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Expert Chest Waxing Process

We, at Dream Nails, believe that the key to happy clients and excellent results lies in our process. When it comes to chest waxing, we provide a bespoke treatment designed with utmost client comfort in mind. Our trained therapists begin by cleansing your skin with a special pre-wax solution. This phase not only prepares your skin for the waxing but also removes any oils that may prevent the wax from adhering properly. The next stage involves the application of high-quality wax, which is carefully spread evenly across the chest area.

Our team takes great care to ensure you're comfortable throughout this, taking into account your skin type and hair thickness. Once the wax is given a small duration to set, our skilled therapists remove it swiftly, pulling the hair straight from the root. This method provides a clean and effective hair removal, leaving you looking smooth and feeling comfortable.

Incredible Results Await

A full chest wax at Dream Nails is more than just a grooming routine - it's an experience in self-care that leaves you with a boost in confidence and a new and improved appearance. The result is a smooth, hair-free chest that can last up to six weeks, depending on individual hair growth. Also, waxing from the roots may lead to the hair growing back thinner and softer.

So, whether it's for a perfectly groomed personal look or a professional requirement, our chest wax treatment is an ideal choice. It's efficient, effective and conducted in a calm, clean and comfortable environment, ensuring you leave our salon feeling great about your appearance. Get ready to embrace a smooth, hair-free chest and book your appointment today!

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What does the Chest waxing process at Dream Nails entail?

Our Chest waxing process begins with a skin cleanse using a special pre-wax solution. Our expert therapists then evenly apply high-quality wax across the chest area. The wax is left to set before being swiftly removed, leading to effective hair removal. We ensure your comfort throughout, taking into account your specific skin type and hair thickness.

What can I expect after a Chest waxing treatment at Dream Nails?

After your chest waxing, you can expect a smooth, hair-free chest which can last up to six weeks, based on individual hair growth patterns. The hair may grow back thinner and softer as waxing removes hair from the roots. Our treatment extends beyond grooming, it's an experience in self-care aimed to boost your confidence.

What kind of wax does Dream Nails use in Chest Waxing?

At Dream Nails, we use high quality wax, which is selected for its superior hair removal properties and compatibility with different skin types. It ensures a clean and effective treatment.

Does the Chest Waxing treatment hurt?

You may experience a slight discomfort when the wax is removed, similar to removing a plaster. However, our skilled therapists ensure swift removal of the wax, minimising discomfort. They also take into account your skin type and hair thickness to provide you with the most comfortable treatment.

Can I get a Chest waxing treatment if I have sensitive skin?

Yes, absolutely. Our therapists are specifically trained to handle clients of all skin types, including sensitive skin. The pre-wax solution used to cleanse your skin also prepares it for the waxing process.

How long do the results of the Chest waxing treatment last?

The results can last up to six weeks, depending on individual hair growth. Waxing also often causes hair to grow back thinner and softer over time.

Does the Chest waxing assist in reducing hair growth?

When waxing is done repeatedly, it might reduce the hair growth over time as it pulls the hair straight from the root, causing it to grow back thinner and softer.

Is my hair length suitable for Chest waxing?

Chest waxing works best on hair that is a quarter of an inch long (about the length of a grain of rice), which allows the wax to grip the hair effectively. Our therapists will assess your hair length during your consultation and advise you accordingly.

What kind of aftercare is needed for Chest waxing?

It's best to avoid heat treatments (like saunas or hot baths) and sun exposure for 48 hours post-waxing, to allow the skin to calm. We will provide you with complete aftercare advice after your treatment.

Can I get a Chest waxing treatment if I have a skin condition?

We advise clients with skin conditions like eczema or psoriasis to consult a doctor prior to waxing. Skin should not be broken, irritated or sunburned before waxing.