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Pedicure with OPI Gel Colour

1 hr treatment priced at £50.00

The Pedicure Process

Our Pedicure with OPI Gel Colour is a delightful treat for any feet in need of some TLC. The process begins with a warm, soothing foot soak to gently clean and soften your feet. Our skilled technicians then proceed to expertly shape your toenails, smooth out any rough areas, and treat your cuticles. Once your feet are perfectly pampered, we move on to the exfoliation stage. Using a scrub, we remove dead skin cells, leading to a smoother, fresher appearance. This pedicure is not just about grooming your nails; we also offer a relaxing foot massage for an overall soothing experience.

The Result: Dazzling Toes with OPI Gel Colour

When your feet are fully prepared, we apply a base coat, your chosen colour from OPI's suite of stunning, long-lasting gel colours, and finally a top coat to seal it in. These polishes are known worldwide for their chip-resistant, long-lasting and shinier finish. The result is a sophisticated, salon-worthy pedicure that lasts for weeks without chipping or dulling, leaving your toes dazzling and you ready to step out in style. By incorporating this treatment into your beauty routine, you'll not only have the prettiest toenails in town but also healthier and happier feet.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the 'Pedicure with OPI Gel Colour' treatment?

The 'Pedicure with OPI Gel Colour' treatment is an extensive process that includes foot soaking, toenail shaping, rough areas smoothing, and cuticle treating. It also involves exfoliating the feet, carrying out a relaxing foot massage, and finishing off with an application of OPI's long-lasting gel colour of your choice.

What is the special feature of OPI gels?

OPI gels are renowned globally for their chip-resistant and durable characteristics. They offer a shinier finish and maintain their freshness for a prolonged period. OPI provides a myriad of stunning manicure-worthy gel colours to choose from.

What's included in the pedicure process?

Our pedicure process involves foot soaking, toenail shaping, smoothing rough areas, treating cuticles, feet exfoliating, and concluding with a serene foot massage. It doesn't only enhance the beauty of your nails but also improves the health of your feet.

What is the result of the 'Pedicure with OPI Gel Colour'?

The 'Pedicure with OPI Gel Colour' treatment results in sophisticated, salon-worthy pedicure that lasts for weeks, with dazzling toes and a shinier finish without any chipping or dulling.

What makes this pedicure treatment different from others?

Our 'Pedicure with OPI Gel Colour' treatment not only focusses on toenail grooming but also ensures softer and healthier feet. We use high-quality OPI gel colours for a chip-resistant and long-lasting finish, unlike traditional pedicures.

What's involved in the exfoliation stage?

The exfoliation stage involves using a scrub to detach dead skin cells from your feet, offering a smoother and fresher appearance. Regular exfoliation helps maintain healthy and glowing feet.

Do you offer a foot massage in the treatment?

Yes, our 'Pedicure with OPI Gel Colour' treatment includes a relaxing foot massage. It gives an extra dimension of relaxation and rejuvenation, making the overall experience enjoyable.

In what order are the layers of polish applied?

After prepping your feet, we apply a base layer, followed by your chosen colour from OPI's range of beautiful, lasting gel colours. We then seal it with a top coat to lengthen the life of your pedicure.

Can I choose the colour for my pedicure?

Yes, absolutely! You can select your preferred shade from OPI's range of stunning gel colours. We wish to ensure you leave our salon with a pedicure in a colour that matches your personal style.

How long does the pedicure finish last?

The finish of our 'Pedicure with OPI Gel Colour' treatment can last for several weeks without chipping or dulling, thanks to the superior quality of OPI gels. However, the longevity may vary depending on your personal lifestyle and activities.