your natural nails and cured under UV light. This results in resilient, high-gloss and long-lasting nails.

Does the Full Set UV Gel treatment help improve my natural nail health?

Yes, the extra thickness provided by the UV gel during the treatment improves the strength of your natural nails, helping prevent them from splitting or breaking.

What makes the Full Set UV Gel treatment durable?

The UV curing process solidifies the gel giving it robust characteristics. This makes the nail surface hard, glossy, and very resistant to damage.

What is the finish like at the end of the Full Set UV Gel treatment?

The treatment results in dazzling, high-gloss nails with an impressive finish. The entire process ensures your nails look stylish and chic for weeks.

How many layers of UV gel are applied during the treatment?

Our expert technicians apply two layers of UV gel to enhance thickness and durability ensuring a long-lasting effect.

Are there colour options with the Full Set UV Gel treatment?

Absolutely! We offer a multitude of colours so you can express your style and individuality. Whether you want a classic nude, an intense black, or a fun glittery gel, we've got you covered.

Is the Full Set UV Gel treatment safe?

Yes, it's safe. The procedure uses UV light to cure and harden the gel, and our technicians are trained to deliver this service safely and efficiently.

Does the UV light used in the process cause harm to my nails or skin?

UV light is used to cure and harden the gel during the procedure. While the exposure is minimal, we follow safety guidelines to ensure the protection of your skin and nails.

Can I remove the UV Gels at home?

We advise against this as it can damage your nail bed. Instead, we recommend you book an appointment with us for safe and professional removal.

How long does a Full Set UV Gel treatment typically last?

While the durability varies for each individual, generally, a Full Set UV Gel treatment keeps your nails looking fabulous for several weeks.